Hellbound With You Chapter 375

374 Remnants

His mind then brought back the words she had uttered to him. "Alex please come back to me. It's me Abigail your wife," she had said. 'My wife?' he thought. What was she saying? Why had she said those words? Was it only to try and make him snap out of his rage? To try and shock him with those words?

So many questions floated in his mind about this. He didn't know what to think. This little lamb, his wife? He had already decided that he would marry her. Only she would bear the title of his wife. Was that why she had said it? Did that mean that if he proposed to her, she would accept? Was that her way to telling him that she wanted to be his wife?

He didn't know. He shook his head. He would try and find out some of the answers to these questions when she woke up. He would ask her to explain what she meant when she said those words.

However, he couldn't help the small wisp of hope blooming within him. Had she finally fallen for him? Was it because of what happened last night?

He looked down at her face again as if he was just really seeing her for the first. Her long eyelashes grazed the top of her cheeks. Her soft, full lips were red. Her cheeks were pink and soft. He felt his heart flutter a little as he watched her. He then tucked her hair behind her ear before he cupped her cheek, closed his eyes and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

He pulled away and surveyed her face again but then his eyes drifted lower and landed on the bruises around her neck.

His soft expression instantly became hard. His eyes blazed with an anger he could barely contain. He was more than angry at himself. His fists clenched so hard that his knuckles turned white as he gritted his teeth. How could he do that to her? How could these hands of his mark her like that?

He closed his eyes because he didn't want to see that vision of him gripping her neck. How easily he could have squeezed the life out of her.

In the next second, Alex's face was filled with agony and guilt and self-loathing. He hunched over with his hands tearing at his hair, his whole being trembling from all these emotions. How could he live with himself from now? How could he look at her again knowing that he had hurt her? Could she forgive him for this? He didn't know but no matter how long it took, no matter how many times he had to say sorry to her, he would do it. He would beg for her forgiveness endlessly until she forgave him. He would whatever she wanted, take whatever punishment she threw at him because no amount of pain could ever compare to the agony he was experiencing at that moment. Everything else would be a walk in the park compared to this.

Alex stood up and walked towards the window, looking up at the sky. His thoughts were running a million miles an hour but everything came back to one thing, one person. It seemed that his world now revolved around her and he didn't know when it started.


Abigail had the most wonderful dream. She dreamt that Alex was holding her, surrounding her with his warmth, causing her body to warm up. They were back in his little house, looking up at the northern lights, cuddling by the fire. She was so happy that words couldn't describe what she was feeling. The dream jumped and they were suddenly in the hot pool, kissing passionately.

Her body felt very warm and she moaned in her sleep. "Alex"

However, the next scene in her dream was of Alex lying on the floor of that dark castle, flames surrounding him, about to devour him whole.

"No!!" Abigail inwardly screamed as she sat up on the bed. Her heart was beating wildly as she clutched at her chest. Her breaths were shallow and she felt a tear trail down her cheeks. Her eyes were glazed over, her mind still inside the fading dream.

As her consciousness slowly took over, she finally realised that she was inside a dark room. A couple of candles were lit up on a small side table, throwing shadows on the walls.

"Alex" she whispered. "Alex!" she then exclaimed as she remembered what had happened at the forest. Where was he? Where was he?! She frantically moved to scramble off the bed, intending to run towards the door to look for him when she heard his voice next to her.

"What's wrong, little lamb?" Alex asked, his voice full of worry.

Abigail turned to look at him and without wasting another second, she threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. She was so relieved to find him right next to her. She was so glad. The remnants of that scene still played in her head and she couldn't help the tears that fell from her eyes. It was like she had no more control over her body. Her emotions had taken over and she let it. All the emotions she felt as she watched him lying weakly in that castle floor poured out of her yet again.

She couldn't stop her body from shuddering as she cried her heart out, hugging him tighter, as if she was afraid that he would leave again. Everything that he had done for her, his belief in her, his love for her was all she could think about. She wasn't going to let him leave her again. She would never get angry at him again over him forgetting her. She had seen the extent of his love for her and though her heart broke He trusted her so much that he was willing to bet his life on her.

He loved her so much that he would die for her but there was no way she would let that happen.

Now it was her turn to bring him back to life.


Dear readers, I'm sorry but I can't publish the third chapter tonight. I'm a little feverish and only managed two. I will give the third chapter tomorrow so there will be four chaps for you guys tomorrow.

Thank you for understanding. \u003c3

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