Hellbound With You Chapter 430

429 Shield

Abi's brows knitted together as she looked at him.

"Are you going to go berserk?" she asked him.

"I don't know if that's what I would call it. All I know is I might go all out. If in case you see me being in an unfavorable situation, don't come out and try to save me, understand?"

Abigail couldn't respond. She remembered the scene from her crystal ball dream of that night he went to the old castle alone. She remembered that he was bombarded with arrows and bullets and she didn't know if she could go through that again. Seeing him getting hurt was unbearable. If something like that happened again she really didn't know if she would be able to just watch and not do something. She felt like he was asking for something that she may not be able to do.

She looked down, unable to speak. She wanted to protest but she knew he wouldn't say this to her if it wasn't important.

Seeing her expression, Alex held her face and made her look at him. "It's okay. Trust me," he assured her, caressing her cheek with his thumbs gently. "You don't need to watch if it's too hard for you. Do whatever you need to do to make this easier. I will try my best to not get hurt but in case something happens, please, please don't come after me. I will be fine. I promise you that. Just trust me, okay?"

Their eyes locked for a long while before Abi finally nodded, placing her hand over his.

"I understand," was all she could say. She didn't know if she could take it but she had to listen to him. She had to trust him and do her best to not become a burden to him.

The next moment, she wrapped her hands around his neck and hugged him, praying silently for Alex to be fine, that he wouldn't get hurt so severely again. She prayed for him, for them, to win this battle so that they could finally go home again.

Once they pulled away from each other, Alicia arrived and was holding a silver, silk cloak in her hand. She had gone to the tent to grab this cloak while Alex and Abi were having their heart to heart conversation.

"Her clothes will be a hassle for her," Alicia said to Alex as she showed him the silk cloak she brought with her. "This cloak will be easier for her to wear and I have put a spell on it to protect the wearer from the cold."

Alex took the cloak from Alicia's hand and it was indeed warm despite the fabric being light. He acknowledged that this would indeed make it easier for Abigail to move than the clothes that he had wrapped her in.

"This was my queen's gift to me when I was younger. It can also repel weapons so this can serve as her shield too," she added.

Abigail's lips just formed a small 'o'. She was quite impressed. Now that she thought about it, wasn't this the cloak that Alicia wore that night when she first saw her?

"But Alicia, shouldn't you be the one to wear this? This is yours," Abi protested but Alicia just smiled at her.

"It's okay. I can protect myself with spells. You can't. You need this more than I. Besides, it will help me keep you safe, so you would be doing me a favor," Alicia explained.

Alex, of course, was all for things that would help protect his dear wife so he was not going to take no for an answer. So before Abi could even accept it, Alex already started unbuttoning Abi's oversized coat. He removed it from her shoulders and then helped her put on the cloak, like a doting, protective husband.

"Wow! It's really warm!" she exclaimed, looking at Alicia.

"With this, we won't have to worry about you even if a hailstorm comes," Alicia replied and Alex just nodded like an old monk.

"Thank you so much, Alicia," Abi gratefully accepted.

She moved around, even twirling around to try out her new cloak to see how it would move and handle. Alicia was right. The fabric was really light but very warm and she could actually move more freely than she thought. It was like this coat was pure magic. "I am going to try running with it."

"Oh yes, definitely try to get used to moving with it," Alicia encouraged.

Abigail then started running towards the open space. The silver cloak floated behind her and made her look like an ice princess, not to mention the striking contrast of her dark hair with the silver hood covering her head.

Alicia and Alex watched her run as fast as she could and Alex was surprised that his little lamb didn't fall down or roll on the snow.

"And Alexander" Alicia spoke and looked at Alex.

Alex glanced at her and said "yes" before he immediately returned his gaze to his little lamb who was still running around like a little girl who just received the best Christmas present ever!

"Prince Ezekiel gave this to me."

She handed him a long package that was wrapped in gold fabric. Alex's attention was pulled from Abigail for a quick moment. He didn't take it from her. He just unravelled the fabric and when he saw what it was, his lips twitched.

"When did Zeke give this to you?" he asked her.

"Before I left the dungeon. He told me to keep it. I think he wanted me to give this to you at some point during this trip and I think this is perhaps the most appropriate time."

Alicia saw Alex's eyes glimmer at the sight of it. His golden eyes reflected in its golden sheath. She knew what this sword meant to this man. In the few of the important battles that she was able to see through the memories of the previous queens, this was the sword Alexander used to conquer the world. And this might even be the same sword he used to defeat that dragon. In almost all his battles in the past, Alexander didn't fight like a vampire. He fought like all the other human kings did because back then, he watched how humans fought and it intrigued him. So, he had someone create a sword for him. He watched and practised and it had been said that he was almost obsessed with this sword.

"That guy. Didn't he beg me for this sword when he was younger? Did he get sick of it and is now returning it to me?" he complained.

Abigail, by this time, had skipped over to them again and when she saw the sword, she couldn't help but say something.

"Wow! What a gorgeous sword!" she exclaimed. Her eyes shone with stars as she looked at it. The handle looked like it was made from gold and scales. But these scales looked quite unusual. "Are these scales?" she asked curiously.

"Yes. I think that's a dragon scale," Alicia blurted, causing Abi's gaze to fly to Alex with disbelief as well as awe.


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