Hellbound With You Chapter 359

358 Trouble

"So were the witches also the ones who transferred her heart inside your body?"

"Yes," she answered but Zeke's hand was suddenly around her neck, choking her.

"Do you really think you can fool me? I gave you a chance and yet" he said as the woman struggled to breath.

"I I am telling the truth."

"Then, can you tell me what the new witch queen looks like?"

"I I didn't see her. I didn't see anyone. I just woke up one day and a human was ordered to train me to act and be like Mira. For years I did as they asked. I did everything they told me to and I did it because the queen bestowed upon me this mission. Believe me."

"A human trained you to impersonate the princess? Not a witch or a vampire?"

"I-it was a human."

"Where did they train you? Tell me the name of the human and the exact place."

After the woman spat out the name and the address, Zeke finally let her neck go as he backed off.

"I will have to confirm this first before I will let you go," he said and he and Alex finally left the room.

"So? Are you going to go on a dramatically boring errand and look for that human?" Alex asked. He looked pretty bored.

"I'm still suspicious of her. What she said was definitely not the truth."

"Obviously. When did witches become so easy to interrogate? In all the years of my existence, I've never met a traitor witch. Something is off about her."

"That's right. It might be the effect of her vampire heart but I don't think so. And I don't believe the queen is behind all this."

Alex smirked. "And how are you so sure it is not the queen?"

"Stop asking, Alex. I know you already know."

"Oh well. So? Did you just waste my precious time for nothing?"

"Not really. She just gave a lot of helpful clues to validate some of my theories."

"Tch. I'm not really a fan of your theories right now. I'd rather stay with my little lamb."

"Yeah. I know you have found your new entertainment "

"She's not entertainment, Zeke. She's the woman I will marry," Alex suddenly became serious, causing Zeke to sigh.

Alex didn't even bother using the stairs. He was so giddy and impatient even though it hadn't been more than an hour since he was separated from his little lamb.

However, the mischievous smile on his face and excitement in his eyes faded as soon as he entered his room. His precious little lamb wasn't there.

Alex just stood there, trying to feel the place out, tracing her scent. His little lamb hadn't been there that day.

With narrowed eyes, Alex leapt out the window and in a matter of seconds, he arrived in Zeke's room.

Darkness began to envelop him when he still couldn't sense her presence in the vicinity at all. He knew she didn't go to Zeke's room either. Alex's gaze began to burn gold.

Was this why he had been feeling uneasy since he found out she disappeared? He seemed to have ignored those feelings because of his excitement in executing his plans to make her jealous and fall in love with him.

Like a raging ball of fire, Alex leapt out of Zeke's room.

Alex's eyes zeroed in on the car leaving the hill like a bullet. He gritted his teeth and chased it, leaping and landing on top of the trees. He was fast, so fast he had become a blur to the human's naked eyes.

The next second, the car's windshield shattered along with a loud thud and screeching tires. Alex had landed on the car.

His eyes were a burning inferno as he glared at Zeke, who was sitting on the driver's seat. Their eyes met for a moment before Zeke calmly pulled the car onto the road side and quickly stepped out.

Zeke's collars were immediately grabbed by Alex.

Without beating around the bush, Alex asked, "Where is she?" His voice was filled with fury and displeasure. "She's not in the palace anymore, Zeke. Tell me, was this your true aim in coming back here? So that my Abigail would be separated from me, Zeke!?" he roared.

But Zeke remained unfazed.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Alex. The king summoned you and I didn't disagree because of the bones I found in that village," he explained but Alex didn't buy it.

"Don't act dumb, kid. Do you think you can fool me?" Alex hissed but Zeke remained cool and collected, expressionless even.

"I think you think too much of me Alex. I don't know where is "

Before Zeke could finish his sentence, a powerful blow hit him and he was thrown away like a ragdoll. The force was so strong that the large tree he hit broke like a twig.

Zeke fell but he quickly stood up from the ground, licking the blood that dripped out of his lips with a smile.

"Tch. Here comes trouble," he muttered like he was talking about a natural disaster coming, as if this was inevitable and he could do anything else but entertain it.

Zeke's eyes turned red and his fangs grew as Alex appeared before him again.

"Where is she Zeke!?" he asked once again.

"I told you. I have no idea where "

Another blow was about to hit him but Zeke managed to evade it this time. The sky became gray quite early that day and the thunder began to roar, warning everyone of the oncoming heavy downpour.

The thick forest on the hill near the palace had turned into a battlefield as the storm descended on them.

Not far from the scene, two black sport cars halted and two young men stepped out of their cars. The two were wearing fine suits, moved so gracefully and had the distinct superior good looks of being a member of the vampire's royal family.

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