Hellbound With You Chapter 367

366 The Movie

The silver-haired witch watched the tears flow down on the sleeping girl's cheeks. The glow of the crystal ball made those tears glimmer in a beautiful yet heart wrenching way. The silver-haired witch was surprisingly moved by the scene. She had watched this scene unfold at the time and back then, she felt nothing. She couldn't quite understand why the man was so willing to give up his life for this human woman. Seeing Abigail's tears and all the emotion that she emitted as she watched this scene unfold, the witch could feel how much Alexander meant to her. She could feel all the love that Abigail felt for her husband and she was moved.

She had seen Abigail's actions and read the words that came from her lips but none of that feeling could be felt when she was watching through the glass ball. Only at this moment did she finally understand why Alexander was so confident about his wife's abilities to bring his memories back, and consequently, the other half of his soul. It was because of her love for him.

The silver-haired witch had never felt such an intense, fierce emotion coming from someone before. Abigail's love for her husband was so powerful that she thought she saw a soft glow of light surrounding Abigail, as if her body couldn't contain all of that emotion that it leaked out.

She moved closer to Abigail, reached out to touch her face and to wipe her tears away, but she halted. She sensed some sort of disturbance in the air and she immediately became alert for any upcoming trouble.

With a concentrated look on her face, the witch quietly left the room, leaving Abi still sleeping and dreaming and she didn't see Abigail's expression of pain and grief appear on her face.

Inside Abi's dream, the scene from the past continued to appear in her mind's eye. She saw Alex say goodbye to her before he left her at the hospital.

This scene was so heartbreaking for her. She first saw Alex's relief and happiness in the knowledge that her time had been extended, that her tumor was gone and that she now had the rest of her life to look forward to. But then, a second later, his eyes dimmed and she saw his anguish at what he had to do next. He whispered to her. "I love you, Abigail. You are the only one I will ever love. The only one" and watching this was so bittersweet for her.

And then she saw him rub her wedding ring with his thumb before he slowly slid her engagement and wedding rings off her finger. She wanted to shout at him in her dream, 'No! Don't leave me... Don't go. I love you, Alex. Please stay...' Her heart felt like it was being torn to pieces and her tears flowed even more down her face. She couldn't stop it. It hurt. Watching him walk away from her was painful, especially after he had promised her that he would not leave, that he would be there when she woke up.

Abi wanted to stop this dream from continuing. She wanted to wake up! She didn't want to go through all of this again. She didn't want to see Alex leave her. But she was left with no choice. The movie kept playing and she could only keep watching.

The next scene was Alex travelling towards a castle, still with a dagger in his chest. She watched as he fought all of the rogue vampires by himself. As she watched this scene, she couldn't help but forget her pain for a second. Her eyes were focused on him alone. He looked like the mystical god of war, mesmerising her with his precise movements and his power. She watched as he defeated the first wave of the rogue vampires but then in the next second, she felt her heart nearly stop as she saw the countless arrows and bullets being fired towards him.

She was alarmed at how much blood seemed to be flowing from all the arrows and bullets that hit their mark and she wanted to close her eyes. No, she didn't want to see this. She didn't want to see him being hurt like this. Abi couldn't help but silently cry. She didn't know he suffered like this, because of her. She didn't know he had gone through all this. It was painful, so painful she couldn't take it.

And yet she kept watching. She kept watching because she had to. She needed to find out what happened to him. She needed to watch to look out for any clues that might be useful.

So she watched as he kept on fighting, smiling as if he was having the time of his life. But his eyes gave him away. She saw through them. The heaviness of his decision weighed on him. She could tell that he didn't want to give her up. He didn't want to forget her. But he had no other choice.

Abi saw him set fire to the castle. She watched him approach Xavier as he used the little lamb and the jellyfish plushy to catch him off guard.

Abi even yelled at Alex not to fall for it, telling him it was okay even if the toys burned to ashes. She yelled at him to stop, despite knowing that what she was seeing had already happened, that there was no way she could stop any of it or change any of it anymore. She just couldn't help it, it was too painful for her.

Xavier was now holding the hilt of the dagger on Alex's chest as Alex caught the toys with one hand as the other grabbed Xavier's neck. Abi held her breath. Was this it? Was this the moment that Alex loses all his memories of her?

And then, Xavier pulled the dagger out as Alex broke his neck with one squeeze and both of them fell onto the floor.

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