Hellbound With You Chapter 381

380 Wildes

Abi's heart was pounding hard. She didn't really know how she ended up doing this. She just wanted to fulfill his wish because she didn't like looking at the guilt in his eyes. She didn't want him to blame himself so she gave in to his request. She really didn't want to punish. That wasn't something that she could ever do. She could never hurt someone, let alone the man she loved. So she thought of a compromise and did this instead.

When she started, she was a little unsure but then she told herself that there was no point in holding back. She had already decided to do this so she might as well do it properly. As she kept going, she started to like hearing his groans. She liked the way he begged her and that pleading look in his eyes that screamed their desire for her made her feel really good. She liked it. She really liked the feeling of being in full control over him once in a while.

And thus, she continued her onslaught, enjoying his every little reaction to her touch. Even though she too was so damn aroused, she was able to hold herself back because she wanted him to reach his limit. She wanted him to break his own rules for her. And she wanted to see how long he could hold on for.

But suddenly, when she was finally unable to resist his pleas, she saw a confused expression on his face when he told her that he wanted her to ride him. That triggered her memory and she remembered it. Those words were almost exactly the words he said to her before, on one of the nights after their wedding.

This made Abigail think that maybe re-enacting the things they did before might help. So she went and tied him up in exactly the same way she did back then.

"Let me do the work, okay?" she told him and when Alex agreed, she leaned down and kissed him. She delved slowly inside his mouth and then she trailed down to his neck, just under his ear. She remembered that she sucked him there before and gave him a hickey. So she did exactly that as well.

As her tongue trailed downwards, she peered at him through her long eyelashes, watching him as he hissed in pleasure. Her tongue began to play with his nipples, causing Alex to throw his head back, gnashing his teeth.

"Abigail please that's enough," he begged once again, Abi lost count of how many times he had said the word please that night. His body stiffened and his face looked a little pained.

She smiled at him and finally she straddled him. His tip touched her wet flower and he groaned. He was so close now. So close, yet so far. All he wanted was to feel her softness surround his hard member, to dive deeply into her and fill her up as much as possible.

His deep groans sounded so sexy in Abi's ears and hearing it aroused Abi even more. She couldn't get enough of it.

Exactly like she did before, she began moving her hips. She didn't let him go inside her, not yet. She instead rubbed herself against him, forwards and back with her killer slow pace.

"Oh Abigail you're so bad. You're killing me," he murmured as he sucked in quick, shallow breaths.

She had planned to observe his face to see if there was a hint of that confused look again but at that point, she had become too engrossed in the feeling of desire and pleasure. She wanted him so badly as well and she was so wet and ready for him. He had seduced her and he didn't even have to do anything but groan in pleasure and look at her with tormented desire.

Her juices coated him and in the next second, she lifted herself up slightly and held his long, thick member and guided it inside her slick, slippery entrance. She closed her eyes as she bit her lips, as if she was savoring the indescribable pleasure of him finally sinking inside her again.

She heard him hiss and grunt in both pleasure and pain and the corner of her lips curved up. 'That was an oh-so-sexy sound, Alex' she thought inside her.

Alex wasn't even halfway yet inside her but she somehow felt like his size had become bigger. Or was it just her imagination? She pressed her palms on his hard, defined abs so she could pull herself up since her knees had become a little weak. But suddenly, her hands slipped down his slippery abs causing her to lose control of her body and her body slammed down on him without a warning.

She swallowed him whole, and that was enough for Alex to explode, just like last night.

Unexpectedly, Abi also exploded as she felt him slide all the way inside her with a slam.

"Bad bad girl" Alex murmured and the next moment, Abi heard him rip the belt off his hands. He sat up, holding her on top of him.

He made her look at him and he caressed her cheeks. "Have you finally had enough with your torture?" he asked gently and when Abi nodded, he smiled.

"You are unbelievable. But I haven't had enough of you yet. After what you did to me. I will make love with you until the sun rises until you return to being my good girl again."

"Why? Don't you like me being a bad girl?"

Alex's signature smirk made a comeback. He caressed her lips with his thumb as his gaze at her intensified.

"I like it, this devilishly domineering side of you. But I like my innocent and submissive little lamb, too," he whispered before he devoured her lips with fiery, hungry kisses as his member turned rock hard once again.

He put her down on the bed, switching their positions. He took over and it was his turn to torture this bad, bad, little lamb. He started to move inside her, slowly at first and then faster and faster, sending Abi to the sky every single time he filled her.

However, he couldn't withstand the effect she had on him. He couldn't stop himself from exploring her, from taking her to the highest mountain and then making her fly up high in the sky.

Moans and groans and many other sounds from their love making filled the room and that night, Alex and Abi had the wildest love making ever.

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