Hellbound With You Chapter 357

356 The One Behind

"Give me time to decide whether to accept your proposal or not," Alex finally said.

The King and everyone, who all seemed to have been holding their breaths, instantly felt relieved that Alex didn't roar at them and was actually going to really consider this. This was a good sign.

However, Alex was about to stand when Zeke spoke.

"Why don't you choose which of my sisters you would prefer, Alex?" he asked, causing Alex to throw him a sharp gaze which Zeke, of course, ignored. "I think it's better if you choose someone now and decide later if you want to marry her. That would make it easier for my sisters so that they can stop being anxious about whether you might choose them or not."

Zeke's suggestion seemed logical but to Alex, there was another unknown meaning behind it. So Alex could only sigh and do as he said.

He stood up and walked over to them. These ladies were all beauties but none of them could hold a handle against his little lamb.

As Alex walked closer to the four ladies, Zeke's eyes narrowed the moment Alex changed his direction. Zeke was certain Alex either wouldn't choose or would just choose someone randomly. But his eyes narrowed when he saw Alex change his path and walk towards his sister who second to last in line, Princess Mira. Zeke looked like the last sign he was waiting for had finally appeared.

Alex stood before her and Princess Mira's smile widened.

However, before Alex could speak to tell the king that this woman was his choice, a sudden thud echoed inside the courtroom and Zeke suddenly appeared behind Mira.

Zeke was quick to seize her, merciless as he pinned her down on the floor, grabbing both her arms and pinning them behind her before making the princess fall to her knees.

The queen shrieked because of what Zeke just did to his own sister. Even the other princesses and the king had their eyes wide open in surprise.

"Oh god, Zeke! What are you doing to your sister?" The queen cried as she approached them but Alex glared at her, making her stop on her tracks and the king pulled her into his embrace.

"What is going on?" the king asked his son.

"This woman is not your daughter and she's definitely not my sister," Zeke declared, surprising everyone.

"W-what are you saying?!" the princess yelled as she started to cry. She was acting the same way she did three months ago when Alex threw her in the dungeon.

The other princesses and everyone agreed.

"Zeke, stop it. You know she's your sister. Can't you hear her heartbeat? A witch cannot disguise as one of us!" the king's voice thundered. But Zeke smiled.

It was true. The witches weren't able to disguise themselves as someone from the royal family because royal blooded vampires had a different kind of heartbeat from other vampires. Only the Royal vampires could distinguish their family's heartbeats from the normal common vampires. Their family's heartbeats were louder in their ears so they could recognize it. That was why witches could never penetrate the royal family by disguising as one of them in the past. The witches could only disguise themselves as humans or as common vampires because .

"Let her go, Zeke. Stop hurting your sister," the queen begged but Zeke didn't let go. He just ordered the guards to bring him the witch's chains.

"Listen to me, mother. Mira died a long time ago. Have you not noticed this mother? Ever since she went on a trip with Xavier to the eastern countries and stayed there for twenty years, her appearance seemed to have changed. Don't you remember the outrageously dumb thing she said back then? She said she got bored and tried the plastic surgery. Everyone was a little suspicious at the beginning but because of her heartbeat, nobody questioned her until eventually, the suspicions died down. But she didn't fool me, unfortunately." Zeke grabbed the woman's face as she stood before them, already securely bound.

"Please brother, believe me. I am your sister. Even if my appearance is a little altered, can't you hear my heartbeat? It beats the same as yours!" the woman wailed.

"That's right, Zeke. You know no one can disguise how the heart beats!" the king told him.

"Father, what age are we now? There are things that witchcraft can't do but human science can." He smiled. "Mira is dead, but her heart is still alive,' he added as pointed at the woman's chest. "Here, inside this woman."

Everyone's eyes widened.

"She just used witchcraft on Alex just now to make him choose her. Do you want more proof? Then watch carefully," Zeke slashed her skin and blood flowed down. Her skin didn't heal. Witches weren't able to heal naturally like vampires could if they didn't use their potions.

The queen shook her head in disbelief. "How w-where's Mira then?"

"She's dead, mother. I have found a heartless body and found this necklace on her. Don't worry, I have gathered her bones and buried her in the royal cemetery last night," Zeke answered as he gave the necklace to his mother.

Zeke slashed her skin some more and the woman screamed, finally showing her real appearance.

Zeke then ordered the soldiers to bring the woman into the interrogation room as Zeke and Alex followed, while everyone else mourned for Mira.

Once they stepped out the door, Alex's eyes searched the corridor for her but couldn't see Abi anywhere.

"Let's go, Alex," Zeke told him when he saw Alex stop moving.

"My little lamb is missing."

"She must have gone to your room to use the bathroom. Don't worry, it's safe here now," Zeke assured as he leaned in on Alex and whispered. "I believe our enemy is not the queen of the witches. This witch doesn't seem to be connected to the queen. She's a rogue witch. We have to find out who is controlling her. I believe the one behind this is also the one behind what's happened to you," Zeke explained. He didn't mention that Xavier might be another victim of whoever this creature was.

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