Hellbound With You Chapter 42

41 Show Me

Abigail craned her neck to get a better view. She waited in anticipation to get a glimpse of who these people were. Maybe she might even recognise some of them. Her head was almost touching the glass on the window as she looked towards the entrance. She was thankful that this house had a very good lighting system.

A few seconds ticked by before she finally saw a woman dressed in a beautiful evening gown walk out. Abigail just gaped at her. She couldn't see her face but she could tell from her silhouette that she may be slightly older, perhaps around her forties, yet still breathtakingly beautiful. She had that figure and aura of grace and elegance as well as authority that reminded Abi of the images of queens in many fantasy movies she had watched. Abi wondered who she was. If only she would look up so she could see her face!

Abigail stared at her as the woman walked towards the car where a man in a black suit held the door open for her.

Abi bit her lips as she thought that she would not be able to see her face but then, the woman suddenly halted. Abi didn't know why but her heart accelerated. She just knew that the woman was going to turn around and look up towards her.

Holding her breath, Abi didn't want to blink as she didn't want to miss this chance. However, the moment the woman was about to turn around and look at her, a pair of large hands covered her eyes and pulled her away from the window.

Abi instantly knew it was Alex.

"Alex! You're here! I see that your visitors are just leaving" Abigail uttered the moment he removed his hand from her eyes.

"Unwanted visitors," he stressed and Abi swallowed at the displeasure in his eyes. As she stared at him in that moment, she saw that his eyes seemed to swirl with many secrets but he held them locked inside a treasure chest so beautiful you wouldn't dare to open it for fear of what you might find within.

It just looked as if he had a secret she wouldn't enjoy hearing about. But if she could, she would still want to know it. She didn't know why but she didn't only seem to be fascinated by the lights that this jellyfish was emitting, she was also curious about the poison he carried. And maybe it was outrageous of her but she was not scared, and even willing, to unravel whatever mysteries he was hiding.

Trying to elevate the mood, Abigail spoke cheerfully. "Are we going to play now? I've already prepared everything." She looked up at him and smiled, her eyes shining with excitement.

"No. We're not going to play."

"But you said we were going to play!" She pouted like a spoiled little child who got told no.

"That was a joke," a rueful grin finally curved on his face but Abi just puffed her cheeks. She had been waiting for a whole three hours, patiently waiting for him to come and even prepared everything to make it easy for him but he just turned around and said he was joking?!

"No, you already agreed!" She protested but the man just chucked again.

Tilting his head, he smirked evilly at her. "Were you expecting me to be a chivalrous person, huh, Abigail? I am that type of creature who spouts out jokes and whenever he wants to. I'm certain that you already expected that."

Abigail was speechless. Here he was again, emitting a coldness that was like frozen ice. She really couldn't read any of his expressions so his thoughts were closed off to her. What should she do to make him agree to her request? If she failed tonight on such a simple request, it would be a devastating loss for her because it meant that going forward, she may not succeed in ticking off anything from her list at all! However, if she succeeded in persuading him to do this, then it might not be hard for her to make him agree to her next requests.

"Tell me, what should I do to make you agree to my request?" Abi asked and Alex smiled.

Without a word, he climbed on her bed and made himself comfortable. He sat there and leaned against her bed's white headboard. He stared deeply at her as his sexy deep voice rang in her ears.

"Come, little lamb. I'll agree to your request if you show me how hardworking you are. Make me feel good."

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