Hellbound With You Chapter 354

353 Jealous Wife

The two of them were finally on their way, with Alex driving much faster than he did the day before. It didn't seem to bother him that there were big gaps at the 2 o'clock and 10 o'clock positions on the wheel.

Abi stole a glance at him and she saw that he seemed to be in a cheerful mood. He had a playful smile on his face and she thought that she actually heard him humming! Whoa was that right? Was he actually humming a tune?

Abi returned her gaze to the road and closed her eyes, listening carefully to see if she could figure out the tune he was humming. Her eyes suddenly widened as she heard the melody. It was their song. He was humming the melody of Can't help falling in love.

Abi's heart pounded on her chest. Did he remember finally? She clenched her hands from the hope she just felt. But if he remembered, then why didn't he act like it? Why didn't he call her his wife, or ask why she was wearing their wedding rings around her neck instead of on their fingers? Her mind reasoned out and her hope deflated just as fast as it had swelled.

She gritted her teeth and bit her lip to stop the emotion from flowing out. No, he still didn't remember. But hearing him humming her song kept the small flame of hope alive. Somewhere in there was her husband and she wasn't going to give up until she got him back.


In what seemed like no time at all, the two of them arrived at the palace. The car screeched to a halt in front of the entrance where Zeke was standing by, obviously waiting for them to arrive.

That uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach was in full bloom. It slowly increased as they neared the city and it was even more prevalent now when she saw Zeke looking very serious as he waited by the stairs.

" You're late. Let's go," Zeke said to Alex, sounding as serious as ever. He was wearing his poker face and while his greeting to Alex was very blunt, he didn't even say a word to Abi. He just turned around and just expected both of them to just follow.

However, as they ascended the stairs towards the courtroom, Zeke halted. He turned to them and said, "I think it will be better if your maid waits in my room." He was obviously addressing Alex, talking about Abi as if she wasn't there.

This caused Alex to raise his brow and stare at Zeke, as if he was trying to determine what game he was playing. However, in the next moment, Alex looked at Abi and said, "Let's go, my beloved. I shall take you to our room first."

Alex was giving Zeke many with that one sentence. First of all, his answer didn't address Zeke. He spoke directly to Abigail because he didn't like that Zeke was talking as if she was not important, as if she was nobody, and that irked him like hell. His fists itched to massage Zeke's face but he kept his cool.

Secondly, addressing Abigail as his 'beloved' obviously told Zeke his intentions towards his little lamb. That was the title he gave her because no matter how many times she refused him, one of these days, she would become his wife.

Thirdly, his use of the words 'our room' again cemented the fact that Abigail was his equal. He no longer saw her as his maid. She was the sun to his moon, the light to his darkness. She was more important to him than anything in this world and he wanted Zeke to know that.

He knew that Abi might have missed all the implications of his words but he was sure that Zeke would understand them. Zeke knew him well enough to know.

As Alex reached out to take Abi's hand to lead her back to the room, Abi stepped back with a frown on her face. Why couldn't she go with him? Why had he agreed to Zeke's request so easily like that?

She was displeased and before she realized it, she was glaring at him, at them both! She didn't want to go. She wanted to know what was so important that they had to abandon their quest and come running back here in a hurry.

Seeing how displeased she looked, Alex leaned in and whispered in her ear.

"Do you want me to tell you how you look right now?" he whispered as he flashed a sweet, mischievous smile. "You look like a jealous wife and I really like it."

Abi bit her lips at Alex's teasing words but there was no way she would get distracted now because well, she really did feel like a jealous wife right then!

"Alex, can I please stay?" she pleaded, blinking at him, using her new technique again.

Alex didn't expect that she would fire this at him and he was too slow to look away. Damn it! He couldn't say no when she looked at him like that. He inwardly sighed and looked at Zeke.

"No, Alex. She works here as a maid. She isn't allowed inside." Zeke was firm.

Alex glared at Zeke. He walked closer to Zeke and whispered. "She's my future wife, Zeke."

Zeke wanted to pinch the skin between his brows. He did get the message that Alex blatantly pointed out but in this case, he just could not do it. They were not married yet and her title hadn't changed. It would cause chaos if he let her inside so he had no choice but to look at Abi like he was ordering her to relent.

Abi could only give in.

"Okay, I won't go in but can I at least wait outside the door?" she negotiated.

"Deal. Wait for us outside the door," Zeke said and Abi sighed with relief.

"Alright, I will wait outside!" Abi knew that she would only cause trouble if she insisted. Besides, with this plan, she would still be able to hear the conversation.

They went on their way again and when they reached the big double doors, Alex and Zeke entered without another word.

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