Hellbound With You Chapter 370

369 Impossible

"It's too late. Alexander is already in that state. Believe me, when that man is in that state, it is impossible for him to recognize anyone. He will destroy everything, anyone, whoever it is that happens to cross his path. We must flee and wait until he calms down and goes back to normal!" she explained.

But Abi shook her head. There's no way she would just leave him. No way.

"No, please let go."

"He will kill you! Please believe me. Alexander loses his rationality when he's in that state. He destroys everything in his way. He will kill you, too! He can't recognize anyone!" the witch pleaded. She couldn't believe that what she dreaded was actually happened. How did he snap so easily like that? She couldn't let Abigail die. If she died by his hands and he found out once he returned to normal, he would go berserk once again and would kill and destroy everything. Once that happened, she might never be able to rescue their queen because their home, this forest, and the few witches left would all be annihilated by him. She might even die as well.

So she thought that it was better for them to flee for now and return her to him once his rampage was over.

But Abigail refused.

"No. Please let me go. He will NEVER hurt me! I can't leave my husband all alone again. I will never leave him by himself again. Please" she begged. "I promise, everything will be fine. I will keep my promise to you. And we still have so many things to talk about, right? Don't worry, I will be okay. You go back inside for now so he doesn't see you. Once I calm him down, you can come out again, alright?."

Abigail's gaze was fierce and more than determined. The witch couldn't even argue with the intensity she showed. And before she knew it, her grip on Abi loosened.

In that instant, Abi dashed away, heading towards the raging monster, without any hint of hesitation or doubt in her eyes.

The witch could only watch her go. Although she couldn't fathom what Abi was trying to do, she could only trust this woman. She had heard about the things Alexander did in the past. She even saw some of it in the crystal balls through the powerful visions of their queen. This man was a monster and no one ever managed to stop him when he was going berserk like that.

He was a disaster and everyone could do nothing but bend and bow and ask for his mercy. No, he wouldn't even give any mercy even if someone in his way was on their knees and begging for their life. He would just annihilate them without batting an eye. He was that ruthless. If the witch hadn't witnessed how deep his love was for Abigail, she wouldn't have let her go. Her first thought, and still her thought right then, was to flee and leave everything behind while they still could.

But somehow, having seen all the things that have happened to this couple, and feeling the extent of Abigail's love for her husband, made her believe. She didn't know why but she had developed this seemingly blind faith, that no matter how hopeless everything was, no matter how cruel the world was, in the end love would always win. They were the ones who showed her that. A ruthless man like Alexander sacrificing everything, even his life for his beloved; this thought used to be unthinkable for her. But they had changed her views - that in love, there was no such thing as impossible.

"Fine go ahead, Abigail. Show me more of the power of your love," she smiled but she didn't leave. She instead followed Abi's trail. She wanted to see the events unfold with her own two eyes and in case something went wrong. She would try to at least keep Abi alive.

Abi was getting closer to the heart of the storm. She could feel it. This heavy and chilling atmosphere she knew so well seemed to have cloaked the entire forest.

She could hear it. The sound of the agonized screams from both witches and vampires as well as the breaking and falling trees bombarded her ears. She didn't even try to activate her powers. She just started to hear them.

But the terrifying noises didn't stop her. She continued running until she was met with a large, open space. No, it was a space where she could finally see the sky because of all these fallen trees.

She stood there and looked around.

"Alex!!" she called out. But the next second, a swoosh passed by right in front of her face. It was a man being thrown away like baseball. He hit one of the trees and the tree nearly broke as the man fell to the ground.

Abi started to see them. The rogue vampire's and witches' lifeless bodies.

She swallowed as her body trembled.

When she turned and looked at the direction where the vampire came from, Abi's eyes widened.

A large tree trunk was about to hit her.

She thought she was going to die.

But the witch appeared and pushed her down. The tree just missed them both.

Abi lifted her face and saw Alex standing there. His eyes were a burning furnace. He looked like some else. The witch was right, he couldn't seem to see her.

"A-alex" she called out when suddenly, he disappeared. The next second, the witch covering her was gone.

Abi immediately turned around and saw Alex already gripping the witch's neck, her feet dangled in the air.

He was going to kill her. If the witch hadn't been quick enough to cast a spell to fight the strength of his grip, she would have been dead by then.

"No!! Don't kill her, Alex!!" Abi screamed.

Alex didn't seem to hear her.

So Abi ran towards him and crashed herself into his back him, hugging him as tightly as her little arms could, with all the strength she could muster.


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