Hellbound With You Chapter 356

355 The Main Reason

Clenching her fists, Abi felt the rage within her start to rise up. Was this the reason for her unease? Was she feeling uneasy since yesterday because of this? Was it because she somehow felt that Alex would not be able to refuse them?

Her heart clenched as she gritted her teeth. Her blood boiled and her eyes were fierce like a cornered animal. But she didn't move from where she was. She stomped down the impulse to gatecrash their stupid party and waited for a bit longer for Alex's response. She could hear the king talking again, introducing him to each of his daughters and even going as far as to reciting their amazing achievements and skills.

But still, she didn't hear a single word from Alex. She really, really wanted to barge in, guns blazing, but the bulky vampire guards were standing by the door, blocking her way. And even if she managed to bowl her way through the door, what would she do once she barged inside? If she went and told him he already had a wife and that it was her, would he believe her? Probably not. He would just laugh at her and tell her she was acting like a jealous wife again, and smirk at her and tease her to no end. She had had enough of it. She was sick of this game. Why? Why did she have to go through all this? Why was it so hard for Alex to remember her again? Why was nothing working at all?! Why did he forget about her?

Abi started to hone into the conversation again and she managed to tune in as the king was finishing up his introductions.

Then, the awaited moment came. Alex finally spoke. "Indeed, your daughters are amazing," she heard him say and Abi finally snapped. The next thing she did was run away from the place as her tears fell from her eyes silently. She really was such a jealous wife.

But that wasn't the main issue. She was so hurt because Alex wasn't saying 'no'. She was so mad that he didn't reject this ridiculous proposal the moment the king said those words. He let the king introduce all his daughters to him and he even called all of them amazing?! Was it because he was interested in those girls and was having a hard time choosing one of them?

That was the only explanation Abi could think of. She was broken up about it because she knew him well enough to know that if he didn't like the king's proposal, he wouldn't even let him finish his words. But he didn't and that was what crushed Abi the most.

She was angry and hurt, her tears flowing down like a waterfall as she headed back to the courtyard. She didn't even pause and just jumped straight inside the car.

She started it and accelerated until she disappeared from the view of the palace.

It seemed she had reached her limit. She was tired of this chasing game. It seemed she couldn't tolerate all this anymore. She just wanted to finally rest from all this endless suffering and bring her Alex back.

Back inside the courtroom, Zeke was quietly watching the princesses.

Mira was out of the prison. It seemed his mother had released her just recently when she heard from the king that Alex had lost all his memories because of Abigail.

Zeke knew that the queen had been regularly visiting Mira in prison over the past three months since she was imprisoned. Princess Mira was the queen's favorite after all.

Alex, on the other hand, was still glancing at Zeke, eyes full of questions. He could not understand what the hell that man was thinking.

Alex had wanted to laugh at the king the moment he said those words. He wanted him to marry one of his daughters?! 'What a joke!' he thought. But he stopped himself from doing that mainly because of that poker face sitting there.

The fact that Zeke stopped their mission for this, even telling him that this was important, was enough for Alex to ride along with them for a while. Alex was used to Zeke's way of thinking. Even though he usually wasn't able to guess Zeke's actual plans, Alex knew that this guy wouldn't do anything randomly. If nothing else, he knew that there was always a reason behind every step that Zeke took.

This was what fascinated Alex about Zeke even when Zeke was a young boy. Alex was intrigued to see the workings of his mind. He had seen Zeke pull out some sick tactics to accomplish his mission and this amused Alex to no end. Alex compared him to the knight on a chess board; it wasn't the most powerful piece but it was very sneaky and unpredictable. The most amusing thing he found was that Zeke mostly moved in silence and nobody could tell what he was aiming for until the game was over.

But that wasn't the sole reason why Alex didn't respond. His main reason was still Abigail. Alex knew that Abi would probably be listening to the conversation. He thought he would use this to show her how serious he was about her.

When the king said those words, Alex almost walked out because he felt that this talk was pointless and a waste of his time but then he thought that he might be able to use this to make the little lamb fall for him. No, he knew she was already falling. She wouldn't give him her body if she wasn't. Thus, he thought that all he needed was to push her a little. He thought that this would be a good way to make her feel jealous and make her give in and finally tell him that she changed her mind and say that she wanted to marry him.

That was his plan and he couldn't wait for it to happen.

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