Hellbound With You Chapter 385

384 The Only Way

"I believe that's what they want to find out. Something like that has never happened before. Vampires and witches just can't stand each other but if that actually happened, that would be problematic, of course, to whoever is controlling the rogue vampires."

"Because that person is trying to create a war between vampires and witches?" Abi asked.

"No. Vampires and witches have been enemies for many centuries. What they want is for vampires and witches to remain in this status quo."

"Because if vampires and witches joined forces, it would be very interesting. That's a lethal combination. Imagine combining the witches' visions and the vampires' strengths," Alex finished Zeke's words. "It makes me very curious to know what kind of creature could stand against the vampire-witch alliance once that happens. Back then, vampires, humans, and witches came at me separately and they all failed. I wonder if they could defeat me when they came together as one back then. Of course, with the addition of Zeke, they just might be able to "

"Alex!" Abi immediately scolded him to make him stop while Zeke sighed.

"Don't give anyone ideas on how to defeat you, idiot!" he murmured at the same time so Alex didn't hear him.

Seeing Abi's frown and worry, Alex changed gears and he bent down, kissing her cheek. "That was a joke. Humans don't even know about vampires and witch actually existing in this world presently. Wars like that are now just a thing of the past," he coaxed her. But Abi knew that wasn't impossible, because humans, even in this modern day, still had wars and the possibility of war breaking out in the future was not impossible.

"So, whoever sent these rogue vampires here wants to know if anything like that has happened. And they made sure to send an army because, with their strength and number, someone would definitely manage to leave the forest alive and make it out to report back to them. That's their aim. They know we are here, after all," Alex returned to the topic at hand.

"What will happen if they find out that witches and vampires did decide to help each other?" Abi asked, curious.

"They will, of course, do something about it. Or they could change whatever they are planning to counter it or break it up. Right now, I would prefer that nothing like that happens. If they realize that we now have the upper hand, it will become harder for us to sniff them out if they put their guard up," Zeke explained. "They must not see us standing in the same place and being in good terms with this witch. In short" he looked at Abigail. "We will need to hurt her."

Abi and Alicia's eyes widened and before Alicia could react, Zeke caught her hand and locked it behind her back, immobilizing her.

"Wait!" Abi was perplexed.

"This is the only way. We will make this look like we stayed here because we were busy torturing this witch the entire night. This is the only way we can get out of this without the enemy becoming suspicious."

All of them knew that what Zeke said was the truth. Abi tried to think of an alternative but she couldn't think of anything more convincing than his suggestion. But Alicia didn't do anything to them! This was just way too cruel.

Abi bit her lips. She was starting to become emotional. Alicia saw her expression and she smiled at Abigail.

"It's okay, Abigail. I understand that we have to do this. Even though we don't heal as fast as vampires, I can cast a spell on myself so I don't feel the pain," she tried to console Abigail, whom she saw was struggling with the current plan. After she spoke to Abigail, she then looked at Alex and turned to Zeke. "Just promise me that after this we will help each other," she said evenly to the two vampires.

"Alicia" Abi teared up as she held onto Alex. Was there really no other way?

"Don't worry. We will help you. That's a promise," Alex suddenly said, surprising Zeke. The only time he ever heard this man make a vow, other than the promises he made to Abigail, was when he vowed to protect his family and that time at the hospital.

Promises were the rarest phrases a vampire would ever say because that works almost like a curse to them, they couldn't easily break them.

Zeke could only pinch his brows but then seeing how the man comforted his emotional wife, he realized that Alex had done this because of her and there was nothing he could do about it. There was nothing he could do when it came to Alex doing things for his wife.

Upon hearing a vow coming from this almighty Alexander, Alicia smiled with great relief. This sacrifice wouldn't be for nothing. In fact, this torture would probably not be enough to pay for their help. Even their queen never managed to make a single vampire make a vow to her. But Alexander actually vowed to help? She knew this was only possible because of Abigail.

"They are close by. You should start now," Alicia told Zeke and she knelt down on the ground.

Her minions had also appeared one by one. They had to be tortured as well to make this realistic.

"Bring Abigail inside the house, Alex. I'll call you once everything is over," Zeke told Alex and Alex didn't hesitate to take his beloved inside.

The spell that Alicia had cast earlier was one that would stop Abi from hearing anything coming from outside.

Alex could see her being worried so made her sit on a couch and he brought out the bottle of oil he got from the witch.

"I'll put this on you now," he told her.

"Mm." Abi nodded.

Alex started to put the oil on her neck carefully. His fingers were hot and gentle.

"Don't worry, they'll be fine," he assured her. When Abi just nodded. She believed what he said but she still couldn't help but worry.

Seeing her worried expression, Alex leaned in on her with his eyes becoming a little intense. "Do you want me to distract you more?"


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