Hellbound With You Chapter 391

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Seeing Abi's expectant look, Alicia could only look down.

"I'm sorry, Abigail. The crystal ball doesn't work that way on vampires," she told her, causing Abi to frown with confusion. "Vampires cannot see anything in the crystal balls."

"B-but I could look into it and see things and I'm not a witch."

"Humans seem to be able to see in them, Abigail, but vampires can't."

Her statement made Abi's heart sink. She thought she had finally figured out a way to bring Alex's memories back only to be disappointed. It seemed she had no choice but to tell him the truth. But will it even trigger anything? She didn't know but she would at least try and hope for the best.

Before Abi could turn to look at Alex, he was already behind her. He held her hips and pulled her closer towards him.

His eyes narrowed as he looked at her. "What did you mean by that, huh, Abigail? What do you want me to remember?" he asked, eyes intense and prying.

Abi bit her lips to stop herself from becoming emotional.

She cupped his face, staring back at him with such longing and love that he couldn't look away.

"Alex listen I will tell you everything that you have forgotten," she started and Alex looked at her with confusion and anticipation. "Alex I am"

Abi couldn't continue her words. It was because the color of Alex's eyes suddenly turned gold and they burned. His body suddenly stiffened as his body temperature drastically dropped.

Oh no! This was all too familiar. This was what happened to him when they were up on the castle's roof, before he fell.

"Alex? Are you okay?" Abi's heart accelerated. Was that happening again? Please, no!

Alex started to pant like he was out of breath. The next moment, he fell on his knee, clutching his chest.

"Alex!" Abi crouches down, not knowing what to do.

"I'm fine," he said but Abi was panicking.

"Z-zeke, this is what happened to him that time we fell from the rooftop!" she spoke to Zeke in a frantic voice.

Zeke crouched down as well but before Zeke could touch him, Alex lifted his hand. "I said I'm fine. I'm not going to pass out this time," he said, smirking, despite him gasping for air.

"Alex please! You're not fine at all!" Abi's eyes welled as she held his face. "Please stop making me worry," she pleaded.

Alex gazed at her. Her worried to death expression made him smile even in this situation.

Suddenly, he pulled her into his arms and buried his head on the nook of her shoulders. "You know what, all you have to do is tell me you love me and I'll be fine," he whispered in her ear with his hoarse deep voice and Abi didn't hesitate to move his hand and make him look at her.

"I love you. I love you so much, Alex!" she told him with her still frantic voice without any hesitation, causing Alex to chuckle weakly and just like that, his body became limp and he fell on her.

His breathing, which seemed like someone was strangling him, slowly calmed down and the warmth began to melt the ice that seemed to enveloped his skin. Abi teared up from relief as she hugged him tightly, worried to death.

Zeke and Alicia watched them in silence. Alicia wasn't surprised by this because she had seen the first incident through the crystal ball.

"The spell is starting to run out," Alicia uttered, causing Abi to shake her head.

"It seems we can't delay anymore," Zeke said. Alicia was surprised as he looked at her because he didn't seem curious about the spell she was talking about. Did he already know something? But that's impossible! Was he just not interested?

"Now, Alicia," Zeke's gaze on her turned serious. "It's time for you to work," he told her, making the witch look at him with questions in her eyes.

"I brought you here for another reason. I want you to find out where the enemies are."

"H-how am I supposed to do that?"

"Easy. Just find the places that you cannot see in your crystal ball. The places that are out of your vision can only mean one thing, right?"

Alicia was silenced. What he said was pretty logical. And was actually easier. Why didn't she think of that before?! But even if she did, she and the few witches following her was not enough to save their queen.

"But I don't have a crystal ball to use."

"Wait here. I'll bring you one in a moment," he told her and then he crouched down to pick Alex up from the ground.

Zeke brought Alex to his room along with Abigail, while Alicia was left in the dungeon.

As Alex lay there, Zeke walked towards the door to leave but he suddenly stopped and looked back at her.

"Abigail. Once he wakes up, tell him to come to my study. We will have to talk about our journey tomorrow."

"Journey to find the witch queen or to find the enemy."

"Both. You and Alex already agreed to help Alicia anyway."

"But What about Alex's memories? Don't you think that should be our priority right now?"

"You are right. But the answers we are looking for could be with them. And even if we prioritize Alex's memories, we don't really have a real lead on how to even start. It's better for us to move now than stay and hope that he regains his memories."

Abi looked down. He was right. They don't have any real answers. All they had were theories and hopes for the best but that wasn't enough. And Abi remembered what that witch queen had said to Alex before he chose this path - that there was one person who was able to get his memories back. If the queen could tell them what that person did, they could get a lead on how to bring him back.

But how long would it take until they find that queen? Was she really not capable of at least bringing Alex's memories back? Abi clenched her fists. She had said it was her turn to save him but she was unable to do anything, even now.

"Zeke, are you the one who blocked my entry to this country in the last three months?" she asked.

Zeke was silent for a moment but he eventually answered "yes."

"Why?" Abi's lips trembled. "If I have been here earlier, I could have had more time to try and bring back Alex's memories. Tell me, Zeke, why did you not let me enter this country for so long?"


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