Hellbound With You Chapter 397

396 The Difference

Alex smashed the bottle on the floor before he charged towards Zeke, grabbing his collar.

"Tell me, Zeke what the hell is going on with me?" he hissed. His fangs lengthened and his eyes were back to being red again. It almost looked like he was just one of them, a normal, pure blooded vampire. "And about Abigail is she really my wife? Am I the husband who left her? How? Why? Why did I forget her?!"

He was raging, hissing at Zeke, looking so lost and utterly confused.

"Answer me, Zeke!!"

"Yes, you're right. You are her husband who left her and then you forgot about her," Zeke finally told him, causing Alex to freeze, as if he was unsure how to react.

He just stared at Zeke for a while, wide-eyed, shaking his head in disbelief as he mumbled. "So I already loved her before and even married her since when? How long ago did I leave her?"

"Alex, isn't it better if you ask her all these questions of yours?"

"I can't stand it!!!"

Alex dropped his head as his grip on Zeke's collar tightened. "I can't stand seeing her cry. She's been begging, crying, even doing all these things to She's trying so hard and yet I still don't remember a thing!" he exploded. "All I have are tiny fragments of memories flashing in my head but they aren't coming together, even after all this!"

Zeke sighed, pulling Alex's hands off him. "Tell her about those tiny flashes you remember. I'm certain hearing those would be enough to make her happy. And that is a good sign, Alex, that you might be able to remember more soon."

Those words made Alex's face look a little better and he closed his eyes, stepped back until he hit the wall and let himself slide down on the floor. His elbow rested on his folded knee as his fingers ran through his hair.

"Tell me I want to know what happened. Don't leave anything out," he ordered and Zeke could only give in.

"Abigail is the girl in prophecy, Alex. The woman who would be born with the power to end your life. Somehow, fate drew you together and you started a thirty day contract with her. During that time, you started to fall in love with her and she with you. She was dying from a tumor in her brain and you asked me to save her, so I did. But before that, Xavier kidnapped her and used her to blackmail you into making her stab you. You let her stab you in order to save her life." Zeke explained, as straightforward as ever, causing Alex to look up at him with lips parted in shock. "After that night that you were stabbed, your body began to change. You didn't die but you lost your memories of her and as I deduced before, it seems you are slowly dying. You're even beginning to feel the hunger you never experienced since you became immortal. This is one solid proof that you are losing your immortality. You are a half-blooded vampire but ever since that night, there was almost no sign of the traits that made you different from us. You used to be able to eat vegetables before but since that night, you became exactly like us, who could only eat meat."

"Are you saying that I'm no longer a half-blood?"

"I am still unsure but my theory is that perhaps what died or is dying right now is the human part of yourself. That's why you're now craving blood, like us. I believe your vampire blood has now fully taken over as self-preservation. It is trying to keep you alive."

A throaty chuckle escaped from Alex's lips. "That's some complicated sh*t, Zeke." Alex shook his head.

"Not really. The only thing complicated are the things happening in your body. Alicia has already explained that you are still alive now because of a spell. And that spell is running out. Abigail knows this, too. That's why she's desperate to bring your memories back. The witch queen said that bringing your memories back is the key to save you, though that might be close to impossible," he explained. "But we might get some answers soon. Alicia has found some places where we think the witch queen might be held in. She said that the queen knew one person who managed to bring his memories back. If we find her, we can get more information on how to bring your memories back."

Alex threw his head back as he let out a sigh as he stared up at the sky, a small smile playing on his lips.

"So in the end, I, of all creatures, ended up actually desperately trying to stay alive, huh" Alex shook his head in disbelief. "This is funny," he added as his smile faded.

Zeke glanced down at him. "Indeed. Just because of one woman, you accepted death just to crawl back out and search for life again."

Alex also looked at him but this time, a playful smirk played on his lips. "I accepted death, huh I'm not really sure about that Zeke. Because I've never felt so alive like I feel right now. Before she came, I didn't even know what the difference between life and death was. It felt the same to me. I felt like I was dead for thousands of years. But now I understand what it feels like to really be alive. I only started living when she came into my life because that's when my heart finally started to beat again."

A short silence followed his words before Zeke murmured to himself.

"That's good then. If I'd known you felt like you were dead all this time, I would've buried you for all those years and kept you underground."

"Too late for you to think about that, Zeke," he smirked and Zeke finally moved to leave.

"We will leave the country tomorrow. Of all the places Alicia detected, I am certain that queen is being captive in that place."


"Frost town."


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