Hellbound With You Chapter 384

383 Serious Enough

Letting out a sigh of surrender, Abi turned and looked at Alex. She didn't protest anymore because she knew that Alex was just worried about her. But then, she thought about what would happen once Alicia came back with the food. She could just imagine him asking everyone to try the food out first and she could only scratch her nape.

"Come, Abigail. Let's have a seat," he said as he settled himself on a chair. Abi walked towards him and was about to pull out the chair next to him when Alex caught her wrist. "On my lap," he said shamelessly. The corner of his lips curved up.

Abi hesitated for a moment but in the end, she granted his request which made the man look extra happy. Even though Zeke was around, Abi wasn't that uncomfortable anymore. She thought that Zeke was probably already used to this PDA because even on the first day she met him, Alex had made her sit on his lap then too. Alex was not afraid to show some PDA since she first came to live in his mansion. Besides, she could tell that Zeke didn't care one bit; his blank expression was clear evidence of that fact.

As Alex happily cuddled her, like he had found the fluffiest lamb he didn't know he had been looking for, Abi didn't reject any of his advancements. She was going to let him do what he wanted with her as long as it made him happy because he deserved it. She was completely his anyway.

"Abigail" Zeke spoke and Abi lifted her face at him. "Why do you trust that witch?"

Alex, who was busy tucking Abi's hair to her side, halted. He, too, wanted to know the answer to that, after all.

"Because she saved me from those rogue vampires. When she had me all alone, she didn't do anything to hurt me when she clearly could have."

"She must have done that because she needed something from you."

Zeke was right. Alice had done it because she needed her help. But Abi also needed Alicia's help and she had trusted Alicia first; trusted that she would help her find a way to bring Alex's memories back. Alicia had shown her what she wanted to know when all she had to go by was Abigail's promise. If Alicia had doubted Abigail, she would have asked for something in return first.

But she didn't and that was why Abigail believed her as well. Besides, Abigail really didn't think that she was evil.

"That's true, but I know she is a good woman."

Zeke sighed quietly, as if he already knew that that was what she would say.

"Zeke" Abi then called out. As their eyes met, she continued, "I am going to tell Alex the truth now."

Zeke's expression didn't change so Abi couldn't tell whether he approved of it or not, while Alex's face immediately turned dark and sour.

Alex's gaze towards Zeke was sharp as he narrowed his eyes.

Abi then positioned herself so she could see Alex's face. She knew that what she just said was something that would shock and confuse him so she wasn't surprised anymore at seeing that look on his face.

"Alex" she called his name. She cupped his face gently with her hands before she took a deep breath, preparing herself to speak. She was nervous about how he would react to the news.

However, the moment she opened her lips to say more, something distracted them.

Zeke suddenly moved before them as if he was blocking them from what was coming. A strong gust of wind came and in the next moment, something appeared before them. It was the silver-haired witch.

"T-there's trouble!" she said, panting. "An army of rogue vampires are here."

"An army" Zeke repeated. "Why would you call that trouble?"

"Because they look and feel different. These ones are strong, stronger than normal vampires. Normal vampires should be a little weakened during daylight, right? Their powers are as strong as if it was nighttime."

Zeke's eyes slightly narrowed and he didn't say anything for a long while.

"And why are they here? Still to catch this Alicia?" Alex asked. He was already standing, his one hand wrapped around Abi's shoulders, pulling her close to his chest in such a very protective manner.

"I don't think so," Zeke responded. "They must have realized that something was going on. Iam certain that they saw the three of us enter this forest."

"So they're here to fight us?" Alex smiled mockingly. That was just unfathomable. What kind of brain did these vampires have to actually still come here when they knew he was here?

"We don't know that, Alex. But I don't think their real aim is to fight us. Unless the one sending them is a complete idiot."

"But the witch just said that they're strong. What if they're here to test their strength?"

"Stop getting excited over this, Alex. Don't forget that Abigail is here too," Zeke reminded him and Alex's eyes, which had already turned gold, immediately turned black again. He looked down at Abigail and pulled her even closer.

"I'm sorry," he suddenly whispered in Abi's ear. "Don't worry, I'm not going to go berserk again." His voice was hoarse and apologetic as his grip on her tightened. Did he think that she was afraid of that? Oh, geez Alex

Abi was about to say something but Zeke spoke first.

"I think they are just curious to know what is happening here. On why we still haven't left this place."

"If they're just curious, why would they send a bunch of those weirdly powerful rogues?" Alicia butted in. "I don't think they would send powerful soldiers just because they are curious. They must be here to cause trouble! What else could it b-"

"Vampires and witches forming some secret alliance" Zeke cut her off. "Wouldn't that be serious enough to be curious about?" Zeke mused.

Abi and Alicia looked at each other. Did he already know about their plan?

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