Hellbound With You Chapter 394

393 Remember Me

"Take my hand

Take my whole life, too"

Her voice rolled over him like smooth, velvety waves caressing his skin. The words coming out of her lips weren't merely words to a song. They were laced with pure, unmasked feeling and raw emotion, encasing him in a cocoon of bliss. Thousands of stars seemed to have settled in her eyes and they shone so brightly, glimmering, sparkling, lighting him up as she held his gaze.

At that moment, she was like the sun shining brightly that night. His very own sun.

Alex could tell that she was declaring her love for him but at the same time, he could see her eyes pleading with him for something.

His heart was in chaos and so was his mind. This strong feeling of dj vu struck him again. Images of a woman sitting on the piano, wearing a beautiful white dress, began to appear in his head, but he couldn't make out her face, and like Abigail, she was playing this song.

Confusion enveloped his mind while his heart swelled because of the love and sweetness she portrayed through her song. Her voice, her song, was the most beautiful melody he had ever heard in his life. He couldn't find the right words to explain what he was feeling anymore as he listened to her.

"For I can't help falling in love with you"

She tapped the last note on the piano and as it faded into the night, she rose, not tearing her eyes off him. Slowly, she walked towards Alex and stopped only a few inches away. She lifted her hand and caressed his cheek lovingly as the last line of the song rolled out from her lips, pouring every emotion from her heart into it; the ache she felt in her heart, her need to bring his memories back, her want to reminisce with him and most of all her pure, endless love for him.

"For I can't help falling in love with you." She ended as her eyes welled with unrestrained tears.

They stared at each other as the silence took over. The last of the flying petals rained over them, settling down softly on the ground.

"Alex I love you I love you so much When I first met you, I thought it would be hard for me to fall for you but I was wrong. Even though you were so cold that time, you came and saved me. Now that I think about it, I may have already fallen in love with you since that moment you saved me from that man in that bar. And then you agreed to be my boyfriend and fulfilled all of my wishes, going above and beyond what I asked you to do." She smiled at him as she reminisced about the past, narrating them all to him.

"I could never forget how you gave me my first kiss. That was a very magical moment for me and I am so happy that the first ever man I ever kissed was you." She lifted her other hand and caressed his lips, as gently as she could.

"And I have never forgotten all the things you showed me and taught me. That time I confessed to you on the night of my birthday, singing that same song to you, I was so afraid. I was scared because I thought you would be angry at me. But then" She looked down and showed him the jade ring. "You proposed to me, using a white dove to deliver this through my bedroom window." She chuckled as she remembered. "Just when I thought you would run away from me, you completely surprised me by giving me this ring instead. You gave me the most amazing gift I never expected. This was the best present I ever received in my life, before you..." she paused before she looked up at him and tears of joy flowed from her eyes. "Before you gave yourself to me and married me," she continued, wiping her tears with the back of her hand as she opened her hand and showed him the rings.

She took one of the rings, her ring, and showed him the two letters that were engraved inside it on either side of a heart. "The letters stand for Alex and Abigail and that date is the date of our wedding," she explained. She then showed him his wedding ring which had the same thing engraved on it. She grabbed Alex's hand and without a word, she slid the ring on his wedding finger, pushing it all the way in.

"Do you remember how nervous you were that day?" she asked him with a smile before she showed him his own hand, wearing the ring that exactly fit his finger.

She then placed her wedding ring into his palm and she held her hand out, silently telling him to put it on her. He mimicked her and slid the ring on her wedding finger, where it settled in a perfect fit.

She then held her hand right next to his to show him the matching wedding rings that were finally back in their rightful places.

And then, fireworks blew up in the sky, pulling both their attention. They watched it silently, until letters began to appear in the sky.

'REMEMBER ME' were the words written in them.

Alex stood frozen in his spot. All the things she said were like pieces of a huge jigsaw puzzle. She could see them happening in his head, the scenes that accompanied her words. He saw the rings, a woman in a white dress, the falling water inside the house, a yellow scarf, a horse, the snow and the northern lights.

And now this. He was utterly dumbstruck. He could see another set of words in his head; the words 'Marry me', not 'remember me'.

When the tiny lights disappeared and he looked at her, she smiled at him sweetly, so innocently, so lovingly.

"You were the best thing that ever happened to me, Alex. You still are. Even though you left me and forgot about me, I will always love you. I will never leave you because you are my husband and I am your wife. No matter what happens, I choose to stay beside you until my last breath. Forever..." she said as her tears continued flowing down. "All I want from you is please, Alex remember me. Remember me" she begged as she clutched his shirt. "Come back to me, Alex.. I need you. I need my husband back. I want you back, Alex. Please remember me."


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