Hellbound With You Chapter 366

365 The Truth

"I'm sorry but even I can't fathom what you are. Even I am fascinated with you. You are such a mystery to me."

There was silence for a moment.

Abi wanted to ask her more questions but she stopped herself. She couldn't afford to be distracted. Besides, she really didn't believe she was all that special. She was just a weak human who could do nothing but cry and run.

The witch approached her and held her hands.

"I will let you know the truth. Just make a deal with me that you will help me. I am certain if you were the one to speak to your husband or the vampire crown prince, they would certainly listen to you."

Abi contemplated for a moment. It seemed like a reasonable deal. This woman was obviously desperate to save her queen and she was desperate to save her husband. They were both in similar situations and if working together could achieve both these goals, then why not? Besides, wasn't this what Zeke wanted to know as well? Didn't he want to know what really happened to Alex, about why he lost his soul and his memories?

"Okay, I will promise you. If you tell me the truth, I will help you. But how can I be sure that what you say is the truth?"

"I will not tell you. I will show you instead. I'm certain you already know that we can see the past as long as we witnessed it at the time. I will show you so you can see with your own eyes, Abigail," she explained and she led Abi towards another room.

There was a crystal ball in the middle of the room. She could tell this was the device that witches used to keep watch on the happenings of the world.

The witch chanted a spell as Abi stood there.

Abi didn't move. Her eyes switched between the crystal ball and the witch. Her heart started to race from anticipation of what was about to come. She wanted to know what really happened that night. She wanted to get answers but she was also apprehensive because she might see that moment again, the moment where Alex plunges the knife into his chest. She didn't know what this witch was going to show her.

"Are you ready?" the witch asked.

Abi looked at her for a long moment, mentally preparing herself, before she nodded.

The crystal ball started to glow and then the pictures formed, becoming clearer by the second. She looked into it and there he was. In the middle of the crystal ball was her husband, Alex.

Alex was covered with blood and there was another silver-haired woman before him. Abi could already tell that this was the Witch Queen. She was also as beautiful as this woman standing next to her but Abi didn't see that. Her eyes were focused on her husband's figure, before she looked at anything else.

Abi knew the place they were at. They were under the wisteria tree in the backyard of Alex's mansion.

Abi remembered what Alex said; that the witches couldn't hear what was being said but they could read lips. "But I can't read their lips."

"It's okay. I can make it so that you can hear them in your dreams."

"My dreams? I thought"

"You can hear voices through your dreams so I will have you see it through your dreams."

That was fascinating. Abi could only blink.

"I'll have to put you to sleep," the witch told her.

Abi finally took a deep breath and as the witch chanted, Abi began to lose consciousness.

She fell asleep and the scene on the crystal ball started to appear in her mind as if she was there, watching them. She started to hear their voices.

"They are watching, Alexander. Don't even try to trick them. If you don't die tonight, they will kill your wife. You must push the dagger if you want her to live."

"Tell me what you are thinking, witch," Alex responded.

"I can cast a spell on your heart, Alexander. That's the only way for you to keep living. But this spell requires something that is important to you."

"Tch! You witches are so old fashioned. You people are still the same even now," he hissed. "Something important" Alex echoed. "Are you going to take my Abigail's life?" he smiled, sardonically.

"No. This spell does not require someone's life. But there is nothing more important to you than her, right?"

Alex didn't respond for a while. "That's right. I can't think of anything more important to me than her."

"Then, give up all your memories about her. That is one of the most important things to you that I could use in exchange for the spell. This spell will keep you alive even after you are stabbed. Half of your soul will die and the other half will stay alive. But you will not last long. You need to get your memories back and awaken your dead soul before the power of the spell runs out. If you can't do that in time, you will die. But I have to warn you now. It is almost impossible to awaken the dead soul. Only one person I know managed to do that. That person's soul came back to life once his memories returned. But that was a one in a million chance. Think about it carefully."

"There's no other way, right?" Alex asked.

"There is, Alexander. If you let Abigail die, then you will certainly keep living."

Alex laughed, but it was a bitter laugh, as if he was telling the queen that that wasn't even an option. "Do it, witch. Take all my memories," he said without even a hint of hesitation.

"But please, think about it "

"Shut up. This is my decision." Alex cut through her. "Don't worry, my wife will find a way to bring my memories back. She's quite hellbent, you see. You know, she once said that she would go through hell for me and I believe her. She is my wife, after all," he smirked.

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