Hellbound With You Chapter 426

425 Before The Storm

The morning sun streamed through the glass windows and ceiling and kissed Abigail's face. Its warmth was a welcome feeling, giving the room a somewhat calm, warm and peaceful ambience; a stark contrast to the cold, icy darkness from the night before.

Abigail's eyelashes fluttered like the soft wings of a butterfly, revealing her black eyes. She blinked a few times to adjust to the almost blinding brightness that surrounded her. She lay unmoving, looking out of the glass ceiling onto the bright blue sky. There was not a cloud to be seen up there.

Abi could only smile from seeing such a beautiful sight as soon as she opened her eyes. After taking a few more seconds to admire the beauty up above, she looked around the room and noticed the small basin and the wet towel sitting on top of the bedside table. 'Alex!' she thought as her heart thumped loudly in her chest.

Abi moved to leave the bed, only to discover that there was an arm around her waist, stopping her from doing so. Alex was lying next to her, spooning her, and her racing heart calmed down.

She adjusted her position so that she could look at his sleeping face. It was a rare occasion that she was able to admire him when he was still asleep so she took the chance to do so.

She looked at him closely, as if trying to memorise every curve, every angle, every contour on his face. Had his face changed much since three months ago? She tried to remember what he looked like three months ago to compare to this moment but she became distracted when his long eyelashes fluttered.

She smiled. She just couldn't help it. Her heart felt so full, so thankful that she had found him again. She just felt incredibly happy that she felt like her heart wouldn't be able to contain her happiness. She was back in this house again with the man she loved and regardless of whatever else was going on outside that, she was happy.

In the next moment, she was reminded of what transpired the night before. Alex had found her wandering around in the forest and she had seen Zeke's men fighting a large horde of hybrids. The serenity and peace she felt at that moment was a stark contrast to the chaos and destruction that she saw last night.

Was the fight over? How come it felt peaceful again?

All of a sudden, Abigail felt a foreboding feeling within her. This peace, this serenity somehow felt like the calm before the storm. Abi's snapped towards Alex again and this time, her black eyes were met by his bottomless, dark eyes.

Alex's face showed his concern and worry over her condition and the first thing he did was put a palm on her forehead to check her temperature. It seemed that her temperature had gone down during the night and he instantly felt relieved. The next thing he did was replace his hand with his lips, placing a kiss on her forehead.

"Good morning, Alex," she murmured as she looked into his eyes.

"Good morning, little lamb." he replied but then he frowned again when he saw that she still looked a little pale. "How are you feeling?" he added, his voice full of concern.

"My body feels a little weak but I think I am good," she said with a smile before she leaned into him and placed a kiss on his lips. "Thank you for looking after me last night," she added, successfully diverting his attention to her slightly less buoyant complexion.

"Is that all I get for all my hardwork?" he teased, a wicked smile forming on his lips.

"What kind of reward would you like?" Abi asked, knowing fully that this man was being shameless again. But she didn't care. Whatever he wanted, she would willingly give.

He didn't answer and instead carried her to the bathroom and started to fill the bath. As the bath was filling up, he gently put her down and started to undress her. Abi felt a little shy but she didn't stop him. Once he had removed all her clothes, he carried her again and slowly submerged her body into the warm water.

"I want to bathe my wife," he said as he grabbed the soap.

He then started to rub the soap all over her body, trying to keep his little monster in check. As much as he wanted Abigail, she was in no shape to be doing those kinds of activities.

Once he finished bathing her, he dried her body and made her wear a warm robe before he carried her back to the room to dry her hair.

Abigail, who was getting this pamper treatment from her husband just let him be. She just enjoyed the attention he was giving her. This was nice. It was like they had cocooned themselves from the outside world for a while, as if nothing could burst the peaceful bubble they were in and she savored that feeling. She would just enjoy it and not worry about what was waiting for them out there. For now.

Once he was done, he carried her again to the kitchen and sat her down on a chair. He made sure that she was facing him as he went about finding ingredients, chopping and cooking her breakfast.

Alex re-enacted the exact same thing he did back then when he cooked for her. He used the same recipe, too.

Abi was shocked because she of course clearly remembered all of what he did during the last time they were here.

Did did he finally remember everything?

"Alex" she called out his name to get this attention. "Have you" she started as she got up from her chair to go to him. She held his face, eyes welling as she slowly spoke. "Do you finally"

Alex stared into her eyes.

"Yes, my wife," he answered and Abi broke down from utter joy. "I remember almost everything now, Abigail."


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