Hellbound With You Chapter 424

423 Water And Oil

The chaotic fight outside the glass house slowly halted because it seemed the enemy had finally stopped sending his minions, or did that someone finally run out of minions to send?

The elite vampires and Alicia were still in the forest, surrounded by many dead hybrids, looking exhausted but standing strong. Almost all of the elite vampires were wounded and some wounds that were inflicted on them didn't heal. Alicia knew that those were the wounds inflicted by the hybrid witches that used poisonous spells to stop the vampire's self-healing abilities.

Zeke's men were used to combat. They were powerful but fighting a mob of zombie-like hybrids took quite a toll on them. That was their first time fighting this kind of battle, not to mention that the witches were casting spells as well. If Alicia was not around, one or two of them would have probably died in this battle.

"Whew! That was extreme haha" Riev was the first to fall on the ground and he sat there, exhausted.

"Yeah. There were so many of them! I didn't see that coming at all," another one sat down as well.

"Where the hell did they all come from? It was like they kept multiplying. And these corpses what the heck are we going to do with them?"

"Well, I think we'll let the snow bury them wait!" Riev suddenly straightened. "What about the miss?!"

Before everyone could panic and move again, Raven landed before them.

"She's with Alexander in the glass house," he said and everyone sighed in unison. They thought that the hybrids must have abducted the miss and that was why they stopped coming.

Raven's eyes then fell on Alicia and he found her pouring out droplets of a pink potion on one of the vampire's wounds. The other vampires surrounded her, eyes filled with wonder and amazement.

"That witch princess" Riev started. "She's a badass. I didn't know witches could control trees!"

"It's just that princess. Normal witches don't have such power," Raven told him.

"Oh. So she's the only one who's amazing?!" Riev's eyes twinkled as he looked at her. "She's really amazing! I like her already!" he declared, causing everyone to look at him with a shocked expression.

All of them knew that witches and vampires becoming friends was just impossible. They were like water and oil, not meant to mix together, since the beginning of time.

"What? Is it wrong to admire such a badass princess?!" Riev ranted. No one spoke and they just gazed back at the witch who was busy extracting the poison from the vampire's wounds.

When she reached Riev, Alicia knelt before him and asked him to stretch out his hand.

"We have to remove all the poison because it will spread all over your body over time. This is enough to kill you guys in the next two days if left untreated," Alicia explained.

"You guys created this poison to go against us, right?" a man sitting at the back, asked.

"This poison is ancient. During the time of the witches' slavery, some witches created this poison to silently kill their masters. It had been widely used during that time but as time passed, the previous queens ordered the destruction of all the books that contained information on the ingredients and processes for making this poison. They forbade its manufacture. Even I don't know how to make this poison. This was supposed to have been long forgotten so I am very surprised that these hybrid witches actually possessed this poison in this era."

"Meaning, a book must have survived? Or could it be that your queen is the one who made these?"

What followed that question was a deep silence. Alicia couldn't speak because no matter how much she hated it, that same thought also came to mind. It was impossible that one of those books had survived. The only possible thing was that they got the recipe from the queen. Witch queens inherited everything from their dead predecessors. All their knowledge - potion recipes, spells and everything else that had been created since the beginning of time will become known to them. And that was what made them powerful.

Alicia also knew that it was impossible for anyone to get that knowledge except if the queen spouted it out herself. Their queen would never do that! She didn't believe that their queen would ever spill their secrets but... how else could they have gotten the recipe?

"Witch princess," Raven pulled her back to the present once she finished treating the last one of them. She looked at him. "Alexander asked for you to come. It seems that something happened to the miss."

"Okay," she immediately stood up. She wanted to see Abigail and she was really worried about her. She wanted to know what happened because she had failed to see much through her magic ball.

She was quick to follow Raven as they headed to the glass house. Alicia was a little exhausted and she was extremely grateful that the vampires protected her during the fight. The moment Reiv and herself found the others, they had formed a circle around her and didn't let the vampires mob her. So, in her safe cocoon, she was able to safely support the vampires. It was a huge help because she was able to conserve energy and she didn't suffer any injuries.

Finally reaching the glass house, Alicia was welcomed by Alex. There was an extremely troubled expression on his face.

Alex's eyes wandered and he ran his fingers through his hair, feeling exasperated. Alicia had not seen Alexander looking so helpless and his expression made her heart thud nervously.

"What's wrong? Is Abigail alright?" she asked him, eyes filled with worry as she quickly removed her cloak. She didn't know what would happen if Abigail was oh no, please!

Alicia started to panic. She hoped that she would be able to still save her.

"What happened to her?" she asked again as she quickly followed him inside the room when

"She's burning. I think she caught a fever," Alexander said, causing Alicia to almost stumble over her own feet.

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