Hellbound With You Chapter 383

382 Catch Some Fish

Alex immediately approached Abigail when he saw her.

"You're awake," he leaned in on her, moving so close as he smiled at her. "Good morning, Abigail," he whispered and planted a kiss on her cheek.

Abi flushed because of Alex's sudden PDA.

"Good morning, Alex," she replied as she pushed her hands against his hard abs to keep a little distance between them. Craning her head sideways, she looked at the silver-haired witch and Zeke. She smiled at them both, a wordless gesture of hello.

The witch smiled back while Zeke just stood there, expressionless.

"Uhm Alex, please don't harm her. She meant no harm to me," Abi then told Alex, causing the man to stare at her for a while. His gaze fell on her neck and saw that the bruises were still there.

Abi immediately realized what he was looking at and her hands moved to cover her neck. "I'm fine. Stop looking at them," she told him.

Alex just tucked her hair behind her ears before he turned to look at Alicia.

"Witch. Give me some powerful medicine for bruises," he ordered and Alicia frantically went to comply.

Once she was gone, Abi leaned in on Alex and whispered in his ear. "Don't be like that to her. She's a good woman. Be nicer to her, okay?"

Alex raised a brow. "Are you serious, Abigail? You want me to be nice to someone else other than you?"

"O-of course. What I mean is don't be too "

"Not possible," he cut her off and leaned in once again, pinching her chin. "I have learned my lesson Abigail. If I don't want my beloved running away again, I better not do anything that could ignite her jealousy," he smirked, making Abi bite her lips.

Abi cleared her throat and was about to speak when Alicia returned.

"Here's the medicine," Alicia said as she held out her hand that was holding a small white bottle. She politely gave the bottle to Alex with a slight bow.

Alex took it and surveyed it closely.

"This is for humans, right, witch?"


His eyes locked on hers as if he was giving her a warning and then he opened the bottle and smelled the contentm before giving the bottle to Zeke.

Zeke sighed as he lazily took it. He simply took a quick glance inside and gave it back a second later. "It's safe," he said but Alex glared at him, obviously unsatisfied with how quick Zeke had decided that it was safe.

"Shouldn't you be testing it on yourself first?"

Abi's lips parted. Watching these two somehow made Abi feel a little sad for the silver-haired witch. She could now see why the witch had approached her instead of them. They didn't trust Alicia at all, even after saving her many times yesterday.

"Alex" Zeke looked like a vein just popped on his forehead. "That's just natural oil."

"Just to be safe, Zeke."

"Alex..." Abi held onto Alex's arm and dragged him away from Zeke. "It's okay. She already put some oil on my small cuts yesterday, and it was fine. So don't worry too much about it. Besides, Zeke's not human. He can't possibly test it for me," she told him and when she thought that Alex was finally going to give in, she saw him pour some of the oil into his hand and rub it on his forearm before he put the bottle in his pocket.

"I will use this on you later once I'm certain," he said, making everyone speechless. But to Abi, that simple action made her heart swell and before she knew it, she yanked Alex and hugged him tight, burying her face on his chest and gripping his waist as tight as she could.

He was always looking out for her, making sure she was safe, not even hesitating to use his body to protect her. This man he was making her emotional again.

Alex looked extremely pleased. He didn't know why she was suddenly hugging him but this action of hers this meant that she finally fell for him right? She was hugging him like she didn't want to let go!

Alex was oblivious to how he looked at that moment. The jellyfish was shining so damn brightly that it could have lit up the entire ocean.

"You two, are we going to talk or do you still need more hours to yourselves?" Zeke's voice made Abi move away from their embrace which of course, displeased Alex.

"That's right, Zeke. You two should go and catch some fish first for my Abigail's breakfast," he told them, causing Abi to almost choke.

"Hahaha. No please. Don't listen to him," Abi forced a laugh as she said those words to Zeke and Alicia.

But at that moment, the silver-haired witch suddenly didn't know what to do. Whom should she listen to? 'Alexander? Or Abigail? Wait Even though she wanted to listen to Abigail, she couldn't possibly defy Alexander. Who knew what he might do to her?' she thought.

Alicia looked at Zeke anxiously, thinking that she would move once he did, but when the man remained unmoving, she could only listen to this dictator's ridiculous request. 'Does Abigail like fresh fish? He could've just asked her to go get some food for her from White Falls village,' she could only murmur inside her again.

Seeing that Alicia took Alex's words seriously, Abi was fast to move from Alex to Alicia, catching her wrist.

"It's okay. You don't need to go. We should probably start discussing things now," she said but then again, the stubborn Alex would have none of it.

"No, little lamb. Your stomach has been growling since last night," he told her. He knew this because that was the reason why he finally stopped last night.

The witch immediately got the message especially when she saw how serious Alexander looked. This man was not going to give in if it concerned Abigail's well-being.

"It's okay, Abigail. I won't take long," she smiled and she finally disappeared.


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