Hellbound With You Chapter 372

371 Stronger

Because Alex's hand gripped her neck just before she could touch him.

Abi bit her lips but she didn't feel any fear, despite Alex trying to choke her. His grip was tight but not enough to strangle her.

"A-alex" she called. "Alex"

He didn't respond. His fiery eyes continued to blaze with hellfire but they were blank. It was as if all he could see was fire and blood and darkness.

But she knew that something was happening the moment he grabbed her neck. His grip on her didn't loosen but it didn't also tighten. She could still breathe. Did the witch cast a spell on her to protect her or was there something stopping Alex from fully strangling her? It didn't matter. What mattered was that she now had the opportunity to do something.

Tears began to flow from her eyes as she lifted her hands to touch his hand.

"Alex please come back to me. It's me Abigail your wife," she uttered. "Come back to me. Let's go home. I miss you I miss you so much Alex"

She stretched out her hands and she was able to finally touch his face.

"Oh, Alex I am here to get you. I am here to take you back home. I will never never leave you all alone again. So please, come back to me. I am here. Your Abigail. Your wife"

The moment those words left Abi's mouth, Alex suddenly let go.

He stepped backwards, confusion carving on his face as he watched Abi coughing on the ground.

He kept stepping back as if he was trying to get away. When Abi saw this, she immediately got up and took a step towards him.

"Please Alex don't go away" she begged, stretching her hand out towards him.

But Alex didn't take her hand. He just continued stepping backwards with his eyes locked on her.

Abigail looked worried. She didn't know what was going on with him. She didn't know what he was going to do next. Was he going to leave? Was he going to run away from her?

She panicked because if he did that, she wouldn't be able to follow him. He was too strong and too fast for her and if he left, how was she going to stop him? She wouldn't allow that to happen. She needed to stop him from running away. She looked at Alex, surveying him, watching to see what he would do next and that was when the necklace with the rings finally caught Abi's attention. They were wrapped around his left hand. She subconsciously held her neck and realized that the necklace and rings in his hand were the ones she had been wearing.

Did he pick it up and thought that I was

Abi's eyes widened. She realized that he must have gone berserk because of this. Once again, she was the cause of all this.

Tears flowed from her eyes. She didn't know why her tears kept flowing. It seemed she had a river of tears inside her. She wished they would stop flowing now. She was tired of crying.

She took another step and Alex stepped back once again.

"Alex!!!" she snapped, screaming his name with all her might. The man's eyes slightly widened and that was when Abi charged in on him and immediately captured his lips.

Alex froze from Abi's attack. His consciousness was finally reaching the surface. He was about to reach the light; the warm and soothing light that kept calling him for a while now.

His numbed mind and body started to think and feel again. He could now tell his mind was in chaos. His consciousness fought with the darkness that seemed to have eaten him whole. He didn't know why he was fighting to reach that bright light. All he knew was that he wanted to touch that light shining before him. He wanted to feel its warmth.

But the darkness was strong, enveloping him, controlling him, unwilling to let him go.

That lone light and the darkness fought as he stood in between. He felt like his body was being split into two. It seemed he couldn't choose between the two. But then, he suddenly heard a voice calling out his name.

Something snapped within him and the light intensified, shining brighter than before. The light was starting to defeat the darkness.

Seeing it, he finally moved to reach out to it. He was able to leave the darkness. He could because the pull of this light was so strong, much stronger than the darkness.

And with that, the light finally swallowed him whole.

The moment he opened his eyes, he felt his lips burning. Someone was kissing him.

"Alex please wake up. It's me. Please," she uttered between her kisses, with closed eyes.

Alex's eyes widened. His hands moved on her shoulders and he pushed her back slightly to look at her.

"A-a-abi " he stuttered. His eyes filled with confusion.

Realizing that Alex was finally back, Abi's tears burst out. "Alex" she uttered, crying hard. "You're finally back. Alex"

She wept and before Alex could process everything that happened, Abi pulled him in and kissed him again.

Abi's kiss was wild yet passionate and her tears still fell as she devoured his lips and Alex couldn't resist such passion. He was supposed to think about what the hell was going on but before his brain could start to process everything, she blew his thought away with her kisses and he couldn't help but get completely lost with her.

Her kisses were damn hot, burning every thought into ashes. All he could do was kiss her back with the same hunger, the same intensity that she was giving him.

Everything ceased to exist and at that moment, they were the only ones left on the planet. At that moment, they didn't feel any pain or sadness, only the overwhelming, overflowing love and desire for each other. There were no superlatives left to describe what they were feeling.

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