Hellbound With You Chapter 390

389 Priority

Meanwhile inside the inn, Abi quickly paid for a room and brought Alicia there. They headed straight to the bathroom. Abi helped Alicia undress so that her back was uncovered and Abi carefully cleaned her wounds with a warm, wet cloth.

Abi looked at the damage Zeke had done and she couldn't help but flinch when she touched the open wounds with the cloth. She could only imagine the kind of pain Alicia was in.

"Are you okay? Does it hurt?" she asked. "Sorry, that was a stupid question. That bad Zeke he should've at least been a little gentler."

"It's okay. Ezekiel actually held back a lot. Besides, he had to do that to make it look realistic," Alicia responded but Abi still felt bad.

After Abi cleaned Alicia's wounds, Alicia gave her a bottle with green colored oil inside it. Abi poured a generous amount onto a clean cloth and started to dab her open wounds with some of the oil.

"These won't leave marks on you, right?"

"Don't worry, they won't," Alicia smiled to reassure Abigail.

As Abi waited for Alicia to get changed - luckily she still had her backpack with her clothes in the car so she was able to give Alicia a clean shirt - she closed her eyes to listen to her surroundings. She also wanted to check on Alex because she was worried about what those strange creatures wanted. She couldn't help but think that maybe those creatures were actually after Alex too.

What Abi heard first was Zeke's statement about Alex's weakness, his Achilles heel - she, of course, correctly deduced that Zeke was talking about her - and then she heard him say that the easiest way to bring Alex down was by using her.

Those words made Abi's heart thud uncomfortably. She was reminded of the fact that she was the person prophesied to kill Alex. She was reminded that Alex was in danger once again because of her. What Zeke said was true but she thought she wasn't his weakness because of what he felt for her; she was his weakness because she was the one person in this world who could kill him. But why? Why her? Why did that person in the prophecy have to be her?

"Abigail, are you okay?" Alicia asked as she walked out of the bathroom when she saw that Abi had a faraway look in her eyes.

Abi blinked and was pulled back to reality. "I-I'm fine." She forced a smile as she stood up. "Are you ready?" Abi asked and when Alicia nodded, Abi held her wrist and both of them returned to the car.

Alicia continued casting a spell over them to make sure that nobody spied on them during their trip back to the castle. She was powerful enough to cast a spell over the entire castle and also within a five mile radius of the castle.

Zeke seemed to have sensed how powerful Alicia was. He said this was why he had made it look like they were taking the witch back with them to further torture her, because he knew that she was powerful enough to hide them from the eyes of other witches. Abi didn't even have the chance to keep her promise and ask them to take Alicia back because this man was already a step ahead, as usual.

The car finally stopped at the castle's entrance. Not wanting to create a commotion or cause suspicion within the palace, they tied up Alicia again and covered her head with a jacket, hiding her silver hair so that everyone else would think that they had caught a normal witch causing trouble.

The four of them headed into the underground dungeon where Mira's imposter was detained.

Zeke sent all the soldiers away and once they were the only ones left inside, Zeke took off Alicia's chains.

"Now it's time for you to speak, Alicia." Zeke didn't beat around the bush. "How did you manage to speak with Abigail?"

Alex also looked at her. That was right. How did Abigail end up in the forest?

"Through her dreams. I was able to speak with her through that," she confessed and Alex slightly creased his brows while Zeke just leaned against the wall, glancing at Abigail like he was calculating something in his head.

"You can speak with Abigail through dreams? How is that possible?" Zeke asked, seemingly curious.

"I don't know how that happened either but I was able to do it."

Zeke just stared at Abigail for a while before he returned his gaze to Alicia.

"I knew you were trying to approach her when we first visited White Falls Village. I just didn't expect you to actually be able to communicate with her through her dreams," Zeke sounded a little amazed.

"So that is why you put on one hell of a good show, Zeke? You made Abigail jealous so that she would run away, even fighting with me to give her enough time to meet with this witch. It was all part of your plan all along," Alex butted in, staring at Zeke sharply.

Zeke didn't deny it but he didn't agree either. He returned his gaze to Alicia again as if Alex didn't just speak, but before he could ask her more questions, Abigail beat him to it.

"Alicia, won't it be better if you just showed the things you showed me to Alex?" she asked. Abi had been thinking about this right after they left the inn. While Zeke and Alex were talking about that enemy and Alicia was thinking about her queen, her mind was filled with how to bring Alex's memories back. She wanted to tell them to forget about the enemy for now and focus on Alex but she knew she can't just tell them that.

She could already tell that Alex and Zeke couldn't ignore whoever that enemy was but Abi didn't have the luxury to be distracted from her priority. She needed to bring Alex's memories back and ensure he was fine before that enemy came after him. So she thought that this would be the quickest way to bring back Alex's memories and bring her Alex back to her.

She walked towards Alicia and held the witch's hands in hers. "I believe that if Alex sees everything with his own two eyes, he will remember everything."

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