Hellbound With You Chapter 427

426 My Everything

Tears began to flow from Abi's eyes. She was in a trance, utterly surprised.

Seeing that tears were already flowing down Abigail's face, Alex's gaze softened and he slowly cupped her face and wiped the tears from her eyes with his thumbs.

"Shh don't cry anymore, Abigail. Please," he begged. He pulled her into his embrace and kissed her forehead, as Abi sobbed in his chest.

"T-this means you're finally alright, right? Alex?" she asked him, looking up.

Alex nodded, flashing a gentle smile at her. "Yes," he answered, kissing her eyes this time. "You did well, wife."

His words were like soothing music. This single piece of amazing news was more than enough to erase all the confusion and fear she had felt last night. She couldn't believe it. She couldn't describe how happy and relieved she felt.

"Oh god, Alex I'm so happy I'm so glad" she cried, hugging him tightly.

"So you shouldn't be crying now, Abigail."

"These are tears of joy, Alex."

With that, Alex could only let her cry in his arms, rubbing her head and back. When she finally calmed down, Alex made her sit on the chair again. "You have to eat breakfast now. Let me finish this so that you can eat, okay?" he said and Abi obediently let go. Her smile was wide and her face was bright and filled with joy which belied the tears that were falling down her face..

Seeing that expression made Alex's heavy heart lighten up tremendously. This was all he needed, to see his wife smile like this. He would do anything and everything just to make her smile like this.

After some time, Alex finally finished preparing her breakfast. The spread of the dishes were made up of all the food that Alex had learned to cook. And just like that day, he did a perfect job.

"Yummy!" she exclaimed as she looked at all the food. She couldn't help but feel emotional as she took her first bite. This taste...How long had it been since she last tasted food that had been cooked by Alex? She felt like it had been forever.

Alex put a spoon filled with food near her lips again and she devoured it. "Eat more, Abigail. You need plenty of nutrients for you to recover quickly," he told her as he continued feeding her.

The atmosphere inside the house was filled with nothing but bliss and love that morning. If anyone would see the couple at that moment, they wouldn't have believed that things were actually very chaotic just the night before.

"Ahh, I'm stuffed, Alex," Abi leaned back on her chair, unable to take in any more food. She took a deep breath, as if that would help expand her full tummy.

A satisfied smile flashed on Alex's face. "Good job, wife," he uttered, sounding like a proud husband, before planting a kiss on her cheek. That made Abi flush red and she too moved.

She rose from her seat and sat on his lap.

"Thank you for the food, Alex," she told him before she planted a sweet kiss on his lips.

"My pleasure, my queen," he responded, grinning at her and Abi kissed him again. All this bliss just felt so unbelievable, like it was almost too good to be true, but Abi was determined not to waste a single second to show him her love. She wouldn't waste any opportunity, no matter how short it was and no matter what situation they were in. She decided to enjoy this bliss while it lasted.

"I love you so much, Alex," she whispered, causing Alex's gaze to turn serious.

He cupped her face and stared deeply into her eyes. The next second, he rose as he cradled her. He made her sit on the sink, with her hands on his shoulders. His gaze smoldered through his thick eyelashes and then he held her hand and stared at her wedding ring.

He lifted her hand and kissed the ring, not averting his intense gaze from her.

"You are my life, Abigail," he uttered. "My everything."

His words were like a magic spell that made Abi's entire being feel like it was enveloped with nothing but pure love.

"I love you," he then added and he kissed her passionately.

Their kiss deepened. Both of them were aware of where they were and what had happened just last night. They knew they were in an unsafe place and something not so pleasant was definitely waiting for them out there. They could both feel it, but that didn't stop them from letting themselves get lost in each other's embrace.

Outside the house, Alicia and Zeke's elite men were gathered outside the tent. Alicia had used the tent last night while the vampires slept against the tree trunks, on guard in case of another enemy attack.

Alicia had been looking for Zeke in her crystal ball but there was no sign of the man, not even a shadow of him.

She had to know what their next move would be so she could start making preparations but without Zeke, who would know what to do next? Would Alexander now be the one to decide this? She wasn't sure if she quite liked that idea. It wasn't because Alicia didn't trust Alexander. It was just that she knew that Alexander's methods were almost always reckless. He didn't play mind games, never dabbled in complicated and strategic wars. He had used brute force ever since he first took his revenge against the family that cast him out, relying on nothing but his own power. He was the complete opposite of Ezekiel, whose every single move was calculated.

But they had no choice now because that prince just disappeared into thin air. And during some very important turn of events, too! He basically left them after he brought them all to this place.

Alicia didn't want to doubt him but she couldn't help it. Even though she believed that he was on their side, she was still unable to shake this niggling suspicion she had since the first time she met him in the Dark forest.

Letting out a sigh, Alicia put away her crystal ball and left the tent. She had to speak with Alexander now before the enemies returned to attack them again

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