Hellbound With You Chapter 410

Volume 1 Chapter 409 Voice

An even stronger chill crept through the air, causing the soldiers to react instinctively. It seemed like they had just dug their very own master's grave by spouting out their suggestions a while ago.

But contrary to their reaction, Zeke didn't even flinch. He casually lifted his hand, placing his forefinger near his lips, gesturing Alex to hush.

"She's been awake the entire night, waiting for you," he told Alex. "She needs sleep or else she might collapse."

Gladly, those words were enough to calm the storm. Alex still looked displeased but his dark aura was slowly dissipating.

He was quick to leave the water and he headed straight towards Abigail, gently but hastily taking her away from Zeke.

Once Abi was finally in his arms, Zeke rose and they immediately left the forest.

When Abi woke up, she was surprised to find out that she was already inside Alex's room. She was quick to throw the covers away to climb off the bed to look for Alex. She wanted to know whether it was Zeke who brought her back once she fell asleep or if it was Alex.

Gladly, Abi spotted the two toys resting next to her. They looked like they had already been washed and dried. Seeing the jellyfish made Abi feel emotional because it meant that Alex found it which means he was out of that lake. She picked them up and hugged them like they were her babies before she put them down and went outside to look for Alex.

Despite knowing that he was finally out of the lake, she was still worried. She wanted to see with her own eyes that he was alright.

Just as she was about to hold the door handle, the door was pushed open from the other side, causing her to step back.

Alex emerged and Abi's face immediately lit up.

"Alex!!" she called out as she crashed herself into him, hugging him tightly.

Alex hugged her back but he lifted her back inside the room and closed the door. "Are you alright? Don't you need more sleep?" he asked but Abi shook her head.

"I'm fine. How about you? Are you okay?" she checked his body as if to make sure he wasn't hiding any wounds anywhere.

"I said I'm fine." He pinched her chin and bent over her, surveying her face. "It seems you are indeed quite energized now. We are leaving."


"To the north. Zeke said we're heading to Frost Town and he's in haste."

Abi's lips parted in surprise. Frost Town that place she didn't expect that she would be going back to that place anytime soon.

Seeing her shocked expression, Alex tilted his head and asked with his eyes narrowed. "What's wrong? Have you been to that place before? Have... we?"

Abi bit her lips. She was trying not to become emotional despite her remembering the precious time they spent together in that place.

Once she nodded at him, Alex suddenly captured her lips, kissing her lightly and gently. And then, he smiled at her. "I am kind of excited to get there. I might remember more of the memories I lost. I wonder what we did there. Will you tell me? Abigail? It might make me remember."

"You brought me to a gorgeous house. We stayed there for one week."


"We watched the northern lights and we swam in an outdoor hot pool and we went fishing as well"

"Did we just watch the northern lights and go fishing in that one week?"

"We our first night" she blushed. "We spent our first night in that place, Alex."

A short silence passed by before a mischievous yet alluring smile curved on Alex's face. His eyes glimmered with curiosity and anticipation at what he just heard.

"It seems that Frost Town is definitely a special place."

"Yes. That's our special place, Alex."

"I see, I got it," he said, nodding, and then he suddenly swooped her up and brought her inside the bathroom. "Get ready. Zeke and Alicia are already waiting for us. Or do you want me to help you bathe?"

Abi was quick to protest. If that happened, it would definitely take them longer to meet Zeke and Alicia.

Gladly, Alex agreed to leave her and in no time, the two of them joined Zeke and Alicia inside the car.

Abi didn't know that the place they were going was actually Frost Town. She immediately found it a little suspicious because wasn't it too much of a coincidence? Was the enemy they were talking about really there of all the places in the world?

"Little lamb, what are you thinking?" Alex's voice jolted Abi. He was whispering so closely in her ears.

"I am wondering why the enemy is in Frost Town," she responded. "Is that country the same as this country?"

"No. It's just a human country like all the others. That place is just ideal for vampires and witches to hide."

"I see"

"I believe they might be hiding somewhere in those mountains with extreme conditions where humans don't usually visit," Alicia piped up as she glanced at Abigail. "It will be not easy for you, Abigail."

She looked a little worried when Alex spoke.

"Don't worry, little lamb," he whispered in her ear. "I will cradle you like a baby and heat you up with my body during the entire journey." He playfully winked at her, causing Abi to fall speechless.

Her reaction made him chuckle.

"Y-you're too relaxed, Alex." She puffed her cheeks.

"You guys are just too serious. Don't get infected by Zeke's boring virus."

Everyone: ". . ."

Finally, the four boarded the plane. Zeke said that his men were already in Frost Town and were now waiting for them.

As they reached the country, Abi couldn't help but feel tense. She was suddenly worried and she didn't know why. The pace of her heartbeats kept increasing the closer they got despite having Alex here right next to her.

She couldn't stop thinking if this feeling she got was some kind of premonition and it was scaring her. To calm herself, she forced herself to sleep while cuddling with Alex and maybe because she was still lacking sleep, she succ.u.mbed to the world of dreams quite quick. No, this time, Abi had succ.u.mbed to the world of nightmares.

"Abigail" a woman's voice echoed. It was a voice so beautiful yet felt terrifying. "I've been waiting for you"

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