Hellbound With You Chapter 43

42 Foreplay

Abigail slowly walked towards the bed and climbed on it, her eyes locked onto his.

She knelt on the bed, at his feet while Alex leaned on the headboard.

"If I can make you feel good, will you play a game with me?" she asked, gazing at him with serious and determined eyes.

"Hmm you heard me, Abigail."

"And you're serious this time, right? This isn't another one of your jokes?"

Alexander smiled, knowingly.

"That's the right attitude, little lamb. Confirm the details. Make sure of things first, don't just believe any man's words so easily," he said, staring back at her intensely. "Rest assured I'm not kidding this time."

Abigail let out a deep breath before she finally moved again. She inched a little closer to him but then she stopped, as if a thought just popped in her head.

"What signs should I look for to know if you're feeling good?" she asked again, causing Alex's brows to arch. "You did say I should make sure I confirm the details."

Another smirk left Alexander's lips. This girl was simply interesting. She never ceased to surprise him with every little thing she did and said.

"Good question, Abigail but are you sure you want signs, and not just a word from me?" he asked, smugly.

"Since you have the tendency to joke around, you might claim that it's a joke later on so I think I want physical signs. Just to be sure."

"But Abigail, physical signs could be faked as well. Are you confident enough that you can make my body react?"

Abigail pressed her lips tightly and stared at him before she nodded confidently. She remembered her grandmother's words when she was teaching her how to perform a relaxing massage, saying that this massage would make anyone feel good. She believed her grandmother and she herself had experienced how nice it felt, so she was certain she could make him feel good.


"Okay, how about this? If you make my body react even a little, then you win," he challenged her and Abi swallowed before she nodded.

"Okay! Please remove your shirt so we can start," she said as she stretched her hands but Alex chuckled again.

"Abigail, that's not nice. You should undress me, don't you think? Think of it as foreplay."


"Yes, foreplay."

Abigail tilted her head. She was trying to remember where she heard that word before.

Alexander, of course, noticed that she seemed to be brainstorming and he shook his head in amusement.

"Abigail, foreplay is an alien's language. Do you want me to translate it for you?"

"You're joking again. I, at least, have heard of that word. I think it means action or behavior that precedes an event."

Alexander chuckled. "Did you read it in the dictionary?"

"No, I just once asked my teacher what that word meant back when I was in grade school because I overheard some people in the park saying it."

"So you didn't check it in the dictionary. Your teacher omitted the most important meaning of it, though," he smiled, seductively. "Do you want to know?"

Abigail blinked at him and then her head snapped towards the dictionary on the shelves.

"You won't find that word in that old dictionary, Abigail. The first known use of the word foreplay is in the 1920's after all," he explained, looking amused.

Abigail returned her gaze towards him. She looked amazed.

"Okay, listen little lamb. Fore is short for before and play means just that - except the game is for adults. Basically, foreplay is sexual actions that people do to each other before having sex," he said with a straight face and Abi blushed.

"B-but, we are not going to have s-sex. I'm just going to massage you," she replied, a little flustered, and Alex just flashed his mischievous smile again.

"Well, you can treat this as part of your training. Now, come undress me, Abigail," he sexily muttered. The way he looked at her at that moment was as if he was a forest spirit luring her with his bright, shimmering eyes.

Abigail was immediately lured out and she finally moved, as if she was hypnotized.

She shuffled closer to him so that she could reach the buttons of his shirt. However, before she could start unbuttoning them, Alex stopped her.

"That's not the right way, little lamb" he whispered. "Do it while straddling me."

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