Hellbound With You Chapter 423

422 His Goal

Abigail didn't protest. She was too cold to care. All she could think about, now that Alex was with her, was to get warm again to stop the shivering.

Alex removed his shirt as well to give her more warmth and he used the towels to wrap around her and himself to keep her warm. He sat on the wooden bench, cradling her tightly. He rubbed her shoulders, took her hands in his and blew on them, trying to get her blood circulating again.

"Abigail are you, okay?" he asked her.

She nodded, but her eyes were closed. She was still trembling.

"I'm so sorry I shouldn't have left you." His arms around her tightened and he kissed her head, his face filled with regret.

"I-I'm f-fine" she stuttered softly and thankfully, her trembles started to die down. "Please, don't leave me again, Alex I wouldn't be able to take it if you disappeared from my life again. I I can't live without you. So please never leave me like that again" she cried and Alex's heart squeezed in pain.

"I'm sorry. I promise. I will not leave your side again," he vowed as he kissed her lips, trying to warm it up so it would become pink again. Regret was evident in his voice.

He had acted too rashly. He had been too desperate to regain his memories, to find the witch queen and solve this problem all at once. He couldn't bear seeing her trying so hard just for him to remember and he couldn't accept that despite everything she had done, she still remained invisible in his head. But it seemed his decision ended up hurting her like this again. All he wanted was to make her happy but the world just kept on getting in the way, making Alex feel even more aggravated. That feeling of wanting to destroy everything was starting to bubble under the surface, getting ready to overflow if he let it. This time, Alex felt that he would destroy the world, not to conquer it. He wanted to destroy it so that he could create a place for the two of them, a place where no one would ever get in their way again, a place where nothing would ever cause this girl to cry in pain again.

That was his goal. From here on out, that would be his aim and if the world refused to give him that, then he wouldn't hesitate to destroy everything once again. If that was what it took, he was willing to become that monster again.

Abi kissed him back before she buried her face on his neck, feeling his warmth, before she whispered weakly at him.

"Alex I am seeing nightmares again. And a woman is calling to me."

"Nightmares?" The worry in Alex's eyes was momentarily replaced with curiosity. And what did she mean by 'again'? Had she had nightmares like this before? What kind of nightmares did she have?

Abi's grip on his neck tightened a little. "I never told you this but the things that happened that night that night when you made me stab you I had been having nightmares about it beforehand. It was as if as if I saw the future, Alex. And it's happening again. That's why I'm scared. I'm scared that something might happen to you again."

"Shhh nothing like that will happen to me again so don't think about that anymore," he consoled.

The words she said made Alex frown hard. He now remembered what happened in that room except that Abigail was still not in the picture. He now knew that she was the girl in that prophecy; the one who was born to kill him.

That truth never bothered him at all. What bothered him was what was currently happening to his Abigail. What he saw with the mist and the litter of dead bodies in the forest was an utter mystery and it seemed that she was also able to see the future through nightmares?

Alex rubbed her back and when he felt that her body temperature was getting closer to normal, Alex lifted her up and brought her to their room. He was quick to do so and he helped her get changed. Alex also changed his clothes in haste before he carried her and tucked her in the bed, wrapping her with thick, warm blankets.

He grabbed the blow dryer and dried her hair patiently. He wasn't bothered by the fact that the others were fighting just outside this house. Well, it was useless even if he was to take her away. The enemies would surely go after them no matter where they went.

"Do you need something else?" Alex asked gently once he was done drying her hair.

Abi shook her head and just stared at him.

"Where did you go?" she asked.

"I've found their lair," answered Alex as he moved behind her and leaned on the headboard.

Abi just quietly bit her lips. "Your nightmares what did you see?" he asked her this time.

"I saw a woman in a black dress. She also wore a black veil. She looks to be the queen of the hybrid vampires."

"Was she the one calling out to you?"

"Yes. And there are so very many of those creatures worshipping her. There's just too many of them, Alex."

"What else did you see?"

Silence reigned between them for a few seconds as Abi hesitated. "I saw myself bathing in a pool of blood. And me calling out for you" she said weakly as she gripped his fingers. "And I also heard another voice telling me not to go. Telling me to leave. That woman in black veil wanted me to come to that forest "

Suddenly, Abi paused as if she just realized something important.

Alex silently asked her through his eyes to spill what it was and Abi swallowed. "H-how did I I don't remember going to the forest. How did I end up there?" she asked, her brows knotted and her eyes round and big with confusion. "After I woke up I looked for you but, I never decided to leave the house. So how come I"

Seeing the questions and confusion in her eyes, Alex pulled her and buried her head on his chest. His eyes turned serious as he looked through the glass wall. "Don't worry about that, Abigail. Some witch must have hypnotized you and brought you there. Gladly, I was able to find you in time," he said, not telling her about the mist or the dead bodies. "Get some rest now, I won't leave your side."

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