Hellbound With You Chapter 408

Volume 1 Chapter 407 Unromantic

He sucked her like he couldn't get enough. He had sucked blood from a woman directly before but not from a human. He only drank human blood through glasses. This was new to him and he found this woman's blood quite delicious. He had the instinctive urge to suck her dry but gladly, his mind was still stronger than his hunger and he stopped before he put her life in danger.

The woman fell limp in his arms the moment he stopped. He was breathing hard as if he had just finished a battle. His eyes slowly turned back to normal and his fangs retracted again.

He held the woman and gently laid her back on the bed. The loss of blood made her feel dizzy and numb, but she still opened her eyes to look up at him. She wanted to see his face once again but then a second later, she lost consciousness.

Zeke bent down and licked the wounds he inflicted on the young woman who lay unconscious on the bed. Her life wasn't in danger. She had merely fainted. Zeke stood up, stared down at her for a while and then, just like that, he left the room.

He felt his strength come back as his body absorbed her blood. In fact, he felt stronger than before. It seemed that fresh human blood really was a dangerous thing. Zeke was reminded once again of the danger if all vampires were still allowed to do this. No wonder the previous kings made a law forbidding the common vampires from drinking fresh human blood. They were indeed like drugs, irresistibly addictive and dangerous.

The soldiers, who were still waiting near the lake, immediately felt Zeke's presence.

"Oh, he's back?" Riev was surprised. "Don't tell me he went and drank human blood from the nearby village?!"

They were surprised. They knew their master was not a fan of drinking fresh human blood. He liked to sit leisurely with one leg folded over the other, as he twirled the blood in his glass before savoring it, very much like the way humans savored a good glass of wine.

"It seemed he might have had no choice. Alexander seemed to have weakened him more than we thought."

"Seems like it, or else I don't think his highness would actually barge into someone's house to drink blood."

"I hope he didn't put the unlucky sleeping beauty he found to sleep forever "

Zeke landed before them, causing the soldier who was talking to shut his mouth. However, it was obvious that Zeke had heard his words. Zeke looked at the man upon landing in front of the group.

"She's still alive. Raven, I want to give her some compensation," he ordered, causing the men to look at each other silently.

"Uhm, your highness. What exactly is the compensation you want to give her?" Raven asked. This was not something he was familiar with so he had no idea what to do. This was the first time Zeke asked him to do this kind of task. His missions normally included combat and carnage, not this thing that was probably better suited for the butlers and maids at the castle.

Besides, it was common knowledge that no compensation was ever given to the willing participants who donated blood to them. The palace didn't compensate the willing participants because they didn't want for that to become the norm. Besides, the royal family considered the blood as offerings, not just some food that they could buy with money. This tradition had remained unchanged for countless years.

"She wasn't a willing participant. Although she didn't refuse, I basically forced her. Give her whatever she asks for," was what Zeke replied, causing his men to look at each other with meaningful gazes once again.

"Yes, your highness. But, may I know her name?"

Zeke didn't respond for a long while.

"The young woman lives in the nearest house from here. Her room is in the attic," he answered before he walked away from them to approach Abigail, who was still waiting by the edge of the lake.

His soldiers could only watch his back with drooped shoulders. Raven scratched his head but did as he was ordered. He left to find the house his master talked about to find out what kind of compensation the woman wanted, while the others remained and watched over their master and Alexander's woman.

"Haha. Damn. Our prince is really so damn unromantic. He didn't even ask the woman's name? I feel sorry for the poor young woman," Riev blurted, shaking his head.

"But it does seem like this young woman was able to satisfy him."

"Yes, he seems to be back to his normal self, doesn't he?"

Abi was dozing off when she felt someone approach from behind her. She turned to see who it was but that someone was already standing beside her when she moved.

"It's already dawn," Zeke said as Abi looked up at him.

"Are you alright now?" she asked him and Zeke glanced down at her.

"Do I look like I'm not alright?"

Abi pressed her lips tight and returned her attention to the calm lake. Zeke sat down next to her.

"You look pale," he told her. "You can't be that weak. We're heading out of the country once that guy comes out."

"I'm fine."

"No. Your fatigue is showing. Don't try to act all tough. Don't forget you're only human."

Abi bit her lips. She was indeed feeling it. She was starting to feel the effects of the physical and mental fatigue especially because she had been awake all night.

"Zeke if Alex bites me, would I turn into a vampire?" she asked.

Zeke's head snapped towards her, looking like what she said was a big shock to him.

"You see" she looked down and stared at her hands. "I've been pretty useless. I am weak and I can't do anything to help if I am "

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