Hellbound With You Chapter 407

Volume 1 Chapter 406 Don't Worry

The young woman stared at him, unmoving, as her brain tried to connect the dots. She knew that mark and she was well aware of who the rulers were of this kingdom. She had been told when she was a little child that their country was ruled by vampires and that they were living among them, but in all her years, she once never encountered anything like this.

To them, the vampires were good people. They lived quietly, just like them, and she had yet to meet a vampire who treated a human badly. All her experiences with them were good, even somewhat mundane. They never had any issues and that was why she sometimes forgot that vampires were different from humans.

This was why the humans in this country loved this place. The only restriction for them was that they couldn't leave the country freely and they fully understood why. They were sworn to not reveal what they knew and in exchange, they would be allowed to live in this country under the protection of the royal family. What was perhaps more of an incentive was the fact that doing so would result in instant death.

Thus, their life in this place was peaceful and harmonious, and almost all of them never thought of going anywhere else. They have also come to love the rulers of this place and were loyal to them almost as much as the vampires.

The young woman had been to the palace once with her vampire friends and she had seen the princesses as well as the king and queen. However, she wasn't lucky enough to see any of the princes, so she didn't know what they looked like, especially the prince who was next in line to the throne. All she knew was that the crown prince, Ezekiel, was said to be the strongest and most feared royal vampire.

"Y-your highness" her lips trembled. She couldn't take her eyes off him. His red eyes were so vivid, she felt like she was seeing hellfire in them.

She knew that common vampires didn't drink human blood anymore and she also knew that the royal family was an exemption. All the humans living in this country were pretty educated about vampires and the royal family. They weren't left in the dark and they knew almost everything about them. They even knew what to do if they met rogue vampires or rampaging vampires.

She couldn't tear her gaze away from him and she knew that she couldn't refuse his request, not that she would have the chance to. However, that didn't stop her brain from scrambling to think of ways to get out of this situation. But in doing so, the expressions in her eyes gave her away.

"Shhh, don't do anything you might regret," Zeke said as he correctly read the thoughts in her head. "This will be easier and faster if you just let it happen."

His voice was mesmerising, almost like he was trying to hypnotise her with his words. It didn't help that he was looking into her eyes so intently, so full of hunger and desire for her blood.

Thoughts of screaming or escaping vanished from her mind. There was no way she would be fast enough to do any of those things. If she tried to scream, he would merely cover her mouth before she could make a sound. Escape from him?! Ha! Who was she kidding? As if she could outrun a vampire!

Left with no choice really, she finally tore her gaze from him and closed her eyes. She tried to tell herself it was okay, that she would be okay because he was part of the royal family, the family who had protected them all these years. That was evident from the mark on his chest. This man was definitely royalty and at that moment, she could see danger in his eyes. The fire and hunger in them was enough to freeze her soul. Even though he was so alluring and as gorgeous as the god of the darkness she had read about in a book just hours ago, her heart still trembled in fear.

"Don't worry, I will not kill you," he whispered, his voice hoarse and deep.

And without waiting for her to acknowledge his words, his hands snuck behind her and he pulled her up. She gasped once again as her heart raced like a horse inside her chest. His arm was strong and his smell was unexpectedly intoxicating. Her brain, despite her fear, registered that none of her vampire friends smelt like him. He smelt so much better than all of them.

His finger touched her skin, brushing the strands of hair away from her neck. The temperature in the room suddenly skyrocketed the moment his fingers touched her skin. She felt like she was about to burn from his touch.

He gazed into her eyes one last time before he finally buried his face on her neck. His lips touched her skin and goosebumps swept all over her body. The next moment, she felt something sharp pierce through her skin.

She sucked in a sudden and sharp breath as she clutched his hair, tugging it hard. She whimpered in pain but Zeke pulled her even closer to him and kept sucking more of her blood.

His grip on her was getting even tighter.

"Ah! Y-your highness!! I I'm going to die if you keep going..." she cried, trying to push his head away from her. She, of course, didn't have the strength to push him back but she kept trying, nevertheless. She didn't want to die. She was scared.

Zeke halted. He lifted his face and looked at her pained face and saw her tears flowing down her cheeks. "It'll be over soon" he told her. "Just a little more."

"Please ah"

Once again, Zeke's fangs pierced through her.


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