Hellbound With You Chapter 388

387 The Only Logical Theory

The thought that someone was able to create a new species of vampires was a big shock. However, with the technology advancement in the modern world, many tools and procedures may have been created and enhanced to make this possible.

Alex and Alicia knew about Princess Mira's case. Mira now couldn't be classed as a witch and she could not be classed as a vampire also. A witch with a vampire's heart was not something anyone had ever seen before. She was in between both of these species. She was an anomaly, something that was created for a purpose. But she was living proof that a new creature like her could be created. It was not an impossible thing anymore.

This revelation was very shocking, even for Alex. Even he never imagined that something like this could actually happen one day. Just who was this person who actually thought of this kind of madness?

"Alexander" Alicia looked at Alex with a grave expression. "Our queen has been missing for three months now. Our queen is definitely not the one behind this, right?" she asked, shaking her head at her thoughts. She couldn't believe that she was doubting the witch queen.

"Your queen" Alex narrowed his eyes. "What's her name again?"

Abi: ". . ."

Alicia: ". . ."

"It doesn't matter. I always called her witch queen, anyway." He glanced at Alicia through the rear view mirror. "So? Do you think it is your queen who is behind all this?"

His gaze was intense, as if he was challenging her.

Alicia slowly shook her head and Alex smiled again. "That witch queen isn't old but her beliefs are as old fashioned as the which queens before her. I know that your kind usually don't like chaos. You tend to keep to yourselves. You like peace and don't like disturbances."

"So if that someone is not a witch it must be a vampire, right? After all, it seems there are more rogue vampires now than witches," Alicia said.

When Alex didn't respond, Alicia continued. "Have you encountered a vampire strong and powerful enough to conceal himself from us and is powerful enough to actually abduct our queen?"

"Those kinds of vampires only exist in the royal family. But someone powerful enough to abduct that witch queen and create those kinds of creatures... He should be on par with Zeke," Alex answered seriously. "The problem is, there is no other vampire that I have met who is stronger than Zeke in this world. Except me, of course," he smirked.

"May I ask?" Alicia looked at Alex with great curiosity. "Why do you trust Ezekiel so much?"

Abi also stared at Alex with anticipation. Since she entered Alex's life, Zeke had always been an enigma. She remembered how she feared Zeke more than Alex back then. But her view on him changed when he saved little Betty and then, her. Her views on him changed because Alex trusted him so much. He even trusted her life to this man so how could she not feel some degree of trust and gratitude towards him?

And that was why no matter how much Abi felt like Zeke was hiding something, she couldn't fully doubt him. She couldn't see him as an enemy because until now, he was always on Alex's side.

"I also want to know, Alex," Abi supported Alicia. She didn't know much about their relationship and why Alex's bond with Zeke was so strong. So now that she had the chance to find out, she wasn't going to let that chance slip by.

Alex's lips curved the moment he glanced at Abigail. He looked amused. "I didn't know that such a topic would actually intrigue you, little lamb."

Abi almost wanted to scold him to be serious. This was a serious matter, after all!

"J-just answer our question, Alex. We want to know," Abi puffed her cheeks at him, causing Alex to let out a throaty chuckle.

"Well, Zeke is "

A thud resounded on top of their car, stopping Alex from talking.

Alicia and Abi looked up with shock and a little bit of fear but Alex didn't even flinch.

"See? He already caught up," Alex said in an even tone as if he had expected this to happen. He stopped the car and someone jumped down. It was Zeke.

He looked disheveled. His hair was messed up and his shirt was ripped in some places. He didn't seem to have been wounded but there were blood splatters on his shirt and pants.

"Were they that strong, Zeke?" Alex asked him with his brow raised.

Zeke didn't answer. He quietly climbed inside the car and sat next to Alicia.

"They were somewhat troublesome," he responded as soon as the car started accelerating.

"And what's your theory this time?" Alex asked. "Speak Zeke, or my Abigail and this witch will think it's you who created them," Alex added, taunting him.

Abi and Alicia's eyes immediately widened and they looked at Zeke with a slight hint of fear in their eyes. But to their surprise, Zeke didn't seem to be bothered at all. It was as if Alex just said that the weather was looking very nice out there instead of the provocative statement. Zeke seemed like he couldn't be bothered answering so he simply rested his head back on the chair and closed his eyes.

The car fell silent for a while. Abi and Alicia didn't know what to say after that while Alex just concentrated on the road ahead.

"And what about you, Alex? Do you think that, too?" Zeke broke the slightly awkward silence and it made Abi and Alicia jump a little on their seats.

Alex smirked while Abi and Alicia just looked at each other, both with the same expression of confusion and disbelief. How could these two talk so casually about something like this? They couldn't help but feel tense!

"Actually, I am thinking that that's the only logical theory I can think of right now," Alex answered him.

Abi and Alicia: ". . . !!!"


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