Hellbound With You Chapter 409

Volume 1 Chapter 408 Heartless

"Don't even think about it. That's absolutely outrageous and impossible," he cut her off.

Abi frowned at him. "You mean, I won't become a vampire if he bites me?"

"No." His answer was firm and absolute. His tone was telling her there was no more room for argument over this topic. He even sounded like this topic was taboo, causing Abi to become even more curious.

"They, why did Alex refuse to bite me?"

Zeke let out a sigh. "You better ask him that question once you have the chance. All I want to tell you right now is rest so that you won't get sick and delay the journey. That guy needs you more than anyone else. Without you, Alex will leisurely wait right here for his death with immense pleasure. Remember that."

Zeke's words, though he said it with a pinch of annoyance, made Abi feel better. She looked at him and smiled. Somehow, even though she felt like he didn't understand what she was feeling at all, Zeke had been nice to her and had been helping her - or at least he tried to. He explained things to her with a bored expression and listened to her sometimes which was a lot more than what she had expected him to do. He even ended up being bitten because of her.

Thinking about all the things this guy had done for her and for Alex, regardless of all this mystery around him, Abi felt very grateful to him.

"Zeke" she faced him and Zeke looked at her. "Thank you," she continued as their eyes met, smiling at him.

Zeke just blinked, wordless, as if he didn't expect what she just said. Abi looked out at the lake again and he too averted his gaze.

Both of them were silent for a while until Zeke finally moved to leave. However, before he could stand, Abi's body swayed.

Zeke caught her head with his palm. He was at arms-length away from her so his hands were stretched out as he held her head.

He craned his head slightly and when he saw she was asleep, he sighed again. He bent one knee and rested his elbow on it. His other hand was still stretched out, his palm acting like a wall for her head to lean on.

Time ticked by and the men by the tree sighed in unison.

"Is he planning to stay like that until the sun rises?"

"Riev, go tell him to at least have the miss use his lap as her pillow!"

"No way! That's Alexander's woman, idiot!"

"It's not like his highness has feelings for her. And can you guys bear seeing that? That looks so uncomfortable for her!"

"Well, his highness should at least have her lean on his shoulder instead of doing that. The miss looks pretty tired and sore. Not to mention she's a fragile human."

"Yeah, his highness is pretty heartless "

The soldiers suddenly felt chills and they clamped their mouths. They knew that their prince could hear what they were saying if he wanted to listen but the soldiers thought he was thinking about something else and didn't bother to listen to their conversation. That was why they didn't hold back from talking especially because their, oh so serious leader, Raven, was not around. But it seemed they were unlucky this time. Their prince was actually listening!

Zeke threw them a cold glance and they all stood still like statues, holding their breaths as if that would make them unnoticeable. They didn't dare look at their master as the chill surrounded them but then, they saw him move, causing their eyeballs to glance at him to see what he was doing. They could only pray that he wasn't coming over to teach them a lesson!

However, the scene that they encountered made them want to rub their eyes to make sure they were not hallucinating. However, they still didn't move, afraid to draw their master's attention again. They could only look at each other like they were talking through telepathy.

They watched him scoot over closer to her and then finally, he let her head settle on his shoulder.

The men's lips formed a small 'o'. They almost wanted to clap at their cold hearted prince finally doing something humane.

"Sigh when will his highness' mate arrive?" Riev whispered and everyone shrugged. "I've been waiting for hundreds of years now and she's still not here! I want to at least see his offspring before I die!"

Dawn started to peek at the horizon. The calm dark lake and the silent forest was now being bathed by streams of light which were becoming brighter every minute.

However, Abi was still asleep and Alex still hadn't come out.

Zeke remained sitting there, expressionless, as he waited.

Impatience was evident in his face as his eyes zeroed in on the water. He looked like he wanted to move but was restrained because of the woman leaning into him.

Gladly, he didn't have to wait much longer before the moment he was waiting for finally arrived. The water moved before him and at last, Alex emerged from it.

His eyes were no longer red and he looked perfectly fine apart from the fact that his shirt was gone and he was half n.a.k.e.d, making him look like the god of the water this time.

He looked serious as he walked over to the shore. Although he looked like the god of water and the god of destruction mixed into one being in that moment, he didn't look as intimidating because of the presence of the toy in his hand.

Lifting his other hand, Alex ran his fingers through his wet hair, swiping them back away from his face. His gorgeous forehead came into view and he almost looked like a godly model enjoying his photoshoot.

However, the photoshoot vibe didn't last long.

The moment his eyes fell on the shore, what welcomed him was a sight that made his face incredibly dark.

His Abigail was sitting there, eyes closed and and she was leaning on someone's shoulder?!


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