Hellbound With You Chapter 425

424 Darkness

Alicia was speechless. Oh my but he had scared her! She actually thought that something really bad had happened to Abi, like she was on her death bed or something, because of how Alexander looked!

"Where is Zeke?" He asked her.

"I'm not sure. He went to scope out one of the potential areas by himself. He hasn't come back yet, it seems," Alicia replied.

"Didn't you see him in your crystal ball?" Alex probed.

Alicia had walked over to the bed and sat next to Abigail, with her hand on Abi's forehead to check her temperature. When she heard Alex's questions, she looked back at him. "After he left, I didn't have the time to look for him because we were close to being surrounded," she answered and Alex's lips twitched, obviously displeased and angry but his displeasure wasn't pointed at her.

"She's okay. She'll be fine after drinking some medicine," Alicia assured him and his expression somehow softened. The deep lines on his head also became smooth again.

She then left the room and returned with a wet towel and a small basin with her. "Please use this. This will help lower her temperature," she told him and Alex took them from her.

Alicia thought that Alex would prefer using the more natural way to help Abigail. Besides, she too didn't want to use magic on a human like her so she opted for this method. She would only use magic on Abigail if there was no other choice and thankfully, this was not a life or death matter.

"I'll go prepare the medicine," she said before she left the room again.

Alex immediately moved to sit next to Abigail. He wringed the wet, cool towel then gently dabbed it on her forehead. He knew this was normal for Abigail to get sick and catch a fever. She wasn't like them after all. But Alex couldn't help but worry. He couldn't stop thinking about that scene he saw in the forest. What if something actually happened to her at that moment? Was she really alright?

When Alicia came back, Alex woke Abigail up and made her drink the medicine that Alicia had prepared. Abigail was barely awake as she gulped the medicine down, and not long after, she fell asleep again. Her hand held onto Alex's hand, as if she feared that he would leave again.

"I'm sure she'll be fine once she wakes up," said Alicia and she was about to leave when Alex spoke.

"Did you see what happened to Abigail in the forest?"

Alicia halted and looked at him with a serious gaze. "Not really. A strange mist covered my vision. I couldn't see much."

What she said made Alex frown again. It seemed there was no way currently for him to know exactly what had happened. Who killed those hybrid vampires and witches around her? How come there was not even a single scratch on her if a battle ensued around her?

The questions kept coming. Did somebody come along and save Abigail?

His eyes fell on Abi's face as he removed the wet cloth and dipped it into the water again.

"What are we going to do next?" Alicia asked. Now that things were getting really serious, Alicia wasn't sure about what their next move should be now that this had happened. Their plans had disintegrated within a night and what was worse was that Ezekiel, the mastermind, just disappeared into thin air.

"We're not going to move until Abigail is better," Alex responded.

Of course, that was an answer Alicia had expected from this man. Ezekiel had tried to avoid something like this from happening when they were in Country V because he knew that if Abigail was in this kind of state, their trip would have definitely been delayed.

"But what if they attack us again?" Alicia asked.

A short silence enveloped the room and then, suddenly, an extremely dark and chilling sensation roused Alicia's defensive instincts. It made her want to step back but the moment she looked at Alexander's golden eyes, her body stiffened. His gaze was enough to paralyze her entire being. "Let them come," he said, his voice as deep as a rolling thunder in an endless abyss. "I will destroy them all. No one is allowed to disturb Abigail while she's resting."

Alicia subconsciously swallowed. Why was he suddenly exuding this terrifying aura? This was a completely different sensation, different from that time he was in his berserk state. It had the same menacing feel to it but there was a calculative, controlled emotion behind it. It was almost as if Alex had mastered controlling the berserker within him. It was like he was now able to summon up that side of him without losing his mind and that thought was terrifying. Alicia had never been so terrified by someone's aura. She was a witch princess and she was immune to all kinds of mind manipulation. She had the ability to control her emotions, even fear, and that was how she was able to always stay calm in any situation.

But it seemed that the dark, ominous aura this man was exuding right then surpassed anything she had ever encountered before. When he was going berserk, he was like a terrifying, untamed beast. But this time, she felt like he was like the god of darkness, or darkness itself.

"Mmm Alex" Abigail's moan was like a loud clap, waking Alicia up from her waking nightmare.

"Yes. I'm here," Alex instantly replied. The darkness that had enveloped the room disappeared like it never existed.

Alicia's throat was dry and she almost staggered, utterly confused at what just happened.

"I I'm going back to the tent," she said and without waiting for Alex to respond, she quickly made her way out of the house. She stopped by a tree just outside the house and looked back.

She knew that that feeling she felt was real. It wasn't an illusion. Was that the extent of the darkness Alexander had been hiding within him? It seemed that the Alexander that she and everyone knew was just the tip of the iceberg. It seemed that none of them have seen the real him yet.



I just want to thank u all for the supports. I am so happy that my hard work is paying off. I love you all hellbounders. Please stay with me and accompany me until the end of Abi and Alex's journey.



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