Hellbound With You Chapter 417

416 Everything But Her

Alex was sitting on the bed, staring at the sleeping Abigail. He had just experienced the best sex in all his life. Though those two nights he had spent with her before were heavenly, this night was truly exceptional. He never thought this kind of pleasure existed and he knew that the only one who could make him feel like this was this woman alone.

He thought back to the reason that she had brought him here - to regain his memories - but even this didn't seem to be enough. Alex was troubled because Abigail was giving her all just for him. She even decided to go to these lengths just to do it and yet, the result was barely satisfactory for him. It seemed that the number of memories that he saw were increasing. He still wasn't sure if he remembered everything, he saw the many things they had done in the last three months. He remembered the places they went to - the beach, the amusement park, the hospital. He remembered the play, his proposal, the wedding, the fight with Xavier, the surgery and even how he got those toys in a claw machine; everything except the words he heard and said, everything but her. Why couldn't he remember the most important person to him? In his memories, he was talking to someone, looking at someone, holding someone who was invisible. He knew that was Abigail, so why? Why did she still not appear in his memories?

Alex closed his eyes and tugged his hair. He didn't mind if he couldn't find the answer. All he wanted right now was to remember her. That was all he was asking because he could see the pain and despair in Abigail's eyes. If she woke up and found out that even this still didn't work, she would cry again. She would think that she had failed and that was something he didn't want to happen. All he wanted was to make her happy. For her not to cry again. He didn't like her being troubled because of him.

Letting out a sigh as he let go of his hair, stared at Abigail again and carefully brushed the stray strands of hair away from her face. He bent and kissed her forehead and then, his eyes became intense as he looked outside the window.

He clenched his fists tightly. He tried to force himself to remember more because he remembered Zeke saying that the answer to what was wrong with him might be in his forgotten memories but strangely, he found none. All he found were some blurry memories between that time he was in the hospital until the blast happened in his mansion.

Alex climbed off the bed and stood by the window, thinking as hard as he could. He just stood there for a long while, closing his eyes, unmoving like a statue. His aura was calm but heavy.

When he opened his eyes again, their color was blazing gold. He looked like something had awakened inside him.

He swiftly moved like the wind towards Abigail and bent down once again to kiss her forehead, her eyes, her nose and her lips. A sweet smile curved on his face before he kissed her forehead again one last time.

"I'll be back," he whispered before he left the room and leapt away from the house.

"Abigail come to me" that beautiful voice was ringing again, calling her.

Abigail knew this was the same dream - the same one she had while she slept in the plane. A woman was calling to her, telling Abigail she was waiting for her to find her. While this voice beckoned her, another woman's voice was speaking to her as well, telling her to leave, to not come.

The two voices echoed after one another like an angel and devil in her head but Abi couldn't tell which of the two was the angel or the devil. She couldn't see anything that time and just asked them 'who are you', but none of the two voices spoke again.

And then the nightmare started. Screams and cries began to echo in her ears. She knew who those cries came from, even if she couldn't see anything but blood. It was from her. She was crying in agony, calling for Alex the whole time, telling him not to leave her.

Abi had experienced this before. When she last had these kinds of nightmares, she had somehow felt that they were telling her what was coming ahead and that feeling was proven true, judging from what had happened before where her nightmare actually became real.

So this terrified her. Her gut was telling her that something bad would happen if they continued their attack. That was why Abi was determined to delay them. Abi was terrified that Alex would leave her again, that he would get hurt again and that was why she wanted to try one last time to bring his memories back. She thought that if she could bring Alex's memories back, whatever she saw in her nightmares might not happen because Alex would be invincible again. He wouldn't come anywhere close to dying once he was back to his unbeatable self.

She couldn't say all this to Alex before because she had the feeling that Alicia's power wasn't strong enough to completely shield them. It was as if someone stronger was able to break through the shield. The enemy already knew they were here and they might even be watching them, waiting for them.

Despite that, Abi still planned to tell Alex about the nightmare. She decided to wait until morning to tell him because she thought that, like her nightmares before where it became more vivid when she dreamt about it a second or third time, that same thing might happen again. If that happened, she might be able to get more detail from the nightmares and she might be able to get some clues from it - clues about people, unique items or places - something she could tell Alex in more detail so that he would be prepared for what might be coming.

And it seemed she was right. The nightmare was here again and like as she thought, it was becoming more vivid. This time, the woman began to appear in front of her.


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