Hellbound With You Chapter 355

354 Its About Time

The large doors of the room opened and Zeke and Alex entered the room.

Zeke walked up to the end of the room and bowed before his father as a sign of respect while Alex just took his seat without even greeting the king.

Of course, the king didn't mind it. He was supposed to be the one who should rise and give Alex his much deserved respect but Alex had forbidden them from doing that long ago, saying that he didn't didn't want any displays of the sort. They knew Alex had long abandoned every royal etiquette because all those things were just something he called troublesome.

There were no other people inside the courtroom but the members of the Reign family and two of the kingdom's highest officials. The queen and the princesses were also present. It all looked very formal especially with all the royal family gathered in one place.

Boredom registered on Alex's face as he looked at the King as he gave the order to just state whatever it was that they wanted to say to him so he could leave this place as fast as he could and spend his time on a much more rewarding and interesting pursuit - to seize the universe; his Abigail's heart.

The King looked at Zeke as if waiting for the man's signal to start. Well, the king knew that there was some strange connection between Alex and Zeke and that it was only because of Zeke that Alex even showed up to this meeting. The king knew from his past interactions with Alexander that this man was not someone who would listen to anyone if he didn't want to. No one could force him to do anything.

But things suddenly changed since Alexander returned to the palace on that fateful night, three months ago. Suddenly, Alex started listening to Zeke to the point that Alex almost couldn't defy him. This was a mystery to them all which is why the king had spoken to his son about this beforehand. The king knew that his son, Zeke, was the strongest of them all but he obviously didn't dare to think that his son had surpassed Alex. He knew that was not possible.

Zeke had revealed to him everything; about Alex being stabbed by the girl in the prophecy and how he seemed to have lost his soul. Zeke told him that Alex had become an easier target now and that the witches might be able to control him in the same way Alex obeyed Zeke.

This news terrified the king and he instantly became furious with Zeke. This son of his was the one who forbade them to touch the girl. Had they killed that girl before Alexander fell for her, there would be no such problem now. The king was terrified that the witches would get Alex to side with them by manipulating him. He knew that if that ever happened, war and chaos would ensue between the two races and even if they had Zeke on their side, he would not be able to stand against an immortal. Nobody ever stood against Alexander and still lived to tell the tale.

The fragile peace that had lasted for hundreds and hundreds of years would be destroyed and once the war started, there would be darkness and destruction and the main casualties would mostly consist of human lives.

This was why the king had thought of this remedy. He thought that by doing this, they could at least make sure that Alexander would not turn his back on his fellow vampires and to not side with the witches. Even though he had already vowed not to, the king was willing to push to raise that chances of keeping Alex on their side. He needed something more concrete to tie him down to them and this was the best time for them to do it, while Alex was still listening obediently to Zeke.

Zeke didn't actually approve of this but the king didn't want to listen to Zeke's plans anymore because Zeke's original plan had gotten them to this point. Zeke had assured them that he would take care of the whole business, to leave things to him but the result from his plans were less than desirable. In fact, it was close to a disaster which was why the king didn't listen to his son this time and even ordered Zeke to support his plan.

"Alexander," the king finally started. "I summoned you here because I wanted you to choose a bride among my daughters. It's about time for you to get married and have children, don't you think?" he added and what followed his words was a long drawn out silence.

Alex's unbothered face suddenly turned dark. "Among your daughters" he echoed as his lips curved up into a mocking smile before his eyes zeroed in on Zeke. He didn't even throw a single glance towards any of the princesses present in the courtroom.


Meanwhile, outside the huge door, Abi was standing there, frozen in place. What she heard shook her world in an instant. She never thought that something like this would happen. Alex being betrothed to one of this kingdom's princesses was a thought that never occurred to her.

She immediately told herself that it was okay, that the king was ranked below Alex and that Alex would surely be able to defy him. Abi thought that there was no way he would agree to this. The king couldn't force him to do anything at all because he was above all that. Besides, didn't he propose to her just last night? Did he already forget about that?

But time passed and she didn't hear Alex's 'no'. She wanted to hear him reject the king's proposal. She wanted to hear it so bad but the words she was waiting for didn't come. Why? Why was he not saying no? Why was he not saying anything?


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