Hellbound With You Chapter 413

412 Solo

Zeke gazed at Abi with discerning eyes, as if he was trying to deduce something from her expression. He knew something must have happened to Abigail and that was why this woman was acting like this. She used to always trust his instructions and his plans or she would be placated by Alex's words of comfort and reassurance but it seemed that even Alex couldn't calm her down this time. Zeke finally confirmed that there must be a reason for her to do all this. That fear and unease she was exuding must certainly have some source and she just didn't want to say it, not even to Alex.

"A day, huh?" he echoed and then added. "Fine. Do what you want."

Abigail looked so relieved while Alicia quickly glanced at Zeke. Both wonder and disbelief flashed in her silver eyes for a moment. Zeke had just told her that they were not going to do anything for now and that they would wait until tomorrow night. He also said that she was to stay with Abi and Alex while he investigated that place in the west.

She had questioned Zeke when he told her about this plan because he had told Abigail 'yes' when she had asked if they were going to move that night but all Zeke replied was 'don't worry about that'.

Suspicion began to flood Alicia's eyes as she looked at him. Had he anticipated this? Did he already know that Abigail would ask him to give them a day? But how did he even know? Or was this just a coincidence? Just his gut feeling?

"Thank you. Once Alex wakes up, we will leave immediately," she said and Zeke didn't say anything.

"Just the two of you?" Alicia asked and Abi nodded.

"You said it's safe in this place right?" she pointed at a place in the north.

"Yes, but, shouldn't I be there to conceal you two from the enemy's eyes?"

"You will follow them. You're powerful enough to cover a large space, Alicia. You will stay along with my men in a nearby place," Zeke butted in and this time, it was Alicia that asked him.

"What about you? Are you not coming with us?"


Alicia stared at him for a long while before a soft sigh escaped her lips. It was impossible even for her to read him. What he was truly planning to do right now was beyond her understanding. Will he really go to the west? Alone? He knew that without her, the enemy would be able to clearly see him approaching the place, so why?

Feeling like she would get a headache if she kept thinking about this prince and his chess moves, Alicia could only shake her head and look at her crystal ball again. Abi, on the other hand, was talking to Zeke about the place where she wanted to take Alexander to, requesting for this and that.

Abi was still talking to Zeke, while Zeke just nodded with a bored expression on his face, when the door to the room where Alex was in, opened.

Alexander emerged, looking unhappy once he saw Abigail sitting next to Zeke talking to him so seriously.

"Abigail," he called out and Abi was quick to approach him.

"You're awake!" She smiled as she approached him. Her fierce expression disappeared at the sight of him.

He bent down and gently bumped his forehead on her. "You actually ditched me while I was asleep? I think you deserve to be punished for that, Abigail. Did you forget that you're not supposed to let me out of your sight?" he whispered, his cool breath caressing her face. but Abi was unaffected and she instead grabbed his wrist.

"Uhm Alex I want to take you somewhere tonight. Come with me," she quickly told him, smiling widely at him.

Alex only lifted a brow when Zeke spoke.

"We will start the mission tomorrow night instead, Alex. Alicia still needs to confirm some things," he said and Alex glanced at him, obviously unconvinced by that last line, but he smiled anyway as he returned his gaze to Abigail.

"And where do you want to bring me?"

Abi didn't answer and just grinned at him. The next moment, she dragged him out of the room.

Zeke and Alicia stood up as well and followed the couple out of the hotel into the hotel's underground garage.

There were a couple of cards ready and waiting for them when they stepped out of the elevator. Abi immediately rushed towards the first car and basically shoved Alex into it. Alex could only follow her lead.

Once Abi and Alex's car was gone, Zeke faced his men.

"You will follow them and stay with Alicia," he ordered them, earning him a look of shocked surprise from all the soldiers.

"We are going to stay with the witch princess?" Riev asked, looking like he couldn't quite believe the order.

"Yes. I am assigning you to protect her, Riev."

Riev's mouth dropped. "W-w-why me?" he stammered. He was fine protecting the human girl but a witch? Riev knew this witch was not their enemy and she was powerful but still, a vampire protecting a witch was unheard off!

But Zeke merely ignored Riev and looked at Raven. "Stay alert. If something happens, protect Abigail. Don't worry about Alex. She is your main priority. Don't forget she can die as easily as an ant. I don't believe anything will happen while they are there but don't relax your guard."

"Yes, your highness. But what about you?"

"I will go solo. We will part ways from here. I will follow suit."

Raven hesitated for a moment but eventually nodded, knowing that all they could do was follow this man's orders.

After watching Zeke disappear, the soldiers could only sigh and they all started leaping away as well, leaving Riev alone, standing beside the car where Alicia was seated.

He scratched his head and sat in the driver's seat before he finally accelerated the car, chasing after Alex and Abi.

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