Hellbound With You Chapter 379

378 Angel Of No Mercy

She moved on top of him again, both of them completely naked. She supported herself with her hands and knees as her face hovered above his, looking at him intensely.

"If you touch me and if you move one more time, I will stop and will never punish you again even if you beg me a million times," she told him seriously. Did the little lamb just threaten him? This was getting serious. She was really serious. It was like he was seeing a new side to his little lamb.

Before Alex could even agree or disagree, Abi bent and planted kisses all over him. She kissed him and Alex was about to respond but she moved away, leaving him hanging.

And then, she continued. She began from his nape, kissing him there. Her hands crawled over his body, making him become even harder.

She continued her onslaught and he was surprised at how good she made him feel. How? How was she so good at this? They only made love once and she never had the chance to do any of this to him, so how did she know what made him feel good?

Alex was easily sent into the world of ecstasy. He couldn't believe all his thoughts about this being the wrong punishment had completely disappeared. He just couldn't help it. This woman seemed to be the very definition of the word 'impossible'. She was impossible for him to resist.

His excited big monster was desperately calling for attention, wanting her to touch him there, but she didn't. Somehow, he was starting to feel that this might be the right punishment after all. This was pure torture. He wanted so much to touch her, to have his hands roam all over her body. This was definitely more tortuous than any beating he had ever gotten.

Meanwhile, her tongue skillfully teased him. It travelled down and he sighed in anticipation, thinking that she would put him inside her delicious mouth again. But she stopped just an inch away and she climbed up on him again. Holy Shit!

He groaned and cursed inwardly. His grip on the blanket tightened. This torture was too much. How could he forget what he felt when he wasn't allowed to touch her? Maybe it was because Abigail didn't tease him this much that last time.

"Ahh Abigail please at least, touch me there," he begged. But Abi pulled away and planted a kiss to his lips as if telling him to shut up.

She broke the kiss midway once again and continued her onslaught, her merciless teasing.

Alex couldn't tell how long she had been torturing him for. He felt like a lifetime had passed.

His body started to sweat from the heat. His body was so hot and ready for her but it didn't look like she was going to end his pain anytime soon.

He begged for the third time and Abi finally granted his request.

Her divine hand finally wrapped around his raging member. She clasped it tightly as she moved her hand up and down.

But oh f*cking hell! She was moving her hand so damn slowly that Alex felt like he wanted to disappear so that this torture would finally end.

He had begged her three times and she didn't give in.

She seemed to finally concede after the fourth time. She knelt on the bed and her lips drew closer to his hard, excited member. She looked up at him, held his gaze as she licked her lips. Then she opened her mouth and swallowed him whole. Her mouth was warm and wet and her tongue was playing havoc with his mind. She licked him and sucked him like he was the most delicious lollipop in the world. She was deliberately moving her tongue slowly, making him feel everything she was doing.

She then pulled away again and then she lightly bit his tip, earning groan from him. It was painful and arousing at the same time. She did it again before she swallowed him whole again. After a few seconds, she started to increase her pace. She drew back and swallowed him deeply, with his member hitting the back of her throat each time.

He was climbing up the stairway of pleasure and he was so close to reaching the top. He was almost there, he could feel it! He groaned again as she kept up her pace.

Alex was high on pleasure, thinking that she was finally done with her torture, that she was finally going to release him from her chains. But once again, he was wrong. Because the moment he was about to burst from her torment, she pulled away, leaving him hanging.

Alex had never felt this kind of pain. This kind of torture. He regretted it again. He laughed at himself because he had thought that this punishment was not the right one. Ha! This punishment was the worst of them all. The worst torment he had ever gone through in his lifetime.

The physical pain, although painful, was tolerable and he could actually smile despite it all. But this one was... Goddamnit!! He couldn't endure it anymore. He even surrendered to her so many times already. That was right!. She had made a man like him beg but Abigail was an angel with no mercy tonight.

He didn't know his little lamb had this wicked side. She was so cruel, this punishment of hers. He would never want to ask her to punish him again. NEVER AGAIN!


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