Hellbound With You Chapter 428

427 Take Over

"Uhm Alex," Abi started as she cupped Alex's face after their long and heated kiss. "What about you? Don't you feel hungry? Y-you have to eat, too."

Alex blinked at her before he held her hand and entwined their fingers.

"Don't worry, I am still quite satisfied from Zeke's blood," he said, smiling at her.

Abi was relieved after hearing that, but a part of her wanted to insist for Alex to have a meal just to make doubly sure.

However, before she could speak again, Abi looked up and spotted Alicia through the glass wall. "Alicia!" she called out and Alex turned as well. He finally put Abi down so she could get to the door to open it for the witch princess.

"Alicia!" she exclaimed as she took Alicia's hand and led her inside.

"How are you?" the witch princess asked as she sat next to Abigail.

"I'm alright now."

"Glad to hear that."

"Uhm where is your crystal ball?" Abi asked when she saw that Alicia didn't have her crystal ball with her.

"I left it in the tent. Why?"

"I" she paused and glanced at Alex who was sitting across them. "I wanted you to show me what I did last night; to show me how I ended up in the forest."

Alicia fell silent. She glanced at Alex. It seemed this man didn't tell Abigail that she too was unable to shed any light to what really happened to Abigail last night. Sighing, Alicia could only explain to Abigail.

"I am sorry, Abigail. I think someone blocked my vision last night because I actually couldn't see anything clearly. And then after that, we spent the time fighting with those creatures so I didn't really get to see what happened," she explained.

Abigail's shoulders dropped but she didn't look disheartened. "I see. Alex said someone might have manipulated me. It seems a likely explanation because I cannot remember anything."

Alicia threw another quick glance at Alex and what she saw in his expression made her realize that he didn't want them talking about this topic any longer.

"That is a possibility, Abigail," was Alicia's reply.

"Yes, it is. By the way do you think someone is watching us right now?" Abigail suddenly asks. "I mean, is it possible for someone to break through your barrier?"

Alicia shook her head.

"No, Abigail. Rest assured no one is able to watch what we are doing right now. Even our queen wouldn't be able to break through my barrier. The only way for others to break through is if they came to the area personally and overwrote my barrier. But I would definitely know if someone is doing that."

"Then, how did they find out where we are? Were they using the same strategy that you are using?"

"That's the only reason I could think of."

"I see. That's a relief then. At least they are unable to watch and hear us."

"Were you able to track where Zeke went?" Alex then piped up, causing Abigail to frown. Was Zeke missing?

Alicia shook her head as she sighed. "I've tried to locate him but I can't find any trace of him. He seems to have disappeared into thin air."

Abi looked at Alex but his face didn't darken as she thought it would. He just leaned back and looked up at the ceiling, let out a sigh before he looked at Alicia.

"I will take over this operation from him then. Where are his men?" he asked.

"By the tent."

Alex rose and Abi and Alicia also stood up. Alex was about to open the door when he looked at Abigail.

"I think it's better if you stay here, Abigail," he said and Abi immediately puffed her cheeks.

"No! You promised you would never leave my side ever again," she argued.

Alex looked like he wanted to say something else but he decided against it. It would do him no good to upset his wife. Besides, she would be safe with him around. Alex rubbed the back of his neck and he walked passed Alicia towards his wife. He lifted her up, like she was as light as a doll, and brought her back to their room.

Alex put her down on the bed and he quickly headed to the closet and rummaged for some very warm clothes as well as socks and placed them on the bed. As Abigail was putting on the clothes he had found for her, he was busy looking in the closet for a thick coat for Abigail. In the end, he chose a thick, furry, gray coat.

Without a word, he helped her wear the coat when she was finished changing.

"This is too big. This is your size," Abi complained.

"No. This suits you. With this, you won't catch a fever again," he said and he buttoned up the large coat. The coat was so big on her that she almost looked like she was wearing a gray-colored Spanish bread costume with a furry hoodie.

He even smiled mischievously at the sight of her.

"You're cute," he told her and before Abi could complain again, he gathered her into his arms and headed out of the room. He put her down by the door and because she was having a hard time moving in her large coat, Alex knelt on one knee and helped her put on her snow boots.

Abi's cheek turned red because of the warm clothes she was wearing and the fact that her husband was pampering her again. Her sweet husband was finally back. She giggled as she enjoyed watching him carefully put her snow boots on her. But he wasn't done yet.

In the next second, he took a scarf from the small cupboard - yellow, of course - and wrapped it around her neck.

He looked at her and smirked sexily before he let the scarf go and asked for his reward.

"My reward, wife. Before we head out." he cheekily demanded. He leaned down and Abi was quick to plant a kiss on his lips.

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