Hellbound With You Chapter 380

379 Defea

"Abigail" Alex murmured, looking utterly defeated. His lips parted as he breathed in quick and shallow breaths. "Please I can't take it anymore," he grunted through his gritted teeth.

Abi stared down at him and she subconsciously licked her lips because her Alex looked so deliciously sexy at that moment. This oh so powerful man now being under her mercy made her feel like she too, was powerful.

But that thought didn't last long because the man under her seemed to have finally reached his very limit.

No, Alex had actually gone beyond that. He didn't know how he managed to. Maybe it was because of the thought that this was his atonement for what he had done to her. He had let her torture him to his breaking point and yet, the angel of no mercy still didn't stop. She was just so unbelievable. It seemed he would have to refrain from calling her little lamb after this. This little, fierce woman of his had really taught him a lesson in the worst possible way.

And thus, finally accepting defeat, he moved and pulled her into him, breaking her rules.

"I'm sorry but you win, Abigail," he told her, his breathing still rugged. She said that if he moved and touched her again, she would never punish him again even if he begged her. Fine. He could bear those consequences. He would never ask for her to punish him ever again.

"This punishment should be enough now, right, Abigail? Please let's make love now. I can't take it anymore," he whispered and he pressed his lips against her nape so impatiently, wanting to taste every inch of her skin. "Please say yes. You've tortured me enough."

Alex continued begging. He couldn't believe he was actually begging for something and for someone but he didn't really care anymore. He had now accepted that his life was in her hands.

At last, the girl on top of him moved her hands and embraced him, pulling his head towards her. Her fingers swept through his hair and she kissed his forehead, surprising Alex.

She pulled away, eyes glimmering with overflowing emotions as she stared at him. "I thought you were going to keep on being stubborn, Alex" she uttered and Alex's lips parted once again in disbelief. Was she actually waiting for him to give up? Before she came into his life, 'defeat' was not a word that was in his dictionary. He didn't know it then but that word somehow snuck in there without him noticing, probably in the exact moment she appeared before him. The undefeated legend was brought down to his knees but this avenging angel. This woman defeated him with one blow.

Damn... his little lamb was cruel.

She cupped his face and kissed him, slowly and sensually before she pulled away again. "What do you want me to do, Alex?" she asked him. Alex could tell she was trying to tease him. Ahh where did she learn all these tricks?

But f*cking hell, this was erotic. He felt like his mind was about to blow up.

Before he knew it, "I want you to ride me, Abigail," he said. And there it was again, the feeling of dj vu, as if he had been in this situation with her before, as if he had already said this same sentence to her before.

Abigail just stared at him for a moment. Her eyes travelled down to his hands before she looked into his eyes again. "But in one condition, Alex."

With creased brows, Alex responded, curious. "Tell me. I will agree to whatever your conditions are, except for that life sentence," he didn't even hesitate. He was damn impatient. Oh f*ck. He wanted to be inside her now! This delayed gratification was killing him!

"I want to tie your hands, Alex," were the words that left her lips and Alex's mind was brought to a halt for a moment. W-what? He couldn't believe this. Was this little lamb into that kind of thing?!

This was a shock but hot damn, he couldn't say no! In his eyes, she became even sexier when she was being this domineering. Damn it, Abigail. He didn't know that this angel was actually a demon in bed and Alex felt thrilled and became even more aroused from discovering this side of her.

"Okay do whatever you want, Abigail," he told her and he watched as she bit her lips, perhaps to stop herself from smiling. Mischievous little lamb.

He watched her look around and then she climbed off him. He could only pray for her to make it quick. She found the belt he didn't wear and she grabbed it.

Kneeling at the foot of the bed completely naked and holding a belt Alex couldn't help but bite his lips in awe. She was like a fierce goddess who was about to punish him for real.

Slowly, she crawled up towards him and knelt on top of him, with him between her legs.

"Your hands, Alex," she asked and he obediently held out his hands to her, wrists touching.

She started to tie them up and she tied it like a pro, as if this wasn't the first time she had done this. Did she tie some other man like this before? His face somehow darkened but he immediately scolded himself and stopped himself from thinking about it.

Once she was done, Abi lifted his hands over his head and wound the belt around the headboard.

Alex swallowed, not just because of how arousing this situation was but because he felt like this had happened to him before.

And all of a sudden, a picture flashed in his mind of himself being tied up exactly like this. His eyes widened. What was that?!

Confusion began to set in. In his entire existence, he had never let anyone do this kind of thing to him because he didn't like not being in control. He was always in control, no matter the situation, whether it was in battle on the field or in bed. He never even once let a woman have control over him like this until now. She was the first woman who made him insane, who made him feel, who made him beg. She was the one and only woman to defeat him and the only one whom he let do this thing to him. So what the hell was that vision?

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