Hellbound With You Chapter 398

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"Frost town, huh?" Alex mumbled. He wasn't surprised about that town being the lair of whoever the mastermind was because that was one of the few places outside of Country V that was ideal for vampires and witches to live. In fact, Alex still remembered that that town was where an old leisure city had been thousands of years ago.

It was a familiar place to him but, once again, Alex felt like there was more to that town than what he remembered. Something niggled at the back of his mind when he heard its name. Were there memories that he forgot from that place, too? That was the only explanation because the snow and northern lights that appeared in his head looked to have happened in that general area.

Thinking about it, Alex thought that maybe going there would trigger some of his memories.

"I want to go to that place as soon as possible, Zeke," Alex suddenly uttered, causing Zeke to halt for a second right before he leapt onto the edge of the tower.

"Don't be in too much of a hurry, Alex. We still don't know what is waiting for us there," Zeke told him, but Alex simply smirked.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot that we still need to catch that troublesome mastermind. But, I'm certain you already have your meticulous plans laid out. I will leave that part to you because I don't have time to think about that damn person."

Zeke sighed. It seemed Alex's head was truly occupied by trying to regain his forgotten memories which Zeke thought was such a relief and was a very good thing.

"You should go now. Stop sitting there like a problematic peasant. She's waiting for you," was what Zeke told him but Alex still didn't move. He just looked away as the deep lines appeared again on his forehead.

"What is it?" Zeke asked, now facing him. He could tell Alex was still troubled because if he was alright, he would definitely have left by now to eagerly be with his woman. So what was wrong?

Alex threw his head back, closed his eyes and pinched the skin between his brows. "I'm still not satisfied," he admitted. "I think I need to bite someone and drink their blood directly to quench this thirst. I can't go to Abigail like this."

"Are you saying you want me to bring you a woman?"

Zeke's words made Alex grit his teeth. In the last three months, he had been constantly craving for blood. He wasn't used to drinking blood from a glass. Every time he craved for blood, he would just ask for a woman to come to offer him her blood. That was how it had always been for countless years but as Zeke said, his body kept changing during that time. The change was so rapid that, considering it only took three months compared to the thousands of years he had been alive, he didn't have time to ponder what these changes really meant.

This thirst had always been around but he had not felt this kind of hunger. He used to feel satisfied with a woman's offering, of him biting them and drinking their blood. That used to be enough. But now, something was still missing. It wasn't as satisfying as before. He even tried to drink human blood to quench this thirst but it didn't work. He always felt like he needed something more.

It was dangerous for vampires if their thirst couldn't be quenched. They would go mad and go on a rampage like a mad dog. Every vampire who had it needed to deal with it, or they would face the consequences if they were to create chaos and murdered someone during their rampage. That was why the law of vampires even required the vampire to immediately submit themselves to authorities where they would be confined in a facility when they start to feel this unquenchable thirst. The authorities then confine them in a secure place where they could go on a rampage freely and they would be freed again when their rampage episode was over.

The good thing was that this thirst syndrome was rare and only a few normal vampires suffered from this. The rampage also is only triggered during a full moon. Once the night was over, they would return to their usual self and the thirst would be gone after the overnight rampage.

In Alex's case, he was able to quench his thirst by drinking a woman's blood while having sex. That was in fact the only reason why he was bedding women in the past three months. Alex had been wondering why he seemed to have lost interest in women since that night he woke up in that burnt down palace, but now, he finally understood why. Although, he still didn't understand why he was suddenly unable to really feel satisfied by anyone's blood anymore, but at least doing that meant he avoided going on a rampage - everyone knew how bad that would be - and it still made him calm down and be rational.

But it still wasn't enough

and so that was why he was still going out hunting rogue vampires for half of the night; to seek more blood and spill them to finally fully satisfy himself.

Letting out a sigh, Alex shook his head. Zeke's words made him want to hit himself. He hated that idea now even though that was what he had been doing for a very long time.

"Never mind" he finally replied but Zeke didn't look convinced.

"No, Alex. You can't go on a rampage at this point and I don't think there are any rogue vampires left in this country for you to kill. You have killed them all in the past three months and the facility will definitely be unable to restrain you," Zeke told him. "I can't use my men or myself to entertain you. We have more important things to deal with tomorrow. We need those men to be at their best. Besides, you know as well as I do that you would not stop until you spilled some blood."


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