Hellbound With You Chapter 382

381 Alicia

The next morning

The daylight already lit up the room when Alex opened his eyes. Abigail was in his arms and she was sleeping so soundly.

He smiled at the sight of her, recalling the wild session they shared last night. This little lamb in his arms was so innocent and pure and cute when she was sleeping. Well, she normally was like this but seeing her looking so peaceful and innocent like this could fool even the most perceptive person. They would never think that she was a wild and intense little beast in bed, something that he definitely loved although, he of course, loved her meek side as well.

His smile widened and he bit his lips before he moved and kissed her forehead. He couldn't wait for the next night to come so that they could do it all over again.

He was smiling like an idiot when suddenly, a thought popped in his head causing his smile to fade.

That image that flashed in his mind started to bug him along with the feeling of dj vu and that moment she had called herself his wife. All these things swirled inside his mind and he didn't know what to make of it. Were these things connected somehow?

The blissful look on his face was replaced with confusion and his mind was filled with many questions. He knew he couldn't ignore this anymore because he felt that there was definitely something going on. He needed to find out what this was all about.

Turning towards Abigail, Alex caressed her cheeks. He opened his lips but he closed them again, as if he refrained himself from speaking and waking her up.

He wanted to wake her up and ask but he knew he was the one who exhausted her throughout the night. His gaze then fell to the ceiling, looking serious, as if he was trying to solve a puzzle in his head.

The next moment, he closed his eyes and he carefully peeled Abi's grip off of him before he slowly climbed off the bed. After planting a soft kiss on her forehead, Alex got dressed up and left the room.

He checked the house and when he was certain no one was hiding inside, he stepped out.

"Witch," he called out and something moved in the bushes. Alex waited for a while until the silver-haired witch appeared before him.

Alex glanced at her. "Cast a spell on the room first. I don't want anything to disturb my sleeping Abigail. She needs to rest," he ordered her and the witch could only nod and do as he said. 'This dictator is really treating me like his servant!' she complained inside her but she knew she had to endure this. In fact, she didn't expect that it would be easier for her to approach this king than that vampire prince. She knew that Alexander was stronger but that Ezekiel was too shady even for a witch like her to understand. In fact, she had also watched his movements and she couldn't believe that she actually didn't witness anything interesting about Ezekiel Reign.

Since she started spying on him, all she ever found about him was the fact that his life revolved around Alexander. He didn't do anything worth watching aside from his job of babysitting an immortal for so many years. That was why she felt that he was a shady character.

Last night was the first time she met him and it made her realize one thing; that he was not as simple as she thought. He was definitely not just the man she had called a babysitter all this time. He was more than that. The moment their eyes met, she knew those icy eyes were filled with many, many secrets and she couldn't fathom just how he managed to hide those secrets from her. It was incomprehensible, in fact.

Once she was done with her task, the devil that she was just thinking of suddenly materialised as if she had conjured him. He was already standing next to Alexander. He glanced at her as she approached. These two most powerful creatures were standing in front of her. She could finally approach them and talk to them and ask for their help, all thanks to Abigail. But could she tell them about the deal she made with Abigail? She didn't know and because of that, she looked a little hesitant.

"I am done with the interrogations, Alex." Ezekiel reported, not worrying about her existence.

Alexander's gaze at Zeke was sharp but there was no doubt in them. It seemed what she saw in the crystal ball was still the same. This Alexander fully trusted this vampire prince.

"And? Why are these rogue vampires here, Zeke?"

"They're here to catch that silver-head," he pointed at her.

'So rude!' The witch popped a vein in her thoughts.

"My name is Alicia," she introduced herself, even though none of them were paying her any attention.

"And why would they want to catch" Alexander glanced at her. "this Alicia?"

Alicia couldn't believe how rude these two were. She understood Alexander's actions at least, since he was usually rude to most, except for Abigail. But this Ezekiel... she remembered how polite he was to human women. Was it because he just hated witches?

"Perhaps so that they could use her, since she is a little powerful."

'A little'? Did he not know that she was the next witch queen?! She was the second most powerful of all witches! Alicia sighed, trying not to be affected. She couldn't possibly go against any of them or she would just lose her life.

"And who wants her?" Alexander's gaze on Ezekiel seemed to have intensified.

"Shouldn't you be asking this Alicia?" was Ezekiel's answer as he turned to her.

Alicia shook her head. "I don't know who is behind this. I can't see anything in the crystal balls. Whoever is behind this has a witch with them, blocking my vision."

Alexander tilted his head slightly. "And how can you prove to us that you're telling the truth?" he asked her with narrowed eyes. It was obvious, both of them didn't trust her at all.

How how could she convince them that she was telling the truth?

"Speak," Alexander ordered, and Alicia suddenly felt the aura of threat and danger coming from them.

This wasn't good.

As Alicia was about to tell them the first thing that her frightened brain could come up with, a soft voice piped up behind her, the voice of the only person who could save her.

"I believe her, Alex" said Abigail as she emerged from the door.

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