Hellbound With You Chapter 373

372 Guilty

When their lips parted, they were panting so hard, gasping for air.

Alex was pulled back to the present and he finally noticed her tears. His face flooded with worry but before he could ask if she was alright, Abi kissed him as she wrapped her arms around him as fast as she could.

And then, as if all her strength had left her, she became limp in his arms. She had fainted.

Alex was shocked as he embraced her. "Abigail!" he called out as he held her. He tried to pull her hands off him so she could gather her up and bring her to a better spot but Abi's grip on him was so tight.

That made him realize she was fine.

Relieved, Alex slowly sat down on the ground, with her still hugging him.

His brain finally started processing the situation as he looked around. The dead vampires and witches and the destroyed forest. He could tell what had happened. He lost himself the moment he saw the necklace in that vampire's hand. He thought they had killed his Abigail.

His eyes then caught the silver-haired witch standing there. Alex started to remember the things he did while he was in that state. He remembered how this witch protected his woman so the dangerous aura he was giving her at that moment immediately disappeared.

But the moment he remembered how he grabbed Abi's neck, his face turned dark. He immediately checked her neck and he gritted his teeth, seeing the mark of his fingers around her neck and wrists.

His jaws clenched. He wanted to hit himself a thousand times but even that wouldn't be enough to atone for this. How could he have hurt his beloved like this? 'Damn you, Alex! How could you do this? I want to kill you!!!!'

He really did want to kill himself. if someone else had done this to her, that someone would be dead by now. It seemed all he could do was beg for her forgiveness and atone for his sins by asking her to punish him. He wished that would be enough, because he felt guilty to death.

However, as he was busy thinking about what kind of punishment Abigail would give him, the words she said began to echo in his head.

'Alex please come back to me. It's me Abigail your wife.' These words kept replaying in his mind and he was utterly shocked and confused.

After a long while, Alex looked at the witch. He didn't understand why she said those words? Why?

"Witch" he called out. "Why did Abigail come here? Were you the one who lured her here?" he asked. Somehow, he was calm, knowing that Abigail was safe while she was in his arms.

"I I didn't lure her here. She came here on her own crying." The witch half lied. She couldn't afford to anger him again by saying the truth. She would let Abigail tell him everything because she knew this vampire would not believe anyone but her.

Alex gathered Abigail in his arms.

"I need to bring her to a place where she can rest," he told her and the witch immediately moved.

"Please follow me," she said and she led Alex and Abi not to the crystalized cave but to a small wooden house hidden deep in the forest.

The house was completely hidden behind nature. It was a two-story building made of bricks and had a haunting look to it. Tall trees surrounded it and it looked very old and desolate, as if it hadn't been used for a very long time. If someone were to discover it by chance, they would no doubt think that a witch lived there. It just gave out that kind of vibe.

However, surprisingly, the inside of the house was neat and tidy. The silver-haired witch led him to one of the rooms with a nice bed inside it.

"Give us some clothes to change into," he ordered her. The witch was surprised but she eventually nodded.

"Please give me a moment. I will go get some from the human village nearby."

"Make it quick," he told her as if the witch was his personal errand girl.

The witch was about to leave when Alex stopped her.

"Where can we take a bath?" he asked, showing her the girl still clinging to him like glue.

"There's a hot spring in the back," she answered as she led him in the backdoor. There it was a small spa-like white-bluish colored pool carved on a flat stone.

"Prepare the towels for us before you go," Alex ordered one last time and he walked towards the hot spring.

The witch's minions were nowhere to be seen and she couldn't defy this man, so she could only do as he said, thinking that she was doing this for the sake of her queen.

After putting the towels by the back door, the witch then left.

She had to get back as soon as possible. Who knew what that man would do if he was displeased? She needed to please him and give them clothes first and then she would check out where her comrades were hiding while Abigail was still sleeping.

However, before she could even leave the forest. Ezekiel appeared before her, giving her the set of clothes she was going to fetch. How? How did he know she was going out to get clothes?


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