Hellbound With You Chapter 363

362 God Of Slaughter

Back in the capital, Zeke emerged from the forest with a serious expression. He was drenched from the downpour and his white shirt was stained red. His hair was a mess but still looked more imposing than ever.

The two young men waiting by the roadside didn't move from their spot upon seeing their brother, while Zeke just glanced at them, expressionless.

Zeke ran his fingers through his hair as he continued walking. He then halted before them.

"Speak," said Zeke without looking at them. His eyes were directed towards the northern mountains in the far distance.

The prim and proper young man stepped over to him and whispered something in Zeke's ear. What the young man said somewhat changed Zeke's poker face.

"Wait for my instruction" was all Zeke said in response and he disappeared before them.

The two young men just watched him leap away and once he was gone, they sighed.

"Geez brother is still as cold as ever. I still can't help but hold my breath and shut my mouth in case I say something wrong," the other, less serious, young man complained. "Is he going after Alexander?"

"Obviously," the other one said and they both boarded their respective sports cars and left.

The clouds were dark and gray and it continued to drizzle.

Zeke was fast as lightning as he travelled towards White Falls Village following Alex's trail.

Meanwhile, Alex had already arrived at White Falls Village and he suddenly felt uneasy. He had calmed down on his way to this place, thinking that his little lamb was probably in their hotel room, sulking, and waiting for him to comfort her. He had even smiled like an idiot thinking about how he would surprise her.

But his smile broke when he couldn't find her anywhere in the village. He had looked in all the places they had visited and there was no sign of her. His eyes started to burn and his heart thudded inside his chest.

The darkness enveloped his being as his gaze surveyed the dark forest. He didn't know why but he ended up at the entrance of the forest. And there it was, the car they used to go back to the palace.

Alex opened the car and smelled her presence. Why did she come here? He couldn't see any signs of a struggle, meaning she came here on her own? Why?

The only thing that Alex could think of was that those damn witches somehow managed to manipulate his little lamb.

The fury and rage burned even fiercer inside him as he looked into the forest. It was as if the devil in him had been awakened. The rampaging dragon that had just fallen asleep was waking up once again.

But this time, Alex was still rational. His mind thought of all the different possibilities that could have made his little lamb go inside there on her own, of what he might find inside. He knew he couldn't lose his cool right now at the thought that his little lamb might already be in their hands.

He had to stay in control. He couldn't let his inner dragon loose this time around because his little lamb could get hurt in the process. The thought that his little lamb might get hurt because of his actions was the only thing that stopped him from going berserk and destroying everything.

Alex entered the forest and he could smell her scent, although it was faint. He followed the scent, thankful that it still lingered. However, he didn't go too far before he felt that something was off.

The moment Alex felt the chaos unfolding deep within the forest, his eyes blazed.

The next second, he landed in front of the herd of vampires torturing three witches in the middle of the forest. Alex looked around. He couldn't sense Abigail.

His eyes burned gold as he grabbed one of the vampires who was frozen in place, shocked to their core because of the sudden appearance of this man. They immediately knew exactly who this man was. Everybody knew this man was the legendary Alexander with just one glance. They could just feel it. And his presence alone terrified them. They had heard about him destroying every rogue vampire from that northern castle three months ago.

"What are you vampires doing in this place?" Alex asked.

When the vampires couldn't answer, Alex gritted his teeth and slammed one of them on the ground. The impact was so strong the earth shook and the birds in the forest flew away, instantly turning the atmosphere into one of danger and darkness. All the vampires' knees shook slightly as they felt his deathly aura.

Alex surveyed each one of them and he stopped on one of the witches, eyes blazing like a demon.

"Where is Abigail?" he asked.

The witch, who was already tortured, opened her mouth to speak.

"I I don't know," she replied, trembling.

Alex was about to kill her when he felt some movements from afar once again.

He let go of the witch and leapt away.

He landed in front of another group of vampires. Once again, Alex's presence made the vampires freeze, utterly shocked upon seeing the man who suddenly appeared before them.

Alex surveyed them. His eyes glowing in the darkness, like a beast enveloped by pure darkness that could freeze anyone's soul.

Not seeing Abi here made him want to just kill these men in front of him. But he restrained himself. The last bit of sanity held him back. He needed to know where his Abi was and dead vampires couldn't talk.

Cloaked with barely restrained bloodlust, Alex walked closer to them, like the dreadful God of slaughter. He looked like the definition of the calm before the storm. However, something caught his eyes that made him halt.

One of them was holding something shiny like a piece of jewelry. It was Abigail's necklace.

His body, his heart and his world trembled and all hell let loose.

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