Hellbound With You Chapter 419

418 Unstoppable

Alex looked around him once again. His golden eyes blazed with a raging fire. The corner of Alex's lips curved up and as if that was a signal, the creatures that surrounded him began to attack.

The hybrid vampires had him surrounded in a tight circular formation and they jumped at him all at once, hovering over Alex like a dark blanket about to smother him. However, before any of them could land on Alex, he squatted low to the ground and he leapt upwards, crashing through the small gap that was still there, hitting a few of the hybrid vampires in the face as he flew past them.

Alex landed on a small, flat area on the side of the mountain, crouched like a tiger, ready to attack. He didn't have to wait long before the hybrid vampires leapt up towards him but at least this time, he didn't have to watch his back.

Clenching his fist tightly, he punched the rock next to him, causing the mountain to shudder a little. It wasn't his intention to smash the mountain, but he did want for it to shed some of its white coat down onto his enemies. A second later, a rumble could be heard as the blanket of snow, which had settled peacefully on the mountain, began to work its way down to the base of the mountain.

He punched the faces of the first two hybrids with his fist, using more power than he normally would against rogue vampires and his punch crushed the hybrids' faces like it was made of clay. He then threw a roundhouse kick to the next three that came along, kicking them up towards the rolling field of snow where they were instantly buried under.

"This is fun" Alex murmured as he watched his enemies being swallowed by nature and then he started to attack again.

Because of their sheer number, Alex knew that hand to hand combat would take too long so he opted for another strategy.

He leapt from his position onto the ground, putting the hybrids between himself and the mountain. He stood up and spread his arms out wide, palms open, and then with burning eyes, he brought them together in a flash. With a sharp sound of a clap, a strong gust of wind blew towards the line of hybrids coming at him which blew them about a hundred meters back.

The wind had actually brought countless of sharp ice crystals and they sliced through the bodies of the vampires, as if Alex had thrown a hundred shurikens at them. Their bodies landed at the base of the mountain, just in time for the snow to reach the bottom and bury them swiftly.

The scene made Alex smile. When was the last time he controlled the force of the wind? He couldn't remember and he didn't know doing this would actually felt this thrilling again. He had lost interest in all these things for thousands of years.

Alex advanced as he continued to fight these hybrids. He was looking for the place where the hybrids were coming from and he knew he was going in the right direction when he saw more and more hybrids appear before him.

Still, he wasn't deterred. He didn't feel tired and he had barely depleted his stamina.

However, these new sets of vampires seemed to have acquired some weapons and they weren't afraid to use them. Some even held guns. They aimed all their weapons at Alex but Alex was just too fast. He was faster than anything and nothing could touch him.

When he landed on the ground, Alex smashed the rock mountain with his fist, causing small debris to fall. He controlled the wind again, sending a wave of small stones and rocks at the army, along with the sharp ice crystals, causing mass damage to the army.

The hybrids wobbled from the shaking ground and they didn't have time to recover before they were hit with the stones and rocks which were like bullets themselves.

Dead bodies began to pile up in the god of slaughter's trail.

Alex kept going. He was unstoppable.

"I can't wait to fight whoever created these minions," he again murmured to himself with a smile as he continued creating havoc. Until finally, his eyes zoomed in on an empty piece of land.

His grin widened. "Found you," he said. The thrill in his eyes was gushing out like never before.

However, before he could leap towards it, Abigail's voice suddenly echoed in his head, causing his body to freeze and his head instantly looked back.


Meanwhile, in the small, wooden house a few miles away from where Abigail and Alex were staying, the elite vampires, along with Alicia, were making themselves at home.

"Riev, go and get the fire going," Raven ordered when he saw Alicia go towards the fireplace to start piling the firewood in. The house was cold, especially now that the sun had set, and even though they as vampires didn't feel the cold, the same couldn't be said for witches. Although this woman was a witch, she was someone that their boss was closely working with so they had to respect her in the same way they respected him.

Riev looked at his boss with a slight pout on his face but still did as he was bid. He was, after all, personally assigned to protect the witch princess by his master.

"Thank you," Alicia said to the two men as she moved away from the fireplace to give Riev some room. Once Riev finished piling the firewood in the fireplace, he went to look for something to light the fire. "Does anyone have a match?" he called out to his fellow vampires, who all just shook their heads. They had no need for one so they didn't carry such things.

"It's alright. I'll light it up," Alicia said before she closed her eyes and started to chant. A second later, the fire blazed in the fireplace as if someone had put an accelerant in there and lit it with a match. It was so big and bright and it immediately gave the room some much-needed warmth.

Alicia grabbed her crystal ball and placed it on the small table set in front of the fireplace. When she started to work her magic, the vampires' eyes were all focused on her and her magic. They never thought watching a witch while doing her magic would actually this fascinating. All their lives, they thought, witches were disgusting but at that moment, all of them suddenly couldn't take their eyes off her.

However, the vampires were jolted awake when Alicia gasped in shock and alarmed at what she saw.

All the men looked in her direction, instantly on alert, curious to know what had caused those expressions on her face.


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