Hellbound With You Chapter 405

Volume 1 Chapter 404 Royal

His fangs were already out and he almost salivated from imagining the taste of her blood on his tongue. He could tell from the smell of her blood that it would taste like heaven, and would possibly be the sweetest thing he had ever tasted.

He bent down slowly, caressing her neck with his breath and touched his nose on that sweet spot where her pulse was most visible. He inhaled and he felt like he had been kicked in the guts as her sweetness hit him. It was so good. He opened his mouth and a second later, his tongue escaped and he licked her, savouring the taste.

Abigail's body shivered from the sensation. That part of her neck felt so sensitive because all her attention was on that one spot, anticipating his lips on her skin and his teeth sinking into her. She closed her eyes as she saw him bend down further and she bit her lips. This was it.

His teeth scratched her skin and just as his fangs were about to pierce through her skin, Alex's hand flew like lightning to grab Zeke's collar, pulling him in without warning, and in a split second, Alex's fangs pierced through Zeke's skin.

The world seemed to have stood still.

Zeke's men saw what had happened but there was nothing they could do. They never expected that something like this would happen! Shock was too weak a word to describe what they were feeling at that moment.

Abi also opened her eyes when she felt herself being sandwiched between them. The shock on her face was evident when she realized it wasn't her that Alex had bitten, but Zeke.

"Shit!" Zeke groaned. He had utterly been caught off guard. He did not see this coming. No, he did see Alex's hand reach out towards him but Alex was just too fast. That was probably the peak of Alex's speed that Zeke had witnessed until now. That move surprised Zeke that it took him a bit longer to register what was happening and in that split second, Alex had already grabbed him and pulled him in.

He could only curse within him. This was bad!

Zeke was aware of the many different stories about Alex's past. He had read them from the many books that were written about him and also through the previous king's stories. Alex never talked about his past but Zeke believed that the stories about him were real. He was even able to confirm it through the witches about a hundred or so years ago.

It was said that during Alex's reign, he had turned the vampire's royal family into his servants. One of the reasons why he didn't execute them, despite his hatred of the royal family back then, was because of their blood. The royal family's blood was like a magic potion back then and he desired their blood because he considered it like the most luxurious wine for him. And unlike humans and common vampires, where Alex only liked women's blood, the royal blood, whether it was men or women, tasted the same to him.

Since then, the blood of the vampire's royal family was reserved only for him. No one was allowed to drink the royal family's blood, not even the vampire king, except for their mate, because their blood was for Alex alone. It was also said that the royal blood made him even stronger.

When Alex finally left his throne and started to seek his death, he stopped drinking royal blood because he didn't want to become stronger. He made a pact with the royal family and since then, Alex hadn't consumed any of the royal family's blood directly, although there were times that he did ask for a glass or two of it occasionally.

However, Zeke knew that even their blood was not able to quench this kind of thirst. In one similar incident not so long ago, one of his cousins offered herself to Alex and the result was not much different to him bedding a common vampire or human.

However, after going through more information, Zeke found the actual possible reason why Alex had stopped drinking their blood directly. It was because Alex didn't stop, or couldn't stop, and he ended up killing his meal.

And that was why this situation was less than ideal for Zeke.

Zeke had stayed close by in case Alex wasn't able to stop himself once he bit Abigail. He had planned to stop Alex from draining her fully and killing her and yet, this happened instead.

"Shit! Enough!" Zeke groaned as he struggled from his grasp. He had to escape or this might be the end of him.

Unfortunately for him, Alex's strength seemed to have tripled and he couldn't escape. What was worse was that the man was fast draining him of his blood.

Zeke's men immediately circled them, not knowing what to do, but Zeke signaled them to step away. His eyes then turned red as his fangs grew. He was about to use his strength to shove Alex away when he realized the complication of having Abigail sandwiched between them. This girl would die if he did that. Shit!! Damn!!

He cursed when

"Alex! Stop! He said that's enough!" The little lamb between them spoke and with just that, Alex was distracted for a moment by her voice. That single moment was enough of an opening for Zeke to escape without having to use too much power. Zeke put a hand over his neck as he stepped back, weakened due to the loss of so much blood.

Alex also backed off and Abi saw the drastic change in his eyes. It wasn't blood-red anymore and his hunger seemed to have been satisfied a little.

He wiped the blood from his lips with the back of his hand. His rationality seemed to have fully returned and he didn't look like he was in so much pain anymore. But his eyes still didn't return to normal. It seemed he still needed a bit more.

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