Hellbound With You Chapter 396

395 Hunger

Abigail ran after him again but Alex continued to leap away not letting her come even within a meter of him.

"Listen to me, Abigail! I am dangerous to you right now! Please," his voice thundered.

She stopped. She could tell that he was serious but she could also see that his body was trembling. She couldn't help it. All she wanted was to go to him and hug the pain away, like she had done for him so many times before.

Abi bit her lips hard. She felt like crying again as she clenched her fists tight and despite his serious warning, she charged towards him again. However, someone suddenly appeared right before her, blocking her way.

"Move away, Zeke," Abi told Zeke, anger mixed with pain burning in her throat.

"Calm down, Abigail. This is serious." Zeke's gaze was sharp as he glanced at her. "You don't want to add to his guilt if he somehow hurts you again."

Abi was silenced, utterly confused. She was about to ask when Zeke turned to Alex. "When was the last time you drank blood, Alex?"

Zeke's question made Abi realize one thing. Alex was a half vampire but she never saw him drink blood even once. She had seen him eat a very little amount of human food before he left her but since she met him again she hadn't seen him eat, not even a little. What had he been eating until now? Was he drinking blood in secret?

"Don't tell me you haven't had a meal since that ball?" Zeke added when Alex didn't respond. His question shocked Abi. Since that ball? Since the night they saw each other again?!

Shocked, Abi finally looked more closely at him and she finally realized that it wasn't just the color in his eyes that changed. She saw that scorching hunger and it was different from the hunger he showed her when he wanted to make love to her. This was different. And it seemed that it took most of his strength to stop himself from acting on it and that was why his body trembled.

Zeke sighed and flicked his fingers.

A man landed on the edge of the watchtower - that Raven guy she met earlier that day. "Get him something to drink," Zeke ordered and the man bowed before he jumped away.

It didn't take long before Raven came back, only a few minutes. He brought with him a fine, silver glass and a larger, silver bottle, and gave it to Zeke.

Zeke took them from the man and poured some blood out into the glass. If she didn't know any better, she could have easily mistaken it for rich, velvety, red wine.

As soon as Zeke brought it to him, Alex grabbed it and gulped it down, eyes closed, like a parched man. Abi stood there, frozen, as she watched him drink. She had gotten used to his powers, having seen him in action a few times now, but seeing him drink blood was something she had never seen before.

Alex licked his lips and when he opened his eyes, the red in them slowly dissipated but still, he didn't look satisfied.

The first thing he looked at was Abigail as he put the empty glass down.

Their eyes locked for a long while before Alex finally moved and approached her. Abi didn't move from her spot and just waited for him. Alex's hand touched her face, resting his hand below her ear as he bent down.

"That song and your voice" he started. " were lovely. I'd like you to sing that for me again," he whispered as he smiled.

Abi held his hand and looked up at him with a worried face. "Are you okay now?" she asked.

"Very." His eyes glimmered and then his smile faded. His face became serious but his eyes were still gentle. "Can you wait for me in our room?"

Abi glanced at Zeke, who was still standing right there, and she suddenly remembered Zeke's order to tell Alex to go to him once he woke up. She actually forgot all about it. She was very glad this prince didn't interrupt them in the middle of her executing her plans.

"We are going to talk once you come, right?" she asked him and Alex nodded. That made Abi feel reassured.

"Okay. I will wait for you." She gave him a quick smile, tiptoed and kissed him before she finally turned to leave. Raven immediately followed her, maintaining a four step distance away behind her.

Alex didn't move or say a thing even when Abi had long gone, while Zeke just leaned against the wall waiting for him to react. Zeke could only deduce that he was waiting for Abi to be far enough to not hear what he was going to say or do next.

Abi and Alex's room was quite far from the watchtower. It would be harder for Abigail to listen once she reached their room without her focusing her powers. Of course, they knew she could still hear them if she wanted to but knowing Abigail, she wasn't likely to do that since it was clear that Alex sent her away because he didn't want her to hear their conversation.

Once he was certain she was far enough, Alex abruptly moved and grabbed the bottle, surprising Zeke. Was that not enough?

Alex was not like any of the other vampires in existence. While his vampire half needed blood, he would be fine to go for a long period of time without it because of his immortal body. He could function just fine even If he didn't eat anything, even if he starved himself. But like other vampires, there would come a time when his body craved for it. The difference was that he craved for it not because of hunger but for satisfaction.

However, since the day he was stabbed in the heart, Alex's need for blood had drastically increased. Zeke thought it was because he was not able to find something to satisfy his thirst but it seemed he was wrong.

"Alex" Zeke narrowed his eyes as he looked at him. "Don't tell me you're starting to feel hunger now as well?"

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