Hellbound With You Chapter 416

415 Desperate

Seeing that earnest look in his eyes made Abi smile. She remembered how Alex had held himself back for her, how gentle and careful he had been and how he made her first time as painless as possible. She remembered how she told him she wanted to make him happy as well by giving herself, all of her, to him. She remembered their word exchange because Alex had refused to touch her, even telling her that he was crazy about sex and would not be able to stop at just one time. How true his words had been!

As those memories played like a movie in her head, Abigail held his face and pulled him closer.

"I will do my best, Alex," she told him. Suddenly, she wrapped her hands around his neck. Their eyes locked for a while as sparks began to fly around them and then, Abi echoed the exact words she told him that night. "I want to do it with you here, Alex."

Those words made Alex feel that feeling of dj vu, and he was now certain that this was the second time he heard it. His body began to heat up and his member was already rock hard, resuming the hardness she gave him in that hotel where they had stopped by.

His mind and body began to move in unison. He slowly recalled it - the things he had done in this place. He remembered gently bumping his head onto someone's forehead, someone he still couldn't see. He filled the missing person in his memory with Abigail and everything just felt whole, he felt complete when she was in the picture, when it was her face, her body, her voice that he used to replace the missing pieces.

Doing that made Alex feel like he was finally starting to solve the puzzle. The pieces were popping up one after another and the only thing missing now was Abigail.

"Alex" she uttered his name as she looked at him with her dreamy eyes; those seductive eyes that always drove him mad.

With just that, Alex lost it and his lips slammed on hers. His tongue ravaged her mouth igniting the fire between them as his palm roamed all over her, feeling every corner of her body.

In no time, Alex had her already undressed. He stopped thinking - no, his desire for her had beaten his mind. But the memories were there, popping up one after another in his subconscious mind, as if he was looking at a photo album created from their time in this house.

The heat was a blazing inferno between them. Even though Alex was trying to control himself, to not completely get lost in this feeling, he felt like he couldn't do that this time. Their feelings and their desire were just too strong at that moment. Alex had always had this knack for making Abigail wild for him but she had never felt that feeling to be as intense as what she felt this time.

She had been unable to keep up with his intensity and Alex understood because compared to him, Abigail was a human. But this time, she was different. It was as if she was as desperate as he was. They were both desperate for something and that was what was driving her to this extreme.

As Alex continued his onslaught, Abi didn't even try to stop her moans from coming out anymore. Alex didn't need to beg her to let him hear her seductive moans anymore and he was damn aroused because of her willingness. Abigail seemed to have fully given into him with pure abandon and that thought increased his desire for her. Even though he still wasn't able to remember her fully, he now knew that she was his wife! That she loved him and he loved her, too. He couldn't believe how that fact was able to heighten his want for her, his need for her.

Alex kissed her with a wildness that he had never felt before. He didn't need to hold back. He didn't need to worry about whether Abigail liked him or not because he now knew that she felt more than that. He was so overjoyed and that leaked out into his kisses. He just couldn't get enough of her.

His eyes roamed downwards over her thighs before crawling back up to touch her there to find that she was already so damn ready for him. Her juices were flowing, inviting him to come inside. He pushed a finger inside her, as if to doubly make sure she was ready and he heard her moan through their kiss. She was more than ready. She wanted him bad. She even drew her leg back to give him better access and Alex took that as confirmation that she wanted him inside her just as much as he wanted to be in there.

"Abigail I'm going in," he whispered, moving his face an inch away from her to look at her face. When he didn't see anything but desire and need, he did as he said. His throbbing manhood finally entered her, inch by inch. He was damn big and hard but she was damn wet and slick and tight. Alex gasped and groaned as his jaw clenched.

He wanted to go slow even if it was just to start off with but that was just not possible. She had turned him into a painfully impatient beast. "I'm sorry, Abi, I'm moving," he told her when Abi caught his face, pulled him and planted a kiss on his lips.

She was smiling and tears were falling from her eyes. "You finally called me 'Abi' again, Alex." she said, causing Alex's eyes to widen. "It's okay, don't hold back," she added and Alex's final restraint broke.

He began to move, pulling his length and then pushing in, giving Abi the taste of pure heaven with every thrust.

"Oh, god, Abi!" he moaned. He thought that he had experienced the peak of pleasure that night he first made love with her but this surpassed that; this surpassed everything and it made him wonder if this was exactly how he felt that night during their actual first time before he forgot her.

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