Hellbound With You Chapter 404

Volume 1 Chapter 403 Useless

Alex's face was filled with astonishment. Never in his life did he imagine Abigail offering herself to him like this. And this was exactly what his body was dying for right then. It made his body burn with a fire that he never felt before. Just the sight of her n.a.k.e.d, slender neck was enough to elevate his thirst to the highest degree, making him feel that not drinking her blood right then would definitely make him burst into flames.

His blood boiled in his veins, scorching hot, burning his throat. The loud thudding of his heart had turned into background music. His head was getting hazy and all his senses were screaming for her blood, his Abigail's blood.

He cursed and cursed inside him, his rationality trying to overcome his demonic instincts, but his body still moved closer, and his head drew closer towards her nape. Her scent and the smell of her blood was so intoxicating that even his brain wavered as it registered how impossibly good it was.

As he moved closer, Abi closed her eyes, taking in a sharp breath as she waited for him to bite her. Her heart was thudding hard but she wasn't scared. She felt like she was ready for this. She was somewhat thankful that Zeke had told her about this beforehand so that she could mentally prepare herself for this moment.

Time seemed to have slowed down. His ragged breath now touched her skin. She felt him open his mouth and Abi held her breath as a pair of cold, sharp objects - his fangs, she deduced correctly - pressed against her skin.

Abigail was ready to feel the sharp pain of her skin being pierced but nothing came. Abi was instead jolted backwards because Alex pushed her, causing her to crash into Zeke.

When Abi opened her eyes due to shocked surprise, Alex was holding her at arm's length. His trembling hands were gripping her shoulders hard. He gnashed his teeth, his fangs were out and his eyes were glowing blood-red. He looked like he was in so much pain that Abi's heart could only break from seeing him look like this.

"Take her away Zeke" he uttered, his voice deep and forced as he shoved her into Zeke's chest.

Abi shook her head. "Alex please it's okay. I'm really fine with it. I'll be fine," Abi protested.

"No!" he hissed, not giving in. "Don't worry. I'll be fine once the sun rises," his voice died down before he peeked through his wet hair, flashing a forced smirk at her. "I'll just go and and search for that jellyfish. I'll be fine once once I find him, I think," he said. He slowly let her go but Abi grabbed him once again and wrapped her arms around his waist, gripping him as tightly as she could.

She was determined not to let him go. There were still many hours to go before the sun was due to make an appearance so she could tell that he was planning to stay underwater until that time. How could she let him do that, suffer like that when she could help him relieve his pain?

"No, please. Quit it, Alex. Please stop hurting yourself. That's enough. I can't take it when you're hurting like this. It's killing me," Abi wept. Even though Alex couldn't die from those injuries he was inflicting on himself, even though he said he was used to it all, Abi couldn't accept it. She couldn't help but imagine his body covered with many cuts and scratches from his first dive. It wasn't hard when she saw his clothes already tattered like shredded paper. He had been going through all this pain over and over again for god knew how many years so enough was enough! She wanted to stop it. She wanted to put an end to this. She didn't want Alex to hurt himself anymore.

She heard him groan and he reached out to Zeke, who was still standing behind Abigail. Alex grabbed Zeke's shoulder as he hissed at him.

"Get her away from me, Zeke!" he ordered causing the girl between them to glue herself even more to Alex's torso.

"I said no!! I'm not going to let go!! Don't worry about the jellyfish, Alex. It's okay, you don't need to look for it anymore."

"No, Abigail. I have to find him. He'll be lonely if we leave him down there," Alex reasoned, smirking again despite his pitiful situation, but Abigail wasn't buying it and she retorted.

"Then let Zeke and the others find it, Alex," she told him, saying whatever popped into her head to make him stop, but

"Hell no," Zeke suddenly piped in, causing the god of silence to pass by above them for a moment. "I'm not going to risk myself or my men just to find a damn toy!" he added firmly.

Alex let out a pained throaty chuckle. "See? Only I can save that little jellyfish so let go now, Abigail."

Abi looked at him, eyes unwavering. "No. I'm not going to let you go without you having a drink of my blood. Please, let's stop all this and just bite me. I won't let go. Never. Over my dead body."

Her last line seemed to have made Alex finally realize it was futile. Besides, he had long reached his limit. His thirst for her was now beyond his control. He couldn't even leap away or push her away again because his body was now moving on its own. And he was really going for it now. The last thread of his self-control finally snapped.

No matter how much he struggled, it was all useless. He was losing against his body again and this was what he hated the most; when his body defeated him no matter how much he tried to go against it. He despised it because he felt like someone else owned his body and not him. And even now, even though this was about Abigail, he couldn't believe that his will could make no difference. He was still going to lose against himself once again.

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