Hellbound With You Chapter 360

359 Rampaging Idiot Dragon

"Ah I've been waiting for this for god knows how long. When was the last time those two fought?" said the young man who looked jolly and bright. "I mean, seriously fought."

"200 years ago," the other man, who looked prim and serious, answered.

"It's been a while indeed. You think brother will win against him this time?"

"Don't be silly."

"But I heard there was something weird going on with Alexander right now. Hmm, it seems the rumors aren't true about Alex obeying brother Zeke because if that was true, then they wouldn't be fighting right now."

"Who knows?"

"Oh well, let's just enjoy this rare show for now. But don't you think they're being too intense this time? It's like their powers have increased over time."

"The reason for their fight certainly looks to be something serious."

"Now I'm curious what Alexander did this time to awaken brother's wrath."

"Nope. This time it's the other way around. Brother was the one who provoked Alexander. Otherwise, he wouldn't be attacking brother Zeke like he wants to kill him."

"You're right. But hey, are you sure we're just going to watch them? This looks really serious. It wouldn't be a problem for Alexander but brother is not immortal, you know?"

"Don't underestimate your older brother, idiot. And it's not like you or me could stop them."

"I'm not underestimating big bro! Geez. I'm just worried 'cause Alexander seems very serious."

The lightning struck and the thunder kept roaring as Alex and Zeke continued their fight. Alex was on a rampage. It seemed like he had been taken over by his demonic self and so Zeke could only evade his attacks. Zeke could only go on the defensive as he tried to maneuver Alex deeper into the forest, or there might be nothing left of the city at this rate.

The bad thing about Alex was that he was too powerful; his power tended to overtake his rationality. He would lose his mind in the process, as if the dragon had full control of his body. That was how he destroyed kingdoms mercilessly a long time ago. He wouldn't care about anything. He didn't hear reason, he didn't see reason, only destruction. Even if his body was pierced by hundreds of arrows, or slashed by sharp swords, he wouldn't halt and just continued on his rampage, smiling from the thrill of it all. Nothing had made Alex go on a rampage like this for countless years since he left his throne, but now, since he met Abigail, he was so easy to provoke.

He was hopeless when it came to Abigail. The first thing he did when Abigail was in danger was to kill. He didn't know how to deal with it except to let his mind be taken over and kill everyone who was a threat to her.

Zeke dove deeper into the forest, twisting and jumping through the obstacles and Alex followed like a missile, locked in on its target with no chance of veering off its course. In contrast to Zeke's precise movements from avoiding the obstacles, Alex just ran through the forest, hulk-smashing everything that got in his way which cleared a path into the forest.

After some time, Alex finally got tired of chasing his target and he took a huge leap and landed just in front of Zeke. He sprung from the ground, with a fist aiming straight for Zeke's face. Zeke saw it coming and evaded to the left, feeling the whoosh of the air next to his face as Alex's fist barely missed him. Zeke's right fist then snuck from under him and connected against Alex's stomach. This made Alex pause but he didn't feel any pain. He never felt any pain while he was like this.

Alex straightened up and in the next millisecond, they started to exchange blows. Alex fired off a few punches towards Zeke who blocked them with his arms and this fuelled Alex's rage even more. Alex's attacks became even more fervent. He tried to grab Zeke but Zeke ducked away and leaped to the tree branch 5 meters away and Zeke then used the large branch as a platform to kick himself towards Alex in a bullet-like attack. He was so fast that the leaves on the forest floor were lifted from the ground by the gust of wind that followed his trail. Zeke's fist was aimed towards Alex's face and just as his two brothers thought that this punch would land, Alex's left hand lifted up in defence and Alex's fingers closed over Zeke's fist, immobilising him.

Alex's right fist met Zeke's stomach and Zeke couldn't help but double over from the force. He coughed out blood. In the next second, he was pinned down by Alex on the ground, with Alex's hand around his neck.

"Alex, stop being so unreasonable. Why are you wasting your time fighting with me instead of looking for her? Your Abigail might just be out there, sulking," said Zeke as he looked up at him. "Why do you always assume that she's been abducted every time she disappears? She must have left on her own because she heard everything that was said inside that room." he added and the rampaging, idiot dragon finally began to regain his sanity. All it took was for Zeke to mention Abigail's name.

That was right. Why did he end up fighting Zeke instead of looking for her? And that was right! His little lamb could hear them. Did she run away because she was jealous? Was she angry?

F*cking hell! Why? Why did he always lose his shit when it came to her?

His grip on Zeke loosened and he stood up as Zeke also rose and sat up.

"Where do you think she is right now?" Alex finally asked and Zeke lazily wiped the blood flowing from his lips.

"Maybe she's at the airport waiting for a plane to go take her back to her country, or she's sulking in a hotel or back to the villag"

Before Zeke could finish his words, Alex was gone and he could only sigh again. Alex didn't know it but he reacted this way because of his past experiences. He was not conscious about it but his subconscious knew that in the past, whenever Abigail disappeared, it was because she had been abducted and put in perilous situations. That was the reason why he immediately went on a rampage when he found out she was gone.

Once Alex's presence disappeared, Zeke stood up and surveyed the fallen trees all around them. That rampaging beast indeed destroyed a lot. Letting out a quiet sigh, he ran his fingers through his hair and stared at his wrist watch.

Looking at the time, a slight smile curved on his lips before he finally walked away.


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