Hellbound With You Chapter 411

Volume 1 Chapter 410 Frost Town

Upon the plane landing on solid ground again, what welcomed the quartet was a pristine, snow white landscape. Frost Town definitely lived up to its name. An endless view of snow covered land, roads, buildings and mountains could be seen and all looked so magical. It was a big contrast to the mossy, green forests back in Country V.

Zeke led them to a low key hotel located in the heart of the capital. The city wasn't that big but there was quite a bustle of people running around, trying to get to wherever they needed to go. For such a small place, it seemed pretty busy but there was nothing unusual about it that they observed.

In fact, the only thing that was a little unusual was how Abigail was acting. She desperately clung onto Alex's arm, not letting go at all since they landed on the airport all the way to the hotel room, where they were currently gathered. Her eyes had darted this way and that, as if she was expecting trouble to come at them from all directions.

"This place seems peaceful. If this is where the creator of those hybrid vampires is hiding, I would've heard even one of them lurking around, don't you think?" Abigail said as the four of them made themselves comfortable inside the room where Alicia was preparing her magic ball. Now that they were inside the country, Alicia was now able to search the country itself to find which part of the country was not visible in her crystal ball.

"This country is a pretty big place, Abigail. Their base could be up high in the mountains or maybe even underground. They might not necessarily go to the main cities for risk of exposure. Besides, they would definitely not let us find them so easily," Alex answered.

"Are we going to start looking for them today?" Abi asked again.

Zeke lifted his face and looked at her. "Yes," he answered.

"But the sun is already setting. Wouldn't it be better if we wait until tomorrow?" Abi's voice was a mixture of hope and fear and worry; hopeful that they would listen to her suggestion and agree to wait and scared and worried for Alex.

Everyone looked at her. Alex bent over her, staring deeply into her eyes. He had sensed her unease since they were in the plane but he didn't address it because he thought this little lamb was perhaps just being a worrywart. But from her actions right now, he could tell something was troubling and scaring her about this place or maybe the country itself. He thought that she would have been a little bit more optimistic about this trip because this place was obviously very special to her, to them, and this could bring him one step closer to regaining his memories. So why did she look so worried? Their party had Zeke and himself, the two strongest vampires in the world, plus a strong witch and their special elite force. It would be very hard for the enemy to even get close enough to all of them.

Alex looked at his little lamb and he could not ignore it any longer.

"Little lamb" he uttered. "What is bugging you? Tell me"

Abi blinked, clearly fl.u.s.tered. "I I am just worried, Alex. I know you are strong but what if you suddenly become weak and lose consciousness while fighting them? What will happen to you then? That already happened to you twice in just a few days. Even if you don't die, they could still take you away from me and and I'm just scared of..." Abi trailed off, unable to voice out her fear of losing him again.

Worry and fear flooded her eyes and all of them knew that her fear wasn't baseless. There was a possibility that what she said could happen. In fact, when they were planning this trip, they looked at the different outcomes they could get and this was definitely the worst case scenario. Even Alex couldn't deny that fact. If that happened to him while he was amidst their enemy, he really might end up being captured.

But Alex just smirked, completely unbothered. He pinched Abi's cheeks lightly before he swooped her up in his arms.

"I think my little lamb is still pretty tired because of the long trip. She needs to rest," he said, causing Abi to protest.

"No, Alex. That's not"

"Shh be good, little lamb. I don't like it when you worry this much. It's not good for your body," he cut her off as he began walking away. "That will take a while, right? Alicia?" he halted by the door, glancing back at the silver-haired witch.


"Then it's fine. Call us once it's time to go."

The door was then closed and Alex walked over to the bed and put Abi down.

"Alex, I'm really"

Once again, Alex didn't let her speak. He devoured her lips instead, kissing her as he pinned her down on the bed.

"I told you. Stop worrying and trust me. No one will ever take me away from you. Understand?" he told her as their lips parted before he kissed her again. He kissed her like he was determined to erase all of Abigail's worries, to make her forget about everything else but the fact that he was here with her at that moment in time.

His kiss deepened causing Abi unable to resist and she could only kissed him back. She already missed kissing him like this; kissing him like there was no more tomorrow.

And before she knew it, her thoughts were filled with only him. Her tensed body and the fear in her heart temporarily disappeared as she let herself get lost in his kisses. Being in his arms had always been her very own paradise, her very own haven in times of both happiness and distress.


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