Hellbound With You Chapter 429

428 Plan

Raven had gathered the men the moment he heard word from Alicia that Alex was coming to speak with them. The men were back to their best form. In fact, they felt a little stronger than they did the day before. Was it because of the healing potion the witch princess gave them? Or did she put something in the food they ate?

The men were not allowed to drink blood. They were not of royal blood so they were not exempt from the law. In fact, some of them, including Riev, had never tasted blood since they hadn't met their lifemate yet. But despite that, the men were still quite powerful, something that made Alicia wonder how strong these men would be if they actually drank blood.

In no time, Alexander landed in their midst with Abigail wrapped from head to toe in a cozy, warm but large coat. Alex put her down on the bench next to Alicia.

Seeing that none of Zeke's men was in a bad condition, Alex correctly deduced that this was most likely because of the witch princess. He had seen just how many of those creatures had attacked them last night and these men fought with all their might. Coming out unscathed from that horde of strong hybrids was impossible, even for them, unless, of course, if they had the support of a powerful witch. This was why Alex seriously thought that vampires and witches weren't born to be enemies. If only these two races could join together, then they would be unstoppable. But then again, he thought that this probably wouldn't be ideal. A pairing like that would mean that groups would end up becoming more and more powerful and they could go against the Reign family if they decided to. A civil war would break out for power and that was not something they wanted to happen. Of course, that would only happen if he and Zeke weren't around but even then, it wasn't a hand that they wanted to bet on.

"We are going to attack them today," Alex declared, causing everyone to look at him with surprise. Even Abi and Alicia were shocked.

"I have found their lair," he continued. His imposing aura was starting to blaze uncontrollably despite him just talking calmly like that.

"May I speak?" Alicia hesitantly rose from her seat.

"Speak." Alex said, causing her to sigh in relief.

"Are we not going to ask for help? Judging from the sheer number of those hybrid creatures, I believe we would need back-up. I can call on the witches living around this area to help," she suggested.

There was a short silence after that but it was obvious that Alex didn't want any more people involved. However, he glanced at Abigail and surprisingly agreed with Alicia's suggestion. It seemed he only agreed to lessen Abigail's worries.

"Any more suggestions?" Alex asked.

Alicia took her seat, indicating that she didn't have any more to say, so Alex glanced at Raven.

"We will follow your orders," Raven said. "May we hear about how you plan to attack them?"

Alex was silent. When he was still mortal, Alex was actually quite a renowned tactician. He was weak and powerless back then so he used his mind to fight his way up until he defeated all his enemies. He had an evil and monstrous mind that never hesitated to use anything or anyone to succeed.

But he had stopped doing that once he acquired his powers. He had changed entirely because his power had crushed everyone, whether they were strong or smart. He didn't need to use any sort of tactic from that moment on and that was why he was fond of Zeke's way of doing things, because Zeke somehow reminded him of his long forgotten mortal self, the person that he no longer was.

"There is no plan," Alex answered and the god of silence flew above them. Alicia was the only one who sighed like she already saw this coming.

While the men still looked dumbfounded, Alex's voice jolted them back to present.

"All I want for all of you to do is protect my wife. I'll do all the fighting."

Silence reigned once again. This guy truly was a lone wolf.

"Alex!" This time, Abigail was the one who rose from her seat. Her brows pulled together as she looked at him. "You're not planning to leave me here again with them, are you?"

Abigail was starting to look upset. This couldn't be happening again!

Seeing that worried and upset expression on her face, Alex walked closer to her and caressed her cheek with the back of his hand.

"Don't worry, my wife. Didn't I promise to never leave you again? Of course you will come with me," he told her and Abi felt like the hailstorm that started to fall on her immediately disappeared.

"I will not let you out of my sight, Abigail," he added, voice filled with reassurance as he kissed her forehead. Abi blushed because they were in the middle of all these people.

"So, as we advance, I want you to focus your attention on my wife. And Alicia, no matter what happens, stick to her. If your queen is in that place, I will be the one to retrieve her."

Alicia looked at him and she eventually nodded. "I understand."

"Good. We are going to move now before they come at us," he declared and the elite men immediately said yes. Nobody asked where Ezekiel was even if they were itching to know where their prince had disappeared to.

"Start preparing. We leave in an hour."

The vampires then dispersed, leaving the three of them by the tent.

Alex turned his attention back to Abigail. He lifted his hand and rested it just below her ear, cupping her face gently.

"Listen, Abigail," he began. His eyes became utterly serious. "I will be seriously fighting today. Once I start No matter what happens, don't ever come near me, are we clear?"


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