Hellbound With You Chapter 393

392 Sweet And Slow

As soon as the bathroom door closed, Abi immediately moved and fixed her hair. She also put on some light make up and made sure she looked great.

It didn't take long before Alex stepped out and as she expected, he came out wearing his bathrobe and drying his hair with a towel. He always looked like he was trying to seduce her senseless every time he stepped out of the bathroom like that.

But Abi was determined not to be seduced this time, because she had much more important things to do like complete 'Mission Almost Impossible'.

"Let me dry your hair Alex," she offered but Alex didn't respond. His eyes just surveyed her from her head down to her toes and back again and a meaningful smile peeked out from his gorgeous face.

"Are you dressing up for me, Abigail?" he asked, his head slightly tilted to one side, unable to look away from her. But Abi ignored his words and she took his hand and made him sit on the bed.

She turned the blow dryer on and dried his hair without responding to him.

Alex, loving the pampering treatment he was getting from her, just closed his eyes, and just let himself feel how nice it felt whenever she touched his hair so gently like that. This was one of the little, simple moments with her that he loved the most; her drying his hair.

When the blow dryer was turned off, the blissful moment came to the end. He opened his eyes and looked at her.

"Please go and get changed, Alex. I want to take you somewhere," she told him.

Alex raised a brow but curiosity and anticipation were quick to swallow him. So he stood up, almost immediately, and got changed as instructed. He was curious as to why his Abigail actually dressed up so nicely like that.

He went with his usual Alex style. A plain white shirt paired with elegant, black pants. His sleeves were folded making him look fresh and casual, as godly handsome as ever.

"So? Where are you bringing me?" His hands were in his pockets as he leaned in on her. He seemed to be doing that so that he wouldn't end up grabbing her again. He was trying very hard to be good.

Abi didn't answer. She instead just grabbed his hand and led him out of the room.

"Now you're making me curious, little lamb," he muttered as he smiled, letting her do what she wanted with him.

The two of them walked down the corridor and then up the stairs.

"Why don't you just tell me where we are going and I'll bring you there with one jump, Abigail?" he said. Abigail's breathing had started to quicken, not from his words - well, maybe a little bit from that - but from the fact that they have been climbing up the stairs for a while now.

"I'm fine Alex. Don't worry," she assured him, even grinning at him.

"Let me carry you then."

She shook her head and looked at him with a warm and gentle gaze.

"No, Alex. I'll walk. We will walk together, okay?"

The way she looked at him that moment made Alex fall speechless. He didn't know why but his little lamb looked a little different tonight.

Finally, they were about to reach the palace's highest watchtower. Alex had already figured out where they were heading since a while ago but as per her request, he didn't offer to carry her again and just enjoyed climbing up the stairs with her hand and hand. Besides, she said nothing about how they would get down from the tower. That was when he would make his move. He smiled inwardly at the thought.

She stopped before him when they almost reached the top and looked back at him. She smiled at him so sweetly, eyes glimmering as the soft wind blew on her hair. Oh damn, she looked so beautiful. She always looked beautiful to him but why did it seem that she was getting more beautiful by the day?

Alex almost gaped but she pulled him again. Once they stood at the top, Alex's eyes fell on a small round table for two with a candle sitting in the middle of it. The setting was simple yet damn romantic.

Abigail let go of his hand and Alex's attention returned to her, retracting his hand that felt a little lonely now because her warm hand let it go.

He watched her walk, not towards the table but to a piano?

Deep lines formed on Alex's forehead for a moment, but he didn't wonder anymore about why a piano was there on top of a watchtower when he saw her sit on its small chair.

She looked at him and smiled while Alex walked closer and leaned on the wall, facing her. He was curious about what she was about to do. Was she going to just play? Was this what she wanted to show him?

He didn't really mind if she was just going to play for him as long as she was close. He watched her keenly and paid close attention because it seemed that she had gone through a bit of effort to set this whole thing up.

Abi's fingers then started to gently tap on the keyboard. A sweet, slow melody echoed in his ears. It was a very familiar song.

Abigail gazed deeply into his eyes before she finally opened her lips.

"Wise me say

only fools rush in"

She poured all her emotions on it and world began to cease as white petals seemed to start falling on them. The world they were in began to become brighter, and they were alone in it.

"But I can't stop falling in love with you"

Her voice, this song, this music were like tiny hands of an angel reaching out inside him to caress his heart. His heart thudded against his chest as he listened to her song, as their gazes locked into each other.


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