Hellbound With You Chapter 406

Volume 1 Chapter 405 Phantom

"Alex" Abi called out and was about to approach him but Alex lifted his hand, stopping her.

"I'm fine now. I just need to cool down. Wait for me, Abigail. I'll be back," he told her and after glancing at Zeke one last time, he leapt and dove into the water, not giving Abi another chance to approach him.

She retracted her hand and wiped the remnants of her tears from her eyes. She couldn't stop him from going back but she was a little relieved because he looked much better compared to how he looked a while ago.

Her feet were about to move closer to the water when someone suddenly grabbed her from behind. Abi's heart almost jumped out of her chest in surprise.

"Z-zeke?!" she uttered as she turned. Abi turned back to look at him and she looked a little shaken when she saw his face. This time, Zeke was the one looking at her with that seemingly unquenchable hunger.

The look he gave her made Abi shudder. "Z-zeke! Are you okay?" she asked him, trying her best to speak to him despite her fear.

"Your highness, please let her go. Alexander will "

"Shut up, Raven" Zeke hissed under his breath. He seemed a little weaker than his usual self. This was the first time Abi saw this oh so composed man looking a little disheveled and weak.

The next moment, he let go of her shoulders and looked at his men.

"Stay with her," he ordered as firmly as he was able and he began to walk away.

"But, your highness, at least have Riev accompany you."

"No need." His red eyes burned as he glanced back at Raven before he finally leapt and disappeared into the darkness.

"Will he be alright?" One of the men asked.

"Sigh don't worry. He'll be fine. Whew! That surprised me. I still cannot believe his highness ended up the one being bitten."

"Yeah. I definitely panicked for a moment."

As the soldiers spoke with each other, Abigail sat on the edge of the lake, gazing down at the water. Her mind was furiously wondering why Alex was determined not to drink her blood. She wondered why he refused to bite her that much. Was it because he didn't want to hurt her? Was there another reason?

She stared at the little lamb in her hand. It was wet and covered with dirt but she still hugged it. She remembered how Alex struggled so much just to keep these toys from burning so she didn't call out for him anymore. She could only hope that he would find the jellyfish as fast as possible.

Her thoughts also returned to Zeke and wondered if he was alright. As she sat there thinking, the water moved, causing her to rise. She waited for Alex to emerge but the water became calm again.

Raven approached her when he saw the confused look on her face.

"He must be fighting the man-eating creatures underwater while searching for that thing."

"Man-eating creatures?!" Abi's eyes widened.

"Uhm. Please don't worry. They are only animals and they could never do anything to him. He is immortal after all."

Abi calmed down upon hearing his explanation and she sat on the ground again.

She was silent for a long while, just staring at the water before she spoke again.

"Zeke Will he be alright?"

"Yes, miss. He'll be fine once he replenishes the blood that he lost."

Abi sighed with relief. Silence enveloped the area as they all looked towards the water, waiting for the man to finally come out.


Meanwhile, Zeke landed on top of a tree. His eyes were blood-red and he was breathing heavily. His eyes focused on a house before him.

It seemed he couldn't wait anymore. He was planning to go back to the palace but it seemed that was too much for him in his condition. He had no choice but to do this.

He leapt silently and landed on the roof and then he leapt down. He opened the window in the attic. He could hear the sound of stable breathing coming from inside the room.

Like a phantom emerging from the darkness, he stepped inside the room. A young woman was on the bed, sleeping soundly. Her bedside light was on and a book was still clutched in her hand. It seemed the young woman had fallen asleep while reading.

Zeke walked closer, his eyes glued on the young woman's face. She was fair and she looked so innocent and vulnerable. Her blonde hair was spread over her pillow and she was wearing a nightgown, exposing her neck and collarbones. The sight of her was so inviting, almost as if she had been prepared for him.

He sat on the edge of her bed and his fingers slowly tucked the strands of her hair away from her neck.

And then, he closed in on her. He couldn't wait anymore. He needed blood, now!

But a gasp halted him. The young woman woke up. Damn!

Zeke cursed in his head again.

"Shhh!" he put a finger on her lips. Drinking from women directly was no longer the norm, even for the royal family. He had gotten used to drinking blood from a glass. Zeke didn't find it less satisfying. In fact, to him, that method was better. That way, he didn't need to ask for permission or do anything unnecessary and just drink.

"W-who are you?!" the young woman's eyes were wide open in shock. She looked terrified.

Sigh... This was exactly why Zeke didn't like this method. But he had no choice and could only undergo the fastest negotiation technique he knew, otherwise, he might lose patience and just bite her by force.

He started pulling his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his hard, chiseled chest. The young woman gasped once again and now looked even more terrified. She looked like she wanted to scream but her fear stopped her.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you," Zeke whispered and then he showed her a mark on his left chest. That mark was known by all humans living in this country. That was the mark of a member of the Royal family.

"I'm Ezekiel, this kingdom's crown prince. Offer me your blood. I need it," he told her, as straightforward as ever, as their eyes locked.


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